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1 á cart. war-chariot
1 ab River
1 abán behaviour (in simulating the pangs of childbirth, Meyer)
1 abann scourge, whip; the penalty of flagellation
1 ablach having apple-trees; Owley
1 abra 1 eyelash(es)2 eyelid; having fair eye-lashes
1 accaíntech plaintive, querulous, complaining
1 accarda refuge, asylum
1 acht 1 save, except (lit. outside, Thurn.); (nothing) save; only, merely; except (but only) a little, hence almost 2In sense save only that, except that; except if, unless; even though, even if; In conditional sense if only, provided that; Hence as soon as; In adversative sense but; at all events, however; however, nevertheless, at all events
1 achta(ig)id drives
1 aclaide gentle, kind
1 acrad of high rank, noble, distinguished
1 ad law, custom
1 adaig Night; that night (i.e. the night following a specified day); In reckoning periods of time (cf. Engl. fortnight, se'nnight); Eve of a day or festival
1 adall act of visiting, frequently visit; Occas. act of touching (in sexual sense), polluting
1 adarc, aiderc horn (of an animal); `badgers' horns' (something imaginary, non- existent); Drinking- horn; Inkhorn; Cupping-horn
1 adas according to, proportionate to; in keeping with, fit, suitable
1 adb musical instrument
1 adba Abode, dwelling place; Of the lairs of animals, etc.; property
1 ad-cumaing 1 strikes, cuts 2 happens, chances
1 admall very slow, dilatory
1 adrad act of adoring, worshipp- ing; adoration
1 adraid Adores, worships
1 áe Liver; liverwort
1 áel lime, chalk; limestone; Of a limestone castle; limestone; having skin as white as lime; lime doors (white-washed with lime, or perhaps built of lime-stone); lime-burning
1 áes 1 age, years (of persons, etc.) 2 stage, period (of life); youth, prime 3 lifetime 4age of the world, era
1 aí his, hers, its, theirs; each of them; each of (the two of) them; either of the two
1 aicde bond, surety, security
1 aicdech one who offers surety, bail
1 aicned 1inherent quality, essence, nature; Nature as a basis of law 2 mind, spirit, feeling; In sense of high spirit, courage; anger, wrath 3 disposition, character, behaviour 4 mind, attention, thought; intention, idea 5 knowledge, science
1 aicsid seer, observer
1 aidech milch cow
1 aife name of some disease of horses
1 aig ice; icicles
1 aige 1 act of driving, racing (horses) 2act of celebrating, holding festivals, etc.
1 áige joint, member, part of the body; Of a joint of meat
1 aigen cooking-vessel, pan
1 ail 1 boulder, rock; large stone; stone boundary-mark2 grave-stone; grave-stone 3 monument, memorial(?)4 foundation, basis (of law, etc.); immoveable rock i.e. unshakeable testimony
1 aile 1 other, second; Of future time, next, forthcoming:; another, the other, others etc.; one twelfth; something else, anything else; furthermore; one . . . another, some . . . others; Hence adverbially partly . . . partly; any other; In numerals (fractions).; one twelfth; the twelfth part, the Brehon's fee 2 other; Usually some, a certain; another, the other; (the) one . . . the other, another; With idea of mutual action each other; somebody, something; a certain person or thing 3 other, one of two, second; the second; every other, every second; one of the two
1 ailech rock; basis, foundation
1 ailid Nourishes, rears, fosters; Of rearing animals
1 ailithrech pilgrim
1 aimnert lack of strength, weakness , debility
1 ain peace(?)
1 aín rushes, reeds
1 áine 1 brightness, glow, radiance 2 brilliance, wit 3 splendour, glory, fame; In bad sense pomp, vainglory; beauty; delight 4 play, sport, amusement; contest, fight 5 swiftness; Of one of the grades of bard
1 ainech riders
1 ainecnae unwise, foolish; unwise person, fool
1 ainféth unrest, turmoil, tumult
1 ainfine stranger kindred, foreign people; Of an individual
1 aingel Angel; guardian angel; his angels; In sense of the coin called angel
1 ainis anise, aniseed
1 ainmed act of drawing attention to a blemish (esp. by satire); satirising; blemish; Name of a type of satire
1 ainmide 1 having the breath of life, anim- ated, animal 2 living creature, animal, beast: animal
1 ainrecht injustice, wrong
1 airbe 1 hedge, fence, paling; druidic hedge, name of some magic obstruction to keep off an enemy; yew fence; Of a shield 2pen for animals; ribs of the body; Of fighting-men phalanx, serried rank
1 airber armful, bundle; of clubs thrown as missiles
1 airc difficulty, strait; abstinence(?); is in a difficult situation; fatal, mortal(?)
1 airchell act of taking away, stealing; robbery, theft
1 aircheltach robber, thief
1 airches 1act of trapping; trap, snare; to entrap, ambush 2 encounter, meeting; encounters, engages 3
1 airchetlaid singer, reciter, poet
1 aircthech inventive, ingenious
1 aird 1 peak, point 2Usually point of the compass, quarter, direction
1 airde 1 sign, token; Special sign, portent. Of the last day; miracles; Sign, symptom; signs of death 2 characteristic, quality
1 airdérgud wrapping
1 airdrech sprite, phantom
1 aire 1act of guarding, watching over, tending, caring for; Of `waking' the dead; In hostile sense looking out for (in order to attack) 2 notice, heed, attention 34 look, take care; look out
1 airech chief, noble, leader
1 airechas position of an aire; rank, legal status; In more general sense precedence, sovereignty, superiority, importance; seat of government, residence of a chief
1 airecht 1 court; In more general sense gathering, assembly; Name applied to the collective `ollavs' and pleaders of a territory 2Collective name for the leading nobles of a territory; Of military divisions or levies 3 patrimony, territory
1 airer 1 coast, shore 2 border region
1 airfitech 1 musical, harmonious 2 minstrel, player, musician
1 airg or.
1 airgdech a person rich in silver(?),
1 airge mildness, softness(?); gentleness, gentility (?)
1 airid gentle, soft, smooth
1 airide Part of the standard furnishing of a house, associated with, but distinct from, imdae.
1 airigid 1 choice (honorific?) portion of food, choice dish as prelimin- ary to a meal; preliminary snack 2 sample, test 3 first fruits, choice, pick, etc.; Of weapons 4Of a person one who deserves
1 airimda very numerous
1 airitid receives, maintains
1 airlann open space before a residence, fort or city
1 airle 1 act of advising, giving counsel; counsel, advice 2act of deliberating, considering, taking counsel 3 handling, management, treatment
1 airlech self-opinionated
1 airmitiu act of honouring, respecting; honour, respect; honours, privileges(?); In sense of taboo; lit. consideration, caution, reverence for a supposed supernatural sanction
1 airne watching, guarding (esp. at night)
1 airrech act of delaying, staying
1 ais back, hinder part; back; In later lang. sets about, under- takes, takes over, takes charge of; (falling) over backwards, head over heels, upside down:; capsized
1 aisc act of reproaching; reproach, blame; shower of abuse; In sense of disgrace (as result of a deed); In concrete sense blemish, disfigurement
1 aiscid reproaches, blames
1 aite 1 foster-father 2 tutor, teacher
1 aitech reproach, reviling(?)
1 aitecht tutorage, instruction
1 áith 1 sharp, keen. In physical sense, of a blade, point, etc.; Of mental powers keen, acute, sensitive; quick, active, keen
1 aithchennach redemption
1 aithches wife of an aithech
1 aithe 1 Act of requiting; requital, recompense; payment, quid pro quo 2 act of retaliating; revenge, retaliation; avenging x (an action) on y:
1 aithech, 1In legal contexts used of a particular class of tenant and sometimes to describe the commoner as opposed to the noble.2In pejorative sense churl, boor, uncouth person; base tree 3 giant, monster
1 aithed elopement, flight; elopes with; carries off; Name of a category of tales (elopements) in saga-lists
1 aithenta known, familiar
1 aithigid visits, frequents
1 aithne 1 act of commanding, enforcing; command, behest:; In script- ural sense commandment; enjoins on
1 aithnid 1 commits for preservation, delivers to, deposits with 2 entrusts to, commits to the care of, commends to 3 commends, prescribes (a course of action) to 4 orders, commands
1 al Beyond.
1 ál brood, litter, clutch
1 álad wound; broken door
1 ale used in hailing or challenging: so, well, now; Indeed
1 all Cliff; Of a rocky surface; rocky hill; rocky harbour; foundation, basis
1 alla Hall
1 alt 1 joint, articulation (in human beings and animals); limb; Of the socket of a weapon; Of some part of a sword; Of curls in hair 2of a subdivision of a book; Of the division between the syllables of words; metre (type of composition?) 3 juncture, point (of time, etc.); shape, form; kind, sort; state, condition, circumstance; death-dirge; in a position to, able to; way, manner
1 altram(m)aid acts as fosterer to
1 ám indeed, truly; moreover, however; moreover; however
1 amal fool, simpleton
1 amarc 1act of looking at2 faculty of sight 3 object of sight, view, prospect
1 amla thus, in that way
1 amlach variegated, ornamented, decorated; undexterous, unexpert, unhandy, awkward, uneconomical
1 amlaid 1 thus, so; The meaning varies between the literal in that (this) way and the more general thus, so, accordingly, then 2 thus, so
1 amm Time, point of time; Of age; right time, due season; finds time, opportunity (for); gets a chance of; at the right time; when
1 amrath ill luck
1 amsach hired out as a mercenary, on military service
1 anacra 1 non-suing, impossibility of suing
1 anáe invalid suit(?)
1 anáeb that which is unpleasant; discomfort, distress; discourtesy; blemish, disfigurement
1 anaid 1 stays, remains, abides; Waits for, till (co); adheres to; decides on, fixes on, agrees to; waits for; stays with; remains away from, avoids; stays with; continues; abides by, holds by 2resists, withstands 3 ceases, stops, desists; desists from, gives up; desists from; does not cease to; desists from
1 anair name of a kind of metre proper to the `clí' poet, see -, . Explained by native glossators as an-áer not satire.
1 anaithne strange; unknown
1 anamain Name of a class of metre proper to an ollam.; breathes; psychic inspiration
1 anarrachta very feeble, decrepit
1 anarsaid young
1 anart linen cloth; Of the drapery of the tabernacle; Of altar-linen; gravecloths
1 anathlam inactive, slow, reluctant
1 anba very great, huge, vast
1 anbúain misfortune, trouble, unrest; blindness
1 andach badness, iniquity; `worthlessness'; ardor, furor
1 andóit , church having a special connection with a patron saint and from which others have been founded; In extended sense of church lands or tenants of same
1 anfadach stormy; perturbed, agitated
1 anfúirithe unprepared
1 anglan impure
1 anmann animal
1 anmargach very concernedly
1 ann year
1 annsacht difficulty
1 anocht fault to be avoided by poets
1 ansae 1 hard, difficult (to do); Of persons hard (to cope with), troublesome; The phrase ní ha. is commonly used to introduce an answer to a question in meaning well, as a matter of fact; hard in sense of unpleasant, unfortunate, sad; formidable; troublesome(?)2 difficulty, trouble
1 ansatus difficulty
1 ap 1 head of a monastery, abbot; the bishop of Rome, pope 2In extended sense of leading person, lord
1 apa reason, cause; Because of, on account of, for the sake of,; nevertheless, however
1 apach 1 corpse, remains 2 entrails
1 apad act of proclaiming, giving notice
1 apthach proscribed person, one no longer belonging to the fine