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fri 1 towards, facing, turned to; against (touching; cf. d); alongside, down along, by; against; next to, at, in contact with 2To express association, along with, beside 3to express direction of feelings, behaviour towards (cf. I a);; to; of opposition to, hostile feeling, attitude towards; to express protection, guard, watch against, also limitation, boundary;4to express difference, distinction from 5 with respect to, with regard to; on account of; on behalf of; according to, in agreement with (cf. II).6 in the opinion of 7 through, by means of 8 before 9 towards, facing, turned to; against (touching), alongside, down along by; In local sense of attached to or pending from; against; next to, at 10To express association, along with, beside (of local or mental relations, cf. V d); Passing into sense in addition to; moreover, besides; with 11 antici- pating, forestalling; to express direction of feelings; behaviour towards,; of prayer, etc. to; of hostile feeling, attitude, conduct towards; To express protection, guard, defence, watch against; but perh. FRI here = because of; see V b 12to express difference, distinction from 13 with respect to, with regard to (cf. III c); on account of (cf. VI b); on behalf of; according to; in agreement with, with pers. somet. = in obedience to 14to be at, engaged in or about to engage in (some occu- pation, process; cf. III a); denoting the occasion (event, cause, etc.) on or from which something takes place15To denote mental subjective attitude, in the opinion of 16 by; to denote instrument, through, by means of, by dint of 17 by day, in the day-time; by night; before; bare, exposed, uncovered