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ainben low-class woman
ainder 1 non-virgin, married woman 2 virgin, maiden
airgen woman (?)
ammait 1 woman with supernatural powers, witch, hag; spectre; Used of a Fury (Tisiphone)2 foolish woman
banas the condition of a woman; womanliness; woman's activities, etc.
banscál warrior woman (?); woman , female, laywoman
1 bé Woman; wanton, harlot; lit. wandering woman (a class of concubine); woman of the kneading-trough and churn-dash; foundling woman; lit. woman of a secret relation, i.e. in an irregular association with a man; woman (with power) of choice (variously interpreted in Laws Comm.); woman, maiden; wife of Néit (a goddess of war)
beinin a little woman
1 ben 1 woman; As dist. from a virgin; woman of the milking place, dairymaid; wife; kins- woman; embroidress; female, -ess, etc. 2 wife
2 brann woman
caillech 1; in sense married woman; penitent wife, a married woman who becomes celibate; nun, woman in religion; abbess 2 elderly woman 3 hag, witch, crone
claimsech female leper; a woman suffering from some skin-disease
cuiniu woman
1 cumal 1female slave, bondwoman; later woman-in-waiting; servant, maid; maid-in-waiting 2Name of a variable unit of value; generally fixed at three milch cows; or equivalent to thirty-five acres of land3 fine, mulct, compensation; in recompense for, as penalty for
dabchach Vat-like; stout; applied metaphorically to fat, rotund men; used in Scotch Gaelic of a huge woman .
1 dag good.; evil, bad; well; good, noble, intensive very; a good counsel; good merit, well-deservingness; a good metre; a good repentance; good fosterage; well-armed; a good fight; a good woman , a lady; a good custom; good behaviour, morality; good food; a good year; sweet-smelling; of good words; a good race; a good offspring; a good cook; a good counsel; a good adviser; a good heart, generosity; a good gift, poem, art; good and comely; good god; a good pair; a good bush; a good man, a brave man, a nobleman, a righteous man; a good (i.e. heavy) load; good rising-up; brave Eogan; well-informed; a good mulct; good use; a nobleman, a gentleman, a brave; good and modest; very fair; great wealth; good instruction; a good teacher.; a good deed; a doughty deed; valiant deeds; a good fence; a right, proper request; a good intention; a good daughter; very strange; a brave hero; good profit, especial weal; good time; a good price; a good son or boy; benefit; hilarity, jollity; a good mind; very big; a good security; good and bashful; good heaven; a brave hero; a goodly youth, a brave warrior; a good virgin; a good teacher; speaking well of; a good security; a good stanza; good grace or luck, full prosperity; well-trained; a good eye (of sight); a good resolution, purpose, a good end; majestic, sublime; good luck; good profit; a good illumination; very quick, active, expert; vigour; a goodly land; abounding in fruit; a good third; a good union; a goodly dwelling; good material, one well fitted to be; well informed; a noble nature, benevolence; a favourable sign; a good earner; a good foster-father; a good teacher; good education, good teaching.; a good knowledge; good repentance; a worthy imitation; a brave hireling soldier; good and wonderful, specially wonderful; a goodly protection; well-armed; a good armament; very brave; a good house; good milk; a good vassal; a good father; goodly patrimony; a good confession; a good fight; a good village, a good steading; a happy death; good speech; virtuous; virtuous; a virtuous life; a comfortable existence; good fame; a good taste; savoury; a good odour; a good brotherhood; a good victory; a violent beating; deep yellow; a good host; very brave; a good friendship; fully skilled; a good hive; a good decision; a good board; a good reputation, good fame; of good renown; very helpful (of God); good protection; a good protection; good comradeship; a good communion; a good sale; good hearted; a noble suit; very strong; a good meeting; a good colour; well-coloured; a hard fight; a good shape; well-made; well-built; good building, shape; comeliness; very abundant; a good revenge; a good protection; a good right, a good reason; very close; a good hand; a goodly sorrow; used of Easter Sunday; a good fist; a good troop; good and shrewd; a good way; a good fortress; good hospitality; generous; good Ireland; a doughty deed; a good knowledge; goodly wisdom; sharp-edged; reverence; a good hedge or fence; a good festival; a goodly appearance; a good sound; a good agreement, bond.; good pleasure; a good evidence, testimony; very long; a good answer; a good birth; a propitious incident; a good, proper entreaty; affable; well-spoken; good heroes of valour; embroidery; handy, dexterous; good spear-casting; dexterous; handy, skilful (in embroidery); handiwork, embroidery; a good bed; resplendent; a good (i.e. high) number; a good drink.; his faithful followers; very beautiful; very good; a nobleman; a good ensign; courageous; very intoxicating; good and gentle; very early; a good praising; a good pig; goodly folk; great courage, pride; a good poem; good strength; a good custom; a good shout; good and fresh; a good warrior; good beauty; very attentive; good ordination; a good drink; a good work; a good service; well-ordered; wide open; good penance; a good quarter (of a year); a good law; good and smooth; a good king; a good queen; a good constellation; a good running; a good sovran; well-composed books; a good likeness; good news; precious treasure; a good or noble seed; good weather; a valiant host; well sewn; a good giving; a good argument; well-established; faithful, trusty; a good talent; a good death; a good speaker, advocate; well-spoken; very strong; a good asylum; a good gift; a good service; a goodly gift; a good chief; a good multitude; a goodly tribe; very heavy; good pay or wages; a good load; a brave Ulsterman; a proper service; I break well; I arrange well; I shape well; I avenge fully; I know well; I serve well; I give good advice; I direct well; I establish firmly; I separate well; I present well; I deserve well
daírbé a bond-woman
doben bad woman
femder a young woman , a girl
feme a girl, young woman
1 frac, frag a woman
fraccnatan a (little ?) woman
1 gaillsech a foreign woman
gast a bitch; contemptuous term for a woman
gean a woman
3 gen a woman , a girl
2 glas 1of green or greenish hue (esp. of growing things, grass, trees, etc.); green hazel; green branches; green oak; green- spiked (of corn); green-grassy; a green cornfield; a green sward; blue, greenish blue; greyish blue; keen and blue (?); blue-waved; Seems to be used of the blue dye extracted from woad; Of the practice of tattooing with woad; a Viking; Of frost or ice; Of shades of grey; a grey stallion; a grey mist; wan (of complexion); bluish, livid, discoloured; faded (of garments); a livid mark, bruise; pallid; reddish-grey; dark-blue; livid 2a stage of self-mortification; fresh, young; fresh, raw, sharp; Of the weather (prob. orig. grey, overcast); harsh; out and out, stark; neutral-tinted, hence fig. plain, unpretentious, unassum- ing; an immigrant from overseas (lit. grey wolf) 3name of a crozier; a warrior-band of the Fianna; the child of an Irish woman by a foreigner; descendants of a woman by a cú glas; a boar; a wolf (?)
gúna a gown; an outer tunic or dress; Of a knight's festive dress; Of a woman's dress
inar 1a tunic; Evidently, sometimes at least, a short tunic; Of a woman's garment; Worn somet. next the skin; Of a garment worn in battle, and either of leather or iron 2the membrane or coat of the eye 3the peel or coat of an onion
indles, indíles 1 not forfeit, not due, not lawfully to be paid, therefore unlawful 2 entailing liability, entailing culpability 3 inappropriate, improper (of the use of a word); non-owned woman
1 ingen a daughter, girl, maiden, virgin; also freq. used of a (married) woman; a kind of boil; the breath
lóithnín Fig. of a woman
matrón married woman
mí- 1 evil desire; an evil fate, death; aversion, loathing; an evil token; ill desert; evil-speaking, bad language; evil counsel; slaughtering; a bad (false) reading; failing to hit the mark; incoherence; bad fosterage; ill nurture; evil plight; mis-disposal (?); ruin; evil custom or habit; evil odour; irreverence, disrespect; disrespect, disesteem; evil prediction, augury; discordant music; wrong; unjust; ill-will, grudge; senselessness, folly; wildly, at random; ravings; evil destiny; disquiet, trouble; ill fame, evil report; breach of covenant, ill faith; evil counsel; non-fulfilment or breach of promise; misfortune, ill-luck; a bad throw, a miss; legal term, an illegal or invalid contract; defeat; ill- behaviour, turbulence; impiety; an evil heart; rancour; an evil recollec- tion; Forgetfulness; a bad share, an inferior portion; misconstructing; (fig.) dis- maying; evil smoke; ill appearance, ill looks; evil-doing; Not doing; Bad shape, form; ill appearance; bad colour; an evil eye (glance); an evil example; evil fate; ill-treatment; evil anticipations; distrust; want of hope, despair; an ill wish; ill will, malevolence; a misdeed; dishonour; inhospitality; evil report (?); leaving (animals) unguarded or in danger?; an ill welcome; mistake, delusion; an evil word; A word of ill omen; evil speaking, bad news; Reviling; an illegal or unjust proceeding (Laws); disqualifications; Hence in general a wrong, grievance (generally in pl.); bad help, a hindrance; cowardice; an evil deed, misdeed; ill favour, dislike?; disfavour; dislike, aversion; low rank or status; evil result, consequences; playing false, deceiving; maltreating, injuring; evil meditation, ill thoughts; evil intent; unwarlike behaviour, cowardice; bedless; dis- figurement; an evil omen; evil desire, disposition; Dejection (?); discouragement; dejection; misjudgement, mistake; Disesteem, disrepute; of ill fame; a bad or dangerous morsel (of food); dis- honour, reproach; unfriendliness, hostility; shamelessness; debility; an unchaste woman; dishonour; disfavour, dislike; a bad share; an evil lot (?); bad luck, ill fortune; a breach of rule, transgression; an evil course; disobeying, not com- plying with (the wishes of); an evil choice; an evil secret, mystery?; evil intent; ill will, malice; an evil report; bad tidings; ugliness; bad writing, mistakes in writing or copying?; ill-luck; dejection (?); want of sense, ability; mistrust; an evil fit, paroxysm, turn; guile' (?); dis- pleasure; mishap, accident; ill-repute; gloom; misfortune, ill luck; a false opinion; Suspicion; evil will or inclination; Unwillingness; evil fruit; ill-profit, unprofitable- ness; decrease; mercilessness; an evil foreboding or omen 2 having evil desires; giving evil counsels (? ill-advised); of evil behaviour; of ill fame; scurrilous; plying an evil trade or calling; unconscious of; not in one's proper senses; infamous; ill-famed; backsliding; impious; unbelieving, infidel; misshapen; forgetful; ill-fated, unlucky; devilish; unworthy; hopeless, despairing; incapable of brave exploits; given to evil speaking; foul-mouthed, scurrilous; wanting proper qualifications (leg. term); unkinsmanlike; of evil or pitiable aspect; ill-speaking; unwarlike, craven; ill-cared, ill-nourished; immoderate; unnatural; shameless; inordinate; grace- less; unlucky, inauspicious; not smooth, rugged; a rough or uneven place; ill-intentioned, malicious; unsightly, hideous; anxious, distressful; reckless; troubled, uneasy; unhappy; ill-attested; of evil report, infamous; unfortunate; evil-minded (?); ill-provided, lacking necessaries; im- prudent, foolish; weak, inefficient; merciless; merciless; Failing to obtain mercy, doomed; hapless; inconsiderate, foolish; merciless' (?)3 counsels ill; defames; keeps (observes) ill; profanes; disorders, throws into confusion, mishandles, maltreats; disordered; dislikes, loathes; wishes ill (to); does ill; plays false, deceives; treats with disrespect, dishonours; dishonours; displeases; believes or thinks evil, suspects
1 midech belonging to Meath; a man of Meath; a woman of Meath
nae a woman (B. na f.)
óinmit A fool; `a woman fool'
óinsech a fool, esp. a foolish or giddy woman
pit, (put) a pit, hollow (? the female pudenda)?; a woman's privity; a dyke, hollow, female privities
sáraigid 1 violates, outrages, transgresses.; deprives of, robs of; of violating a woman; of churches, etc. 2 excels, is better than; is better than, gets the better of; per- suades, prevails upon; passes (a certain age)
1 sen 1 old money; an old woman; an old judgement, a precedent; old, original people; an old- standing offence; an old error; prudence; an old man; an old grievance; old (i.e. proven) horse; old English (i.e. Anglo-Normans); old vexation; a veteran; an ancient book, Scripture; original people; old, inverterate sin; a proverb; an experienced knight; an old person; matured bacon; old hard-cure; ancient legend; reciter of old tales; original document; an old family; early translation 2 yellow from age; proverbial; ever young, or perh., both old and young
seng 1 narrow, thin, slender; slender, lissom, graceful; thin, shrunken; long; Of distance: long?; lean, meagre, confined, restricted 2the act of becoming thin; a thin, graceful person 3 ant 4 grace- ful palm; a graceful woman; slender groin; a graceful lord; a slender finger; graceful and fair; tapering; slender and shrewd; slender and smooth; slender and perfect
sentonn an old woman
séol 1a sail; the lookout man; Of a piece of material, a covering; Of a bed- covering; an awning, tent; Of battle-gear 2a bed, couch; a woman in childbed 3a weaving implement, a loom 4 course 5hence manner, way; means, expedient 6Of music a strain 7 sail-cloth, a sail; sail-canvas, a sail; mast; activity, dexterity; course
2 séolta woman in childbed
sleith creeps.; act of surprising a sleeping woman , having intercourse with her
sraoill worthless woman , slattern
tarrachtach a kept woman (?)
tinchor, tincor 1act of contributing; marriage contribution; husband's preponderant con- tribution; wife's preponderant contribution; sup- ported by a woman , under woman's control 2 household goods; bed?3act of supplying; equipment, supply 4act of attending, caring for; attendance, giving of battle (?)5 position, grade, rank (?)
tinnscra 1 payment to the bride's tuath(?) or father (part of which might revert to the bride herself) 2 payment by the bridegroom to the bride 3 price paid to a woman for a temporary union 4 payment for a given term of service 5( woman's) property
tlenamnach a woman thief
toga, togu 1act of choosing; choice, will, wish; election; Of Doomsday; preference over; Of choosing shares after division 2 wishes, desires 3In Laws consent, agreement; age of choice, of consent; agreement, consent; woman to whom a choice is allowed 4act of electing, election; Hence person elected; bishop-elect 5 choicest, best 6 right, due
turbród 1 act of crushing, destroying 2Legal violation, infringement, repudiation of a law, treaty, etc. 3 hindrance, interruption, respite (infl. of turbaid ?); Commonly of the reign of a king; Legal, of a married woman disabled by illness