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Bra(g)main(t) Brahmans
brecht(g)na many-hued
1 do-ellai(n)g puts into, makes entry.
fairsingi(g)ud extending, enlarging; deploying
fait(g)igud making cautious; cautioning, warning
fíadail, fíat(g)al Weeds (coll.); vetches; fitches
forg(g)u, forgo choice; gen. in concrete sense the pick, the best
G the twelfth letter of the Ogham alphabet, in Irish called gort `ivy,'
3 gabal the letter ` g ' in `linn-ogam
2 gort 1 ivy 2 fir (?) 3the name of the letter ` g' in Ogham
.i. that is to say, namely; e.g.
imm-cumtai(n)g supports mutually
1 marg(g) a march, boundary
2 marg(g) a mark (coin)
marg(g)ad 1a market; market-towns; market-place; market-butter 2a market-place 3a bargain, contract (?)
marg(g)áil chaffering, trafficking
marg(g)álaidh a trafficker, chapman
med 1a balance for weighing; Fig. of a judge 2a weight, measure 3 extent, amount (of land)4 a counterpoise and hence fig. an equal, match 5 measure, means, expedient (late use) 6(a kenning for the letter g , = cow-balance?
sprinnlai(g)the miserly, beggarly