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1 fondad

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n In Laws apparently a cause of postponement , see ZCP xv 333 , xvi 222 : atait secht fondaid la Feine fod a sguirdais gach re (.i. fannaidit ae an firacra ..., .i. a secht fondaigis no faidi[ig]is re in comraig) `seven extensions [? hindrances, delays] which would put off every battle' Laws v 306.1 = turbaide ib. 13 Comm . .vii. fonnuide foscuirdis roi, H 3.17, c. 294 ( O'D. 387 ); quoted O'Dav. 960 : secht fonnaige ... .i. ... secht faitigthe scuiris rae in chomruicc. also glossed H 3.18, 383a : fonnaide .i. ar is fonnad laisam na fedna fofedat na rede so huile (which is very obscure). cia hairet fodosguirtis na fondad so ?, Laws v 306.6 . im-scuiche breath f.¤ (.i. fo fonndaim in ferainn), 466.15 (470.2) = inscuiche[t] bretha fondaidh .i. indscuchaid na bretha laisin fondad .i. laisin rígh, O'Dav. 974 . Cf. fonnaid .i. císs. ut est imscuiche breth fonnaid .i. is em scuichthius in brethemnus uainn tre fonnaid .i. tria chisibh, H 3.18, 638c ( O'Curry 1420 ) = ... fo ondaib .i. fo chisaib in carpaid teit uaind no ... tig oraind anosa, H 3.18 436a1 ( O'Curry 1043 ). See also 1 fonnad. The general meaning of the above passages seems to be that judgements vary according to the custom of the district.