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1 ale used in hailing or challenging: so , well, now; Indeed
amail, amal 1 like, as, similar to; thus, so , in that case 2 as, like as; as if, as though; while, when; how, in what state, manner; how in sense of (the fact) that:
amein 1 thus, in that way, in accordance with what has already been said; since it is so , therefore 2Less explicitly so , accordingly, then (often as mere expletive)
1 amlaid 1 thus, so; The meaning varies between the literal in that (this) way and the more general thus, so , accordingly, then 2 thus, so
ane thus, therefore, so , then
1 ara 1 that, in order that; In order that, so that in general
1 bith 1the world; inhabitants (men) of the world, mankind, people; land, territory, soil; existence, life; in the world, in existence; hence developing to anywhere, at all; (follg. a noun) any, what(so)- ever, see also s.v. 1 cía; freq. follg. a noun in neg. sentences nothing, no(one) at all; whatever; everywhere 2 Age, period; for ever
1 cáil 1 quality, property 2 characteristic, trait 3 repute, reputation; fame 4 measure, amount; some, a certain amount 5 way, respect;6 so that
cen 1 apart from, besides, except; without, not having, -less (of things, objects, persons); unimpaired by, untroubled by; undoubtedly; immediately; unwittingly; unexpectedly 2 except that, only; forgetting, preventing 3in addition to it, without him or it, besides, apart from this.; besides, in addition, moreover, anyway; already, previously; moreover, indeed, of a truth, then, so 4 without that, though . . . not; without that, apart from the case that, because of the fact that not; though . . . not
3 co 1 so that, and (consecutive) 2In quantitative contexts (to the extent) that, (so much so) that 3 until 4 that 5 so that, in order that.
comḟot equal length; grave; for so long, equally long; while; as long as; as far as
1 cruth form, shape, appearance; beauty of form, shapeliness; disguised; In sense of misfortune, distress, etc.; so that, in order that; definite
danó, dano 1 Also, further, in addition, besides, as well, too; comparison; condition; time; cause or reason; concession; also, again; further, besides, moreover; Often in the sense of `too' (`also') immediately after nouns and pronouns (or emphasising particles); or, or else; thus, thus also 2 Therefore, then, accordingly, itaque, et ita, igitur 3 then, accordingly, so , upon which, thereupon, now; further, again; introducing a new event or indicating transition to an entirely new subject: now, now as to, as for 4 However; however, but 5 even
1 dul 1 act of proceeding, setting about (doing something), entering (on a state); donning; In Laws act of going as pledge, forfeit, etc.; vanishing; going out, exit; Escaping; Dying; cohabiting; to die, perish; to be confirmed (?); sunset; Attacking, falling on; turning to, taking up (an occupation, etc.); act of entering on (a state); tending to, becoming; getting shorter; act of escaping from; act of going beyond, exceeding, transgressing; running over; act of getting out, release; purgation (?); to advance, progress; abating (of a fever); act of being lost, passing away, dying; proceeding, course, manner; well-said, bravo; occasion, time, turn; this time; on another occasion; on that occasion, then; at summer-tide; so that; because, since
1 ed 12345 though it be, yet, however, nevertheless; if it is, if so , well then, therefore; as it were (ironical); That is, to wit
1 fír 1 true, veracious; he is right; I deem it true, I believe; it will prove true, come to pass; happened; may it come to pass; so be it; if it is true = `according to statement', `it is said'; `righteous' (?); as true as; genuine 2what is true; truth, right; according to truth, really, actually; truly, really (?)3a pledge, guaran- tee 4an attestation; a proof, test, ordeal; a religious ordeal or attestation; compurgation; compurgators; `test-tree,' tree of ordeal; aspen 5 right, due 6`truth of battle,' a just cause in fight; fair play (in combat), single combat; the truth (justice) of the F.; the word of a prince; justice of a ruler; fair fighting 7 veracious, true, just; a just judge; a just judgment; just, true rule; according to right procedure, as is meet; true, righteous judgment; true account; just wrath; veritable, genuine, real; the true God; heathen gods; genuine fury; the true neuters; a genuine friend; a veritable foe; a true cleric; the real God; a true, rightful prince; true King; exact; true, genuine or merely intens. downright, sheer; true smoothness; gentleness; a hearty welcome; true charity; scrutinizing; true love; intense thirst; real profit; a downright defeat; deep envy; selected (?) wheat; salmon; a salmon- weir; fresh milk; a spring; fresh water (opp. to brine), spring water 8 truly, genuinely, downright; very keen; perfectly round; quite certain; really poor; truly learned; just in judgment; truth-speaking; truly the best
1 fis, fius 1the act of finding out or ascertaining; knowledge, information; tidings, information; secretly, unnoticed; with my knowledge; so far as I know; to find out, to investigate (see also dús); to seek, visit; towards; that it may be known; to, towards; when revealed, made known; who knows but ? perhaps 2that which is known; knowledge; tooth of knowledge; occult knowledge, revelation 3a message, notice, summons; sends word to, sends for, summons; In pl. tidings, summons (somet. apparently messengers) 4 description, appella- tion 5 honour, generosity 6a learned man, a sage ?7 participle known; I know
fóill, fóil 1 fine, slight, frail, exiguous 2 subtle, discriminating, often in bad sense sly, cunning; neglectful; subtle-witted, ingenious 3 gentle, quiet; subdued in demeanour; softly! gently! not so fast!4 Slowly and quietly, by degrees, stealthily 5 Now, so far, yet, yet awhile
fot, fat 1 how long 2 so long 3 how long ?4 through; throughout; all over (?); through; throughout; afar, far away; Of time, for long; At length, in full; Absol. to the full extent, alto- gether; along, through 5gramm. length (of sound), long quantity 6 length and breadth 7 vigil, watching; long grass; long-headed; long-lived; long-winged
íarum, íarom, íaram 1Referring to past time, thereupon, thereafter, then, afterwards; referring to future time, thereafter, hereafter; hereafter 2 then, so , accordingly, now; In asseveration, verily, indeed; Introducing a contrast, but, however
immar 1 like, as; like that, likewise, thus, so; thus; likewise 2 as, like as (expressing manner or implying a comparison); as ... so; namely 3 how 4 as if, as though 5temp. when, as soon as (of time present, past or future). 6loc. where
imm-tá 1in lit. sense is around, is about 2 figur. meaning is so , even so , thus; as ... even so is; even as is ... so is
indas 1 manner, kind, nature, appearance, condition; method, way; an attempt, estimate ?; like; in the manner of, like 2 as, how, so that; how, in what manner; so that; so that ... not
1 is 1 who (or which) is not, that (it) is not; that (it) is not; that (it) is not; who, what (is); why ?; how ?; how many; although, that.; so that.; whoever, whatever; whoever they are; whatsoever 2 whether; whatever; although, that; nevertheless; whether (it be) ... or ...; whoever it be; though it be; even; either, or; although; who, what 3 if I were; although
3 má, ma 1 if; if . . . not, unless 2 if it is that, if so; if so , in that case, then; nevertheless; if it were not . . ., but for . . .; if it be thou; as for, with regard to; according to; up to this, hitherto; just now 3`but if', unless; even so , nevertheless; unless it be . . ., except, saving . . . only; unless indeed 4 unless; Scarcely, hardly; `it is little if', scarcely 5 whether
méit, mét 1 high spirit, pride; excessive greatness or arrogance?; of number; how much (many)?; how many times; how often; how much more 2 such is the greatness (amount, etc.) of:; not only; so great (much) is; it is much, it is of moment; it is no great matter; it is not surprising; I deem it much, of importance; I desire?; it would be desirable, fitting, natural; it is (would be) likely; as much (many) as; those who (whom) 3 so much, to such a degree; as big as; as much as, as far as, to the extent that; because; in proportion (as); in so far as, inasmuch as, because; however great, much (late)
1 monad 1 money (esp. coin, but also bullion); medium of exchange; metal?2 tribute, wealth, produce; cattle 3 stamp', kind, sort; ? material; and so forth 4a mint?
nícon 1 not so , by no means
1 ón 1 that is so becomes later a formula of assent = yes
1 samlaid 1 thus
3 sín, ? sin so , thus, like
1 so 1 this 2 hence; here; when; before
2 so , su 1 good . . ., excellent; well; comeliness; affability, ease of address; a good fosterage, upbringing; a good request, suit, claim; eloquence; an eloquent man, an orator; good counsel; a noble place; a favourable reply; good fosterage; good smell, fragrance; a healthy limb; a good action, a noble deed; a good or skilful speaker; pleasantness of speech; good fame; cheerfulness; the act of stirring up effectively; charity; joyful step; good determination or settlement?; easy or successful warfare; good counsel; good success, good fortune; docility; a good or proper retinue; good material; successful strife; a strong fortress; inhabitant of a sid; act of seeing well, of observing care- fully; great attention; a good witness; act of making flexible; act of holding well, firmly; great wisdom; act of praising; a pleasant name; pride, spiritedness; good man- ners, custom, usage; good works, virtuous acts; eloquence; great love; good degree or rank; good drinking- round; good speech, eloquence; good habitation; good speech, eloquence; eloquence; a good warrior; a brave troop; beauty; mortality; a good disposition; great honour, respect, glory; good entertainment, hospitality; good surety; good law; act of smoothing out, making easy; good or lucky sign; good peace (?); fine weather; a good or brave host; good instruction; a good speaker, an advocate; sharpness 2 good, fit for, worth; ease, facility, possibility; affable, sociable; easily known, intelligible, recognizable; easily inhabited; in good milk (of a cow); rich in cattle; worthy of love, lovable; well-born?; docile, easily instructed or governed; capable, effective; conversable, sociable; prosperous, successful; handsome; lovable; comely, handsome; visible; easily avenged (?); easily satisfied, requited; easy to know or follow; easily seen, visible; visible; easy to see; of good teaching; ready at call, easy of access; well-bred, sociable; of good degree or rank; lovely; of good degree or rank; atten- tive to prayer; easily yoked, submissive; easily wielded; easily changed or turned; easily traversable; palpable; dexterous; good shearing, yielding much wool; abiding, permanent; intoxicating; well bound; good to drink; fair to see; kindly, affable; easily bound; enveloping; docile, teachable; fair-sided; intelligible; intelligible; easily persuaded, gullible 3 fair-spoken, affable; desirable; of good means, affluent, liberal; easily reckoned; very honorable; habitable; habitable; well nourished, well fed.; subject to death, mortal; easily brought; having good manners or morals; pliant, accommodating, gentle; easily moved; very fine; very strong, mighty; brittle; cheerful, glad; easily stirred up or provoked; very grateful; easily struck; very good, excellent, choice; very friendly; lovable, amiable, friendly, kind; easily loved, attractive; easily changed; easily fulfilled; giving good counsel (susceptible of advice?); capable of making a valid contract; easily fatigued; credulous, believing; easily believed; good- hearted, kind; mobile, agile; well shaped, beautiful; shapely, comely; easily done, practicable; easily seen; easily digested; easily thrown, suitable for hurl- ing; very lively, spirited; prone to error, easily mistaken; easily distinguished; fit to look at, pleasing; easily seen, visible; easily bent, pliable; pliable, easily folded; easily emptied; very glad, cheerful; endurable; easily handled, managed; easily accepted (?); well grazed; well born; spirited, proud; vulnerable (?); easily moved, movable; having good manners (?), sociable (?); very pure; of good deeds, bene- ficent, virtuous; easily wounded, vnlnerable; very loving; lovable, pleasing; easily entreated; easily handled, palpable; easily handled; easily handled, manageable; excellent handiwork, dex- terity; easily brought down; legible; easily wounded; luxurious, wanton; very wide, spacious; well prepared; well polished or whetted; easily forgiven, venial; easily forgiven; very beautiful; mortal; easily deceived, beguiled, enticed; in good spirits, cheerful, courageous; intoxicating; very honourable; desir- able; easy to praise; laudable, praise- worthy; easily corrupted; palpable, tangible; perishable, mortal; teachable (?); accommodating, agreeable; dissoluble; excitable (?); easily satisfied, moderate, reason- able; very loving; easily travelled; easily dissolved or annulled; docile, teachable; easily turned; easily assailable; very lament- able; easily pierced or pene- trated; cor- ruptible; easily understood, intelli- gible; caus- ing to stumble, slippery; inducing a fall, leading into error; well prepared, thoroughly ready 4 ennobles; arranges dexterously, adjusts; smoothes
sóa, só younger
1 suide 1in that case, therefore, then, so; accordingly, so; at that, thereupon, then; here, in this case; then, on that occasion; after this, then; with that, thereupon, then; thereby, by that means
trá 1 then, therefore, so , indeed 2 however, but, on the other hand; however, at all events
trásta 1 now, forthwith 2 hitherto, so far; just now 3With re heretofore
tucht 1 form, shape, appearance, beauty; manner, method 2 as, in the way in which; Perh. also when, at the time that; in that, in this way, so; accordingly; Also prob. then, at that time; in every way (?)