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the twelfth letter of the Ogham alphabet, in Irish called gort `ivy,' Auraic. 1138 , 1187 = 4229 , 4285 . In early orthography the letter g represents either the voiced stop or the voiced spirant : in absolute initial position g is a voiced guttural stop ; medially and finally when preceded by a vowel, and initially when subject to lenition, it is a spirant ; when preceded by a consonant it may be either. The medial stop, normally written c, is sometimes written gg. In some early instances the medial stop is written g even between vowels, Thurneysen, GOI § 29 - § 32 .

In later orthography the stop is written g in all positions, and the spirant gh. By the fourteenth century the voiced dental spirant (dh) had become a guttural (O'Rahilly, Irish Dialects 53 ), so that gh and dh are constantly confused in the manuscripts.