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Forms: folog, fulach, folag, folach, folog, folug, folac, foluc, folaidh, folaig, fuilgib

n (folach ; cf. fulang) o, n. (vn. of fo-loing ; perh. originally the same word as 1 folach, q.v.) Also treated as s-stem : n s. folog, Wb. 17b23 (a prima manu). fulach , Ml. 22d9 . a d s. folag, BCrólige 11 (other spellings in this text are folach, folog, folug, folac, foluc). folaidh, Laws iii 356.11 , 14 ; for foluch, iv 302.11 ; ar folad, Laws iv 362.3 . n p. folaig, Laws v 312.1 . ? d p. fuilgib, SR 4891 . Later generally replaced by fulang, q.v.

(a) bearing, supporting, enduring, in physical and moral sense : f.¤ inna fothodo (leg. fochodo) Ml. 22d9 . f.¤ a fercae 32d4 . ar formtheacht ┐ folad (use of the leg), H 3.18, 17a ( Laws iv 362.3 ). trom an t-oire ré fholach, Dán Dé vii 30 .

(b) concrete, a support, prop: uindius ? folach ┐ [om.?] rigliasda ash ? Support of a royal thigh (of the virtues of certain trees), Laws iv 150.3 . fāl ḟossud f.¤ fírnoeb, SR 986 .

(c) in Laws support, maintenance: folach cetmuintire Laws i 230.24 . Esp. of sick-maintenance (with or without gen. othrusa) : annsom i n-ot[h]rus folach fir frisnā fuachur, BCrólige 15 . cethrar a lāndām for feacht feli ┐ for folach n-othrusa, BB 338b10 ( Laws v 30 Comm. ). a diis for foluch , Críth G. 118 . ataid secht folaig ata andsom folongar i tuaith : folach rig, folach briugaig, folach goband, etc. (cases of sick-maintenance especially heavy, because the functions of the sick persons must be supplied during their disablement) Laws v 312.2 . triar ... folongaiter folug mboairec[h] `who are maintained according to the [standard of maintenance] of a boaire' BCrólige 51 .