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2 nertaid

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Last Revised: 2013

Forms: ro nertais, ru nert, nertsus, nertfidir, nertai, nertad

v ā. denom. from nert. pret. 2 s. ro nertais, PCr. 2a2 . 3 s. ru nert, Ml. 130b2 ; with pron. suff. nertsus, BB 45a4 . pass. fut. s. nertfidir, Wb. 10c9 . part. a s f. nertai, gl. animatam, Ml. 41b8 . vn. nertad.

(a) strengthens, confirms: is hé no-don-nerta-ni, Wb. 6d11 . corro nertam-ni cách hi foditin fochide amal non-nertar-ni ho Dia that we may strengthen ... as we are strengthened, 14b13 . nertim gl. armo , ZCP xxi 281 . intí is trén, nertad in fand, PH 5825. in spirut noem ... nos-nertand fri cech súalaig, LB 251b5 . nertad firinni, na-nertfa let him strengthen justice, it will strengthen him, ZCP xi 80 § 6 . beim n-aillech nad nertad tuatha `an oath which the country does not confirm', Laws i 232.1 . Tadg mac N. nertaid gail `who strengthens valour', Metr. Dinds. ii 72.21 . mairg neartas leis an díomus `who fosters pride', Content. xiv 65.

(b) exhorts; urges ; gl. cohortari, Ml. 130b2 , 133d6 . exhortari, Wb. 5d11 . With acc. of pers.: ro nert Coirpre um dighail a dhalt[a], ZCP xiii 171.20 . ro nert A.... a thaisecha con nderntais calma, Aen. 2673. With acc. of thing: ro nertais damsa co ndernain . . . (gl. huius operis te hortatorem sortitus), PCr. 2a2 . issed ro nert combadh Agmemnón no gabhtáis advised, TTr.² 1340. ro nert in cath forro, CCath. 622. guro nertad for in stiurusmann . . . snamh asin luing amach the steersman was impelled to swim, 791 . Cf. adbertsadar ┐ ro nertsadar . . . cia bad choir do thabairt for āth, TBC-I¹ 2202 (argued or reiterated?).