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meince , mince

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Forms: mionca, menci

n , f., (abstr. from meinic(c)) mod. mionca. Frequency: mór a meince ade (gl. in carceribus abundantius), Wb. 17c24 . ar meinci inna indithme (gl. continuae expectationis), Ml. 85d1 . meince ┐ lionmaire a degh-oibrech, BNnÉ 328 § 60. is fo gnim-minche midigther it is estimated by the frequency of the act, Laws iii 112.11 Comm. ar meinci (oft. with proleptic poss. pron.) frequently: gan tat[h]aige amac[h] ar minci without (having) to go out frequently, TBC-LL¹ 2255. co n-acind and ar a menci feth na fairrge, ZCP v 496 § 1. ar a minci, O'Mulc. 144. Used adverbially introducing a subord. clause: for a menci no bíd A. i nIerusalem because A. used so often to be in Jerusalem, LB 143b30 . ar a mence ṡoas gné a gnúis, Ériu v 211.78 . ni fetar a rím ca mence . . . ros-ordaig Dia pian how often, PH 7329. cebe mionca ro impodh in toici however often, CCath. 512. a mheince teighim dá tig | nár lim gan adbar éigin so often do I resort to his house that I am ashamed to do so without some reason, O'Gr. Cat. 352.19. is córaide do neoch trosgadh do dhéanamh . . . a mhionca dochuaidh fleadhachas . . . i ndochar don druing it is all the more rightful to fast because feasting has so often proved hurtful, TSh. 8306. rug buidheachas ré Dia bheith taoibh ris an mbradán an oidhche sin is a mionca do bhádar deich mairt oidhche oile aige he thanked God for having a salmon that night to fall back on, though he so often had ten beeves on other nights, Keat. iii 947. créd a mhionca do budh áill leam do chlann do chruinniughadh!, Matthew xxiii 37. gach a mhionca as often as (mod.): gach a mh.¤ do sheinneadh ar an gcruit, Keat. ii 2699. TSh. 140 , 5836 .