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2 áes People, folk, those who, etc.; the wicked; the imperfect folk; of the poor; the righteous; of perfect folk; of sickly persons; the blind; of the saints; the young; superiors; members of an assembly; sojourners; penitents; friends; prisoners; allies, partners; co-operators, fellow-workmen; sleepers; the watchers; ecclesiastics; retainers, counsellors; messengers; actual perpetrators; personal retainers; the passers-by; from the laity; Esp. to denote an occupation or calling; craftsmen or poets; poets; artists, poets; favourites, confidants, etc.; Folld by gen. of a place-name; the Baby- lonians
anáesmar young , immature
anáesta young
1 anarsaid young
blaicce growing child, young boy; youth (?)
cobcan of bird which cares for cuckoo's egg and young
cumlachtaid young pig
díaíse ageless; ever young
dínu lamb; the young of animals
felmacán a young student
femder a young woman, a girl
feme a girl, young woman
1 flesc 1a rod, wand, stick; bishop; Of angular staves for Ogham inscriptions; lath, wattle (in a structure); Of plectrum for a `timpán' (?); a wand with hair, i.e. a bow 2a line, stroke 3a scion, stripling, young person 4 land; land held in full fee, patrimony, domain 5 a hoop, circlet (late sense) ;; fillet 6poet's wand, stave; ogham staves; poet's fillet, wreath (mark of his calling) 7a hedge, rail; hereditary land ?
fochan, fochann young corn in the blade
fochlocan 1A young boy, a schoolboy
fochnocán young , tender grass: fochnochán ` young , tender sorrage or grass, corn
foichne A blade of young corn
fulus young of animals, produce, offspring
gas 1a sprig, a shoot, a twig 2Fig. a stripling, a scion, a young warrior
gasrad young warriors, young men; later used of soldiers in general without reference to age
1 gillán a young servant
2 glas 1of green or greenish hue (esp. of growing things, grass, trees, etc.); green hazel; green branches; green oak; green- spiked (of corn); green-grassy; a green cornfield; a green sward; blue, greenish blue; greyish blue; keen and blue (?); blue-waved; Seems to be used of the blue dye extracted from woad; Of the practice of tattooing with woad; a Viking; Of frost or ice; Of shades of grey; a grey stallion; a grey mist; wan (of complexion); bluish, livid, discoloured; faded (of garments); a livid mark, bruise; pallid; reddish-grey; dark-blue; livid 2a stage of self-mortification; fresh, young; fresh, raw, sharp; Of the weather (prob. orig. grey, overcast); harsh; out and out, stark; neutral-tinted, hence fig. plain, unpretentious, unassum- ing; an immigrant from overseas (lit. grey wolf) 3name of a crozier; a warrior-band of the Fianna; the child of an Irish woman by a foreigner; descendants of a woman by a cú glas; a boar; a wolf (?)
glasláth coll. recruits, young untrained soldiers
íarndoe, íarroe a fawn, a young deer
indad, indoth 1 increase (of cattle), the young of cattle 2In general, increase, produce
-induth brings forth young , produces
lenab 1 infant, babe, child 2 young man, youth, boy
lenbán infant, young child
lóeg 1 calf 2 favourite, darling
1 los 1 end, butt, foot, point (of a staff, stick, etc.); stem of a drinking-horn(?); tail of an animal; tip of the tail(?); By extension, of a cloak; gain, increase, result; produce or young of cattle 2 end, purpose, consequence; intention, set purpose; intentionally, deliberately; in consequence of, as a result of, on account of; by means of, by dint of, by virtue of; Of dragging by; about, concerning; in charge of, concerned with; about to
lubán young of animals; lamb
lupait pig, young pig
1 mac, macc 1A son; In relig. lit. of Christ, the Son (as distinct from the Father); a bastard; Rarely of the young of animals; a bullock; a daughter; in looser sense a male descendant; esp. in pl. folld. by gen. of ancestor to denote a tribe or people (not a native usage, the words maicne, maccu and uí being used by Irish tribes) 2 A boy and sometimes loosely a young person in general; Occasionally of youths or grown persons 3 son of (the) church', a churchman, cleric; a student; a (clerical) student 4 sons of grace; sons of (the) promise; `a son of death', a wicked man; `a son of life', a righteous man; `a son of achievement'; `son of mead', a heavy drinker; a graceless person; `bosom-son', a favourite, darling; `son of chastity (? integrity)'; an evildoer 5`son of a cliff', echo; As name of a drinking-horn; a species of metrical composition; name of some joint or portion of meat allotted to certain ranks in the Tech Mid- chuarta at Tara; pig's shoulder; a kernel; pupil (of the eye); name of a joint or portion of meat?; heart (?); liver; `son of spittle', name of a salve; `son of swimming' (kenning for some large fish or sea-monster?); `son of (the) country', wolf; `dirty lad', a toad; name of a defect in prosody
maccaillech a ( young ?) nun
maccléirech a ( young ) cleric or clerical student, sometimes used of a youth in attendance on (or studying under) a cleric of repute
maeth, moeth 1 soft-featured; a soft mantle; young osiers; esculent plant; soft heart, tenderness; repentance; a young whelp; soft ore (?); gentle- voiced; navel or abdomen; soft-handed; a youth; youths (coll.); a tender twig or sapling; a stripling; soft swallowing of bees 2 soft-skinned; soft and straight; fresh-complexioned (?); sleek and slippery
mall 1 slow (in movement or action), generally implying slug- gishness or inertness; slow-rowing; In sense late, tardy 2freq. as epithet of sea, slow-moving, sluggish (? but cf. (c) below)3of places, perh. in sense massive, broad, vast; stupor (?)4 slow-moving, steady, gentle?; soft-eyed 5used of women or young persons, in complimentary sense, implying dignity, gentleness or modesty of demeanour
1 mang term for a young (female?) deer; a fawn (? doe); roe
3 menn 1a kid 2a young animal in wide sense
mennán a young kid; goats
midbad a legal term occurring in the term fer m. given to a member of a low class of freeman, appar. a young man not yet possessed of hereditary land; a between-house man', `a man of mid-cottages'; , a youth living on his father's land; honour-price; men of low standing or juniors
noídenán an infant, a young child
núa, núae 1 new, recent, fresh 2of persons in various senses young , fresh, lusty, vigorous, passing in later poetry into that of bright, fair 3of things, often fresh, clear, bright, fair 4 that which is new (fresh); Newness; Youth 5till lately; lately; anew, again; recently, just now 6new plantations; a new steading, settlement; a new court; a new moon; a new (recent) writer; a novice; a new translation 7in adverbial sense anew, afresh; freshly (lately) wounded; `new-made?' Gloss.; fair-formed?
núaide, núide, nuíde 1 anew, again 2 fresh; young; bright; vigorous
óc 1 young 2a young man and hence a warrior; a poet 3 young people (coll.); a calf; a young ox; a foal; a fawn; princes; possessing foals
ócán a youth, a young man
ócbad 1 young folk, youths; young (? untrained) soldiery; a band of young men or warriors; Of a band of monks 2a youth, young man
óclach 1a young man (of one who has attained manhood); a lad, stripling 2generally a young warrior and hence often a warrior, soldier in wide sense 3an attendant, servant, vassal
ócmíl a young soldier; a soldier, warrior
ócnat a young person
ógánach a young man
1 orc 1a young pig 2of the young of other animals
ruisne a young pig
1 sen 1 old money; an old woman; an old judgement, a precedent; old, original people; an old- standing offence; an old error; prudence; an old man; an old grievance; old (i.e. proven) horse; old English (i.e. Anglo-Normans); old vexation; a veteran; an ancient book, Scripture; original people; old, inverterate sin; a proverb; an experienced knight; an old person; matured bacon; old hard-cure; ancient legend; reciter of old tales; original document; an old family; early translation 2 yellow from age; proverbial; ever young , or perh., both old and young
serrach 1 spirited, mettlesome, lively, un- stable 2a colt, a foal; any young animal (?)
spres twig, young branch
taeb 1 side; side of human, animal's body; side of face, cheek; Hence by metonymy the human body, form; page (of book); shroud 2 side in a dispute argument, fight, etc.; direction, part, region; the South; side, branch of family 3 trust, reliance, confidence (fri, later la in); In phr. do-beir t. fri trusts, confides in; entrusts x to y; trust in (?); accost; awaiting; relying on, dependent on, hence having no other ... but 4 on each, every side; from one side to the other; through and through; side by side, adjoining each other, together; together, united; simultaneously; aside, laterally; side by side 5 as regards; on account of; outside; beside, on one side of; in regard to, with respect to, concerning; willingly; With reference to descent from one side or another of the family; on account of, as a result of; from, having regard to; beside, near; along, by the side of; as well as, in addition to, besides; in comparison with, compared with; with respect to; in anticipation of ?; beside, near; as regards, with respect to; as a result of; in favour of (?); in respect of (?)6 flank attack; out-houses; side of the back; purity of body; border, boundary; jumping aside; sloping side; hacking the side, body; wounding the side, body; shearing, devastating; sluggishness; swimming on the side; side measurement; hearth (?); side-striking; breast; huge-sided, spacious; fair-sided; strong-sided; having the body hacked, wounded; smooth-sided; wounded in the side; firm-sided; lit. bold-sided; pure- sided; red- sided; brown-sided; dark-sided; bright-sided; long-sided, tall (of persons); white-sided, bright-sided, fair in form; hacked; pure-sided, fair-sided; green-sided; blue-sided; pregnant; side-flaming; slender-sided; broad-sided; rosy-cheeked; bare-sided, naked; fresh, young; smooth-sided; sluggish, slothful; red- sided; having wounded sides; side-gaping; slender-sided; smooth-sided; lopped (?); bright-sided; thin-sided, slender-sided; side-cut, having the sides wounded; dry-sided, dry-sloped; having perforated, wounded sides; having plaited (?) sides; heavy-sided, stout; stately (?); Of women pregnant; green-sided, —sloped; cold-sloped
truiteóc ( young ) starling