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n ā, f. = aicill(n)e: flaith . . . gaibes seoit ar aigillecht, Laws v 360.9 Comm. a saer-aicillnecht . . . i ndaeraicillnecht, iii 86.6, 11 Comm.


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n u, n.? ( Todd Lect. iv 205 ), later m. The original meaning seems to be slaughter, slaying , and this is generally implied, under all extensions of meaning.

I A slaying, slaughter ; usually of slaying an enemy in battle, but also in the senses of murder, manslaughter (with gen. of agent or obj.): écht Maind the slaying of Mand (obj. gen.) TBC-I¹ 2181 = Metr. Dinds. iv 278 . ferais ēcht ndochla ndobail | guin Fiachach, TBC-I¹ 2068 = TBC-LL¹ 2784 . naco ndernat echt fon innas(s)a nidat tualngi comram until they accomplish such a killing as this LL 123b51 (= Death-tales of the Ulster heroes 4 ). Anecd. i 13.5 . do commaoidhimh an echda mhoir dorinde (viz. the slaying of Fer Diad) ZCP x 296 y . is mór in t-écht doringni rí L., bás mo dam ingen do thuidecht trina cheilg, LL 295a23 = RC xiii 38.18 . saebécht doróni L. for mnai Conchobair, Metr. Dinds. iv 32 . ēchta Lagen for Leth Cuind slaughters (inflicted) on L.C. by the Leinstermen LL 48b7 . dorigne P. echta ar na Tiauandaib, TTebe 2835 . nir bo echt cen aithi not an unavenged slaying TTebe 3523 . mairg cathraig i ndernad in t-échtsa (viz. the Crucifixion) PH 3306 . lucht an echta those who had wrought the murder KMMisc. 313.13 . Dán Dé xxvi 33 . tír an echta `the land on which the crime had been committed' BNnÉ 313.5 . adchondairc A. na tigri...a haithli na n-echt sin do denam daib (after the tigers had killed a charioteer and his steeds), TTebe 2780 . trésna háraibh ┐ trésna héachtaibh do-bhéaradh ar a easgcáirdibh, TSh. 2763 . Here may belong: ech cumal echta, Laws v 414.21 with gloss: .i. go n-a duine, 416.1 , possibly = gona duini of slaying a man; then ech c.e. might mean a horse worth a blood price (?). aircet échta, Acall. 789 (`silver taken as spoil from the slain' SG ii 120 ) cf. 1 echta. Attrib. g s.: aire échta noble of death-deeds, the designation of an officer entrusted with the duty of exacting blood-vengeance, Laws iv 322. 20 . See PRIA xxxvi C 16 § 109 (cf. ib. 269.31 ). ZCP xv 319 . airi echta in tAengus G., ac dígail greisi ceniuil a tuathaib Luigne, Laws iii 82.6 . neoil éachta clouds of (i.e. presaging) death Ir. Monthly 1920, 108 .

II By extension a slain person , occasionally somewhat in the sense of Engl. casualty, loss (in battle) but some of the follg. exx. may belong to I (see SGS iv 94-95 ); cf. eacht pity, grief, sorrow, mourning P. O'C. : ard cach n-écht dorochair and every (warrior) slain there Metr. Dinds. iv 44 . rob echt mór fer dibhsin gérbhó maith an dias n-aile (of three slain warriors) AFM v 1636.6 . dorónadh écht mór annsin ō Ghallaibh .i. Pattraiccín C. there was a serious loss on the English side, viz. P.C. 1646 y . dorochrator échta móra ó Máguidhir M. suffered some serious losses Hugh Roe² 30. 27 (17a) . ni hinnister echt oirdearc diobh do thuitim, AFM vi 2106.8 . L. Chl. S. § 54 . echta a n-airech the slain of their leaders Leb. Gab.(i) i 270 . nír bhó hionairimh a n-échta, AFM vi 1936.12 . Marco P. 63 . mór n-éacht gcuradh do chaillsead, Miscell. Celt. Soc. 352 . ba doimtheachta an maighen la hioliomat na n-écht ina bhfaoínlighibh, AFM v 1278.11 .

The use of écht may be anticipatory: dús in tetarthad écht n-amra d'Ultaib do marbad if he could succeed in slaying a famous champion of the U. LL 124a8 = Death-tales of the Ulster heroes 4 (rendered: i ndóigh éachta do dhéanamh ar Ulltachaibh, Keat. ii 3106 ). is amlaid forcoemnacair cach oen for erchomhair a échta facing the man he was to slay ZCP xi 61.17 . ni fiu lium echt anuasal nā gillanrach do marbadh, vi 278.30 . ML 100.12 . gu nderna mé écht Ídhail, IGT, Decl. ex. 426 . Probably of this type is: demin leis gia no thachrad écht dó nā lécfadh C. dó a dénam even though he should get the chance of slaying (a champion) TBC-LL¹ 1180 .

III Exploit, prowess, deed of valour ( echt ab actu , O'Mulc. 365 , may belong here): eachd, gaisge prowess Kirk = ACL iii 154 . eacht `a feat, exploit, achievement' P. O'C. imchongbail echta ocus enig ocus engnuma na hErenn, MR 148.21 . géaga gionalaidh gach fir | éachda iongantais is aisdir, Studies 1923, 598 . síothamhla a héachta an athuair more peaceful her deeds TD 39.15 . téid...d'éisteacht Aifrinn Dé...éacht nár thais don treonruire, Ó Bruad. iii 84 . In pejorative sense: olc echt … mind righ fo ceann druag and so, Anecd. ii 79 .

IV Of a hurt inflicted: níor leigheasadh...éachta...a chuilg the wounds from his blade were never healed Ir. Monthly 1920, 265 .

V ?: ni fuil écht do choite féin inti `to do thee alone a skiff's office his capacity is all too scant' SG 242.32 .

Compds.: échtbrug dwelling of champions (?): clár na n-eachtbhrugh, Miscell. Celt. Soc. 342.11 . ¤chor: tárrais éachtchor iongantach thou hast met with strange disaster (to a ruined abbey) Ir. Monthly 1921, 508 . ¤chú deadly hound, ep. of a warrior: éachtchuin tseanga, Ó Bruad. ii 54 . ¤chur death-dealing champion, valiant warrior: síol na n-éachtchuradh, Ó Heódhusa, Ir. Monthly 1921, 330 . ¤ḟoirenn: ó éachtḟuirinn A. `A.'s daring tribe' Ó Bruad. ii 156 . ¤ḟrém valiant stock: bile échtfhréime Uidir, O'Gr. Cat. 471 . ¤minic given to performing valorous deeds: Sir A. armdherg échtmhinig, Rel. Celt. ii 186.6 .

1 echt

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x see 3 acht.

2 echt

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n turn, time, occasion = fecht, q.v.


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x see fecht.


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n f. adornment, apparel : a n-órnaidheacht d'obair ṡnaithide in raiment of needlework, Psalms xlv 14. Dinneen distinguishes ornáideacht `ornament' from órnaidheacht `rai- ment, adornment'.

sellc(h)echt , seilligecht

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Forms: se(i)llcecht, sellcacht, sellidecht, seilligecht

n [ā, f.] (cf. sellach) usual form se(i)llcecht (unlenited -c- due to dissimilation?). Form with non-palatal -c- occurs once only: sellcacht, O'Curry 329 ( H 3.18, 181 ). sellidecht, Laws i 162.5 Comm . seilligecht, O'Curry 704 ( H 3.18, 339 ).

onlooking, witnessing; act of looking on (at a crime, etc., see under sellach): fer laime . . . fer seillcechta, O'Curry 2353 ( Eg. 88, fo. 27 ). foircsiu mígníma .i. cid i céin, cid i focus in sellcecht, O'D. 1887 ( Harl. 432, fo. 15 ). ni fo lán fir laime icus fer seillcechta a lán acht fo lan a seillcechta budein, O'Curry 2353 ( Eg. 88, fo. 27 ). cethruime fair ar sellcecht ┐ cethruime eile ar coimitecht, Laws i 242.17 Comm . in duine fuair in colann isin bfolach mad ro indis fo cedoir hi i[s] slan dó, . . . munar indis fo cedoir is fiach seillcechta . . . uada, O'Curry 2351 ( Eg. 88, fo. 27 ). in trian naithgina sin o cach codnuch urruid uile a coitcine a sellchecht sechrain da ndlegur comar ┐ comingaire `for looking on at anything straying (without preventing it)', Laws ii 56.22 Comm . mad sellcacht gaiti cid for b[ ] cid for chuithi isé in cédna, is cethraime fil fair mainbe sgiath aca ditin looking on at a theft, O'Curry 329 ( H 3.18, 181 ). mat connaic in duine in long, ┐ nochan fes in raba indti, ┐ is cindti co tairfidea fuirri, is secht cumala uad co fiachaib sellcechta, O'D. 1610 ( H 5.15, p. 12 ). As quasi-vn.: cach suiltech .i. . . . cach ro bi aca seillcecht o suil, O'Curry 704 ( H 3.18, p. 339 ). mása deoraidh ro baoi ac seillcecht, íca na fíach imach; ┐ is é féin do roinne in marbadh, ┐ ro feas air iardain, íca[d] sé leth secht cumala imach ┐ toibghet sim digbadh i láimhe imuigh; ┐ muna faghbhat sim dígbhadh i laime, íca[d] sim riu, co fiachaib seillcechta, Laws iii 124.6 ff. Comm . in ceathraimthi air ar a beith icca sheillcecht in gnímha, is lan fo aignedh in duini dic ann, O'D. 2299 ( Rawl. 506, fo. 29 ).