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Forms: miscuis, miscsen, miscen, misc(e)n-, miscne, miscena, miscai[s]e

n n, f., (compd. of cais `hatred', Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii 10 ; for prefix cf. misceird, misimbert and see Wortk. § 9 ). O.Ir. miscuis; the g.s. does not occur in Glosses. Mid.Ir. g s. miscsen, LU 783 (as if<miscsiu), later miscen, LB 256b32 ( miscin, ZCP i 459. 14 ), whence arises a new oblique stem misc(e)n-, g s. miscne ( miscine, ZCP xiii 266.2 ), pl. miscena, Triads 179. Rarely treated as ā-st.; do tabairt miscai[s]e ar Find, Rawl. B 506 fo. 47d ( O'D. 2387 ).

Hatred, dislike: cais .i. m.¤ , LU 784 , cf. Corm. Y 940. As pred. with copula hateful, hated: is miscuis do Dia, gl. inimica est Deo, Wb. 3d33 . cid nech bad mó m.¤ lat the one whom thou shouldst most hate, SR 6001. raba m.¤ lé-side a leschland, LL 218a25 ( TTr. 86 ). PH 6665. fá mioscais leó an tí Niall, AFM vi 2344.4 . (Compar.) conidh misgaisiu lasna tuathaibh na tigerna clechtait forru innāt na tigernada aili that the peoples hate the rulers with whom they are acquainted more than other rulers, CCath. 5106. As subst.: doratsat . . . m.¤ moir do Ner they hated Nero greatly, PH 1906. tardsat uile m.¤ dia trebaire, Aen. 1763. With obj. gen.: arna epret is ara miscuis . . . act is ara seircc out of hatred to them . . . out of love to them, Wb. 7d8 . ni ar do miscuis ( miscais LU) not from dislike of you, TBC-I¹ 1148. rofidir a m.¤ acon ingin he knew the girl hated him, ZCP i 459.29 . do dhioghail a mhisccne for R. to punish R. for his animosity towards him, AFM v 2330.24 . With subj. gen. a thing hated, an object of hatred: m.¤ na ṅgataige one hated of thieves, IT iii 74 § 34 = Bruchst. i § 50 . miscus gach buirb a tinchosc the churl hates reproof (?), Ériu ii 229 § 9. mioscuis Ephraim the envy of E., Isaiah xi 13. miosguis, Eg. Gl. 112. Pl. in distributive sense: trí miscena [miscna v.l.] indsci `three hateful things in speech', Triads 179. inti oca mbítis miscne, RC xx 248 § 51. eter miscenaib (= inter odia), PH 5924.