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? 2 fotach

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Forms: fotaig, fothach, f.

n o, n. : ciasi athgabail ciada rogabad ? ni annsa : athgabail fotaig. cia fotngi de suidiu ? Ni annsa : fotal bial fria cinaid fadesin, O'Curry 781 ( H 3.18, 365b ). Cf. athgabail fothaig `the distress of a fothach' Laws ii 128.4 ( H 3.18, 378a ). Perhaps in each case a.f. = a. fuataig distress by abduction, carrying off (see fúatach) which suits the context ; fotngi also, may = fuatngi, q.v. Plummer (slips) took f.¤ for vn. of a vb. fo-toing (of which he has no ex.).