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léicid 1 lets go, releases; Of emitting shouts, cries, etc.; Of tears, blood, etc.; lets, allows, permits; leaves, leaves behind, allows to remain; abandons, forsakes; lets alone, refrains from interfering with or taking part in; abandons, forsakes, puts away (a wife); leaves over, defers, postpones 2 lets away from, releases from; give up, desist; allows to go to etc.; desists from, abstains from, leaves off; leaves to or for, hands over to, entrusts to; Allows, permits (to do, have, etc.); Allows (to go) to; Hands over to, looses among, sends against; sets aside, abandons, neglects; Hurls at; sets to, sets about; feigns; gives oneself over to; entrusts to, puts trust in; Reveals to; lays down, lets fall, lowers; Of kneeling; Allows to enter; Of sin, temptation; goes into, precipitates oneself into; neglects, abandons, overlooks; Lets go with; concedes to, allows to have, grants to; forgives, indulges, remits; Reveals to; lets go, releases, gives up, abandons. Often with more positive sense of dismisses, puts away, sends, throws; allows to be taken away, relinquishes, abandons; desists, leaves off; allows to pass; Refrains from (citing, etc.); Strains, makes percolate
remáin in the forefront, in the van; before, beforehand, in advance