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2 ulach

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n (special use of 1 ulach ?) in Laws the name of a class of person : Thurn., Bürgschaft p. 9 , observes that the following passages seem to imply that an `ulach' is one who does not usually appear on the open plain but lives in wood and mountains, perhaps one outlawed by the `tribe.' (In a passage on covenants which are not binding:) atait ceithri nadm nad seadad ciad roiscaidear; mud for a flaith; mac for a athair; manach for a abaid; ulach for araile mad an aenar (.i. daig senfaid ime, .i. ulach bis cen fiadnu cid i machaire beit is amlaid sin bias) `an `ulach'-person with another if alone' Laws iv 54.3 . haulcach .i. cia sais in fer for naile cin fiadnaisi cin fechemain ni bu ecor do (on same passage), O'Curry 860 (< H 3.18 p. 388b ). manach for a aircindech, hulach for in n-aile , ZCP xiii 21.31 .