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aball apple-tree; In wider sense tree; apple- blossomed; orchard
ablachóc little apple-tree
ad some kind of tree
aibíet fir-tree
ailm 1 pine-tree 2Name of the letter a in the ogham alphabet
áirnechán little sloe, little sloe-tree
1 aithech, 1In legal contexts used of a particular class of tenant and sometimes to describe the commoner as opposed to the noble.2In pejorative sense churl, boor, uncouth person; base tree 3 giant, monster
allbog name of some kind of tree (?)
4 arc cork tree
baiscne large tree
beithe 1 birch-tree , birch-wood 2the letter b; the letter p
1 bile 1Transfd. scion, hero
bruinnell girl, maiden, damsel; Name of a tree; birch
caeirechán o berried one (the rowan-tree )
cáerthann rowan-tree; valerian
caithne genus of shrub; strawberry tree
2 carr 1 spear 2Name of part of a harp; pegs; cross-tree; Of shaft of mill-wheel(?); spear-fight
1 ceirt apple-tree; the letter q
cepp 1 tree-stump, log, block; chopping-block 2 anvil-block 3 stocks (for confinement), pillory, log to which a snare or trap was attached 4 genealogical stock; ancestor
césad 1 suffering, torment; very freq. of the Passion;2act of suffering, enduring; act of being made to suffer, being crucified; Lent; the Cross; Good Friday 3 crucifix 4the passive voice
cléithe 1 roof-tree , ridge-pole 2(dwelling) house 3 building 4As technical term for some kind of tenant or dependent 5the heavens, the firmament; the sky 6Other applications. top, crown; Of the tops of trees, woods, mountains, a city 7something of considerable value, a matter of importance, high rank(?)8 perfection, culmination; chief, head
1 cleth 1 tree-trunk, tree 2 house-post, stake, pole; tie-beam, cross-beam 3 spear 4 goad 5 warrior, chief
4 clí apple-tree
clithar, clethar 1 sheltering, protective; protectively, closely(?)2 shelter, covert, fastness; kenning for quert apple-tree in Bríatharogam; protection, shelter; Of a prince, protector, refuge; a milch-cow, an in-calf cow or a ploughing ox.
1 coll hazel-tree
collán hazel-tree
1 corr 1 tapering, cuspidated, peaked, pointed, jutting out or up, swelling 2 projecting part, end, corner, peak etc.; choir(?), apse(?) (of a church); ends; nape; crook (?); cross tree , or harmonic curve; prow; horns; hem (?)
cráeb 1 branch, bough; sprig; rod, wand; post; . Poss. w.r.t. bracken or heather branches or perhaps a wooden (or wickerwork) bed-frame; olive-branch; signpost 2 tree , bush; out of doors, in the open(?); mad, crazy 3Of persons; Of locks of hair; Of a branched wand or staff from which bells were sus- pended; branching decorative work, arabesque; Of waves; pedigree, genealogy, descent, branch of a family tree; scion; pedigree
crann 1 tree; fruit-tree; blockheads; protector 2 wood (material), timber 3 staff, pole, bar, stock, plank, beam, axis; article or tool of wood; crozier; walking staff; handle(?); beam; fishing-rod; boat; bar; frames; distaff; mixing-stick; fire-raker; spearshaft, spear; lance; spearshafts; Cross; Mast, steering oar; ships; Of bed or part thereof; Of axis in ogam writing; post 4wooden piece used in casting lots; lot, destiny, fate
1 cranngal timber; wooden structure or object; ships; spear-shaft(s), spear(s); wooden house; tree(s)
2 cubus tree
cuilenn (wood of the) holly-tree
cuipris cypress ( tree )
2 darbile an oak-tree
de-ḟid, deid A sacred tree , wood
1 días 1 ear of corn; Transf. of shoot or fruit of palm tree 2Transf. point of a weapon (usually of a sword); Of a lance; Of a part of a weaver's beam (cf. claideb) (?)
dind 1 height, hill 2 fortified hill, walled or fortified town, citadel, stronghold; the world (lit. the fortress of the world); a citadel, an eminence, a towering figure; Of a notable event climax 3 stead, notable place 4 mansion, court 5 pinnacle, peak 6as adj. agreeable, pleasant
1 dos 1 tree; Copse, thicket; foliage 2 protector, one who gives shelter or defence, champion, superior; tree of shelter (common epithet of a hero) 3 a mass (?); tassels
draignén small thorn-tree
eidnechán an ivy-clad tree
3 eó The meaning in the glosses apparently was stem, shaft, but in Mid. Ir. usually a tree; a yew; any tree remarkable for size or age; a champion, a leader; yew-forest; a huge or ancient tree, a yew-tree; green-trunked (?)
F alder-tree
2 fann weak, helpless, lacking strength or power; soft, pliant; a weak, helpless person; (the fig-tree ); smooth; limp (?); Diffident, (?); lowly fortune; limp (?); weak leg; checking gently; a weak wind, breeze; feeble faith; prostration, prostrate lying; weak (faint-hearted?) warrior; weak stem; faint- hearted; weak-winged; dispersed, spread in weakness
féice, féic 1a ridge-pole, roof-tree , also the top or roof of a house2a top, summit; lintel 3 highest point, acme
feilisc bark of a tree (?)
feorus Name of a tree or plant, probably the spindle-tree; spindle-tree , sweet flag, galingale
1 fern 1an alder-tree 2 a shield (made of alder- wood; shield-cleaving 3a pole or stake; a sailyard; a mast; Of a tent-pole 4the letter f; lenition
fernóc an alder-tree
fíc 1a fig; a fig-tree 2in pl., piles, haemorrh- oids; a fig-tree
fícuilne a fig-tree
fículdae per- taining to the fig-tree
fid 1a tree (sense in Glosses).; a wood of trees; a tree-hedge; Passing into sense of tree-trunk, tree regarded as timber 2 wood, timber; Of a shaft or pole; spear-shafts; walking-stick; Of a wooden shield 3 trees (coll.), a wood or grove: distinguished fr. caill; the Fews 4a letter of the Ogham alphabet; artificial tree; alliteration 5a vowel, distinguished fr. taebomna `consonant'; vowels 6 drinking-vessel
fidba(i)d Trees (coll.), a wood or forest; hedge of trees; woodland; wooded ridge; uprooting woods; Transf. of timber; of fir-wood; spears; `spear-forest' (armed warriors); Of masts; Of hair; Of the skeleton; Of a genealogical tree , a family; Of a person, scion
1 fír 1 true, veracious; he is right; I deem it true, I believe; it will prove true, come to pass; happened; may it come to pass; so be it; if it is true = `according to statement', `it is said'; `righteous' (?); as true as; genuine 2what is true; truth, right; according to truth, really, actually; truly, really (?)3a pledge, guaran- tee 4an attestation; a proof, test, ordeal; a religious ordeal or attestation; compurgation; compurgators; `test-tree ,' tree of ordeal; aspen 5 right, due 6`truth of battle,' a just cause in fight; fair play (in combat), single combat; the truth (justice) of the F.; the word of a prince; justice of a ruler; fair fighting 7 veracious, true, just; a just judge; a just judgment; just, true rule; according to right procedure, as is meet; true, righteous judgment; true account; just wrath; veritable, genuine, real; the true God; heathen gods; genuine fury; the true neuters; a genuine friend; a veritable foe; a true cleric; the real God; a true, rightful prince; true King; exact; true, genuine or merely intens. downright, sheer; true smoothness; gentleness; a hearty welcome; true charity; scrutinizing; true love; intense thirst; real profit; a downright defeat; deep envy; selected (?) wheat; salmon; a salmon- weir; fresh milk; a spring; fresh water (opp. to brine), spring water 8 truly, genuinely, downright; very keen; perfectly round; quite certain; really poor; truly learned; just in judgment; truth-speaking; truly the best
fithrech 1 dulse, edible seaweed 2 name of a tree ?
fochli a hard sub-tree
fuinnseóc an ash-tree
gablaigid 1 branches off, esp. of a family or genealogical tree; Of the forking of a river 2 divides, distinguishes (?)
1 gablán 1a fork, a branch of a tree 2a branch or offshoot (of a family or race); a scion 3a branch or division of a subject 4a portion 5a branching off, a digression
gabul 1a fork; some sort of a tool, pincers (?) 2a forked branch of a tree; a bough direct from the trunk 3the fork of a gallows, a gibbet 4(forked ?) beam, support or shaft (for diverse uses); a beam, a rafter (of a house); a support (a crook ?) for hanging a cauldron; a pillar;; a prop, an undersetting; Fig. upholder; yards (?) of a sail; a weapon, a pronged spear (?) 5the fork of the body, the thighs 6a bifurcation or angle in a glen, pass, etc.; the spit of land between two rivers (?) 7a branch of a river, an arm or inlet of the sea forming a creek or river estuary 8Fig. a branch or ramification of a family; of a genea- logical tree 9a branch or division of a subject 10
geibe a fir-tree (?)
gésca 1a branch : gen. used of an inferior, or secondary, branch2a tree 3Fig. a ray (of the moon) 4a branch in genealogy 5a scion, an offshoot 6(Of cattle) the choice, the pick
giús a fir-tree , a pine
grech a nut, a nut-shell; nut-tree or some tree with edible fruits (?)
ibar 1a yew, yew-wood; As symbol of great age 2 juniper; mountain sage; ambrosia; juniper; rough spleenwort 3an article made of yew-wood?
ida(d) the name of the vowel i, the fifth vowel of the ogam alphabet; Also the name of some tree, yew tree ?
1 ind, inn 1 extremities of the body; the top of the head; In pl., the extremities of the hands and feet, the extremities in general; sg. the tip; the tongue; of the eyes, pl. the points (cf. 1 rind) 2the point of a weapon or rod 3 the top (of a tree ), the summit (of a hill) 4In general top, end, point, edge: metaph.; from top to bottom; rampart; fate; something that is slight, the least degree of anything: 5 edge (of a territory, etc.), surface ? (of water, etc.) 6Of time end, extremity
1 lem elm-tree
lommán tree (or branch) stripped of its bark and / or leaves and/or twigs; a minor, a child whose father dies during its infancy
1 luis 1name of a tree , `quicken-tree , rowan-tree '2Name of letter l in Ogam alphabet
1 mael 1 crop-headed, shorn, and by extension bald; tonsured; bald 2 youth 3of cattle, hornless 4of things blunt, headless or pointless (of a torso, stump, etc., also of weapons) 5of places, etc., bare; dismantled; Exposed, defenceless 6 fig. blunt, dull, obtuse 7 awnless wheat, or perhaps free-threshing wheat 8 blunt-fingered, clumsy; blunt-pointed 9 consecrated residences; a blunt or broad-toed shoe or sandal; bald head; bare stone' (blunt or flat?); a flat- topped hill; a clenched fist; fist with closed thumb used as a measure, about four inches; Transf. a blow with the fist, a cuff; sword; a (blunt-headed?) spear or javelin; a large mouth- ful or lump (of food)?; a dismantled or outworn earthen fort; a blunt splinter; stump of a tree 10 truncates
mesrad 1 tree-fruit, esp. mast, nuts; mast-crops 2 feeding with mast
2 mes(s) tree-fruit (coll.), esp. mast.; tutsan, parkleaves
1 mesta abounding in mast or tree-fruit
N ash-tree
1 nin 1 name of the ash-tree 2 name of the letter n in the Ogham alphabet (called after the tree) 3a letter of the Ogham alphabet in general
oblann an apple-tree
ochtgach a fir or pine tree
oir, (? óir) 1the name of the spindle-tree (or ivy?) 2in the Ogham alphabet, the double vowel oi 3the long vowel ō?
ola Oil; olive-tree; olive-branch; an olive-wood or plantation; an olive-tree
olegende pertaining to the olive-tree
omna 1the bole of a tree or sometimes a tree , by later glossators identified with the oak.2a spear-shaft or spear 3a mast
omnaide pertaining to an oak-tree , oaken
1 onn 1the pine-tree; fir-cones or pine-kernels?2the furze-bush; ash
othrad nursing or curing the sick; Of plastering a barked tree
pailm A palm-tree; Of foliage of palm; reward, success; palm-branch; palm- shade; gourd; the gourd, palmerist
pin 1name of a tree or bush with edible berries; pine, gooseberry and rowan 2name of the Ogham letter p
pín a pine-tree; pine-wood
R the fifteenth letter of the Ogham alphabet; elder-tree
ruis 1 the elder-tree 2name of the letter R in Ogham
sétrus the citron tree
sinser the elder, the eldest; a senior; in pl. elders, ancestors, fore- fathers; original sin; the yew tree; elder brother, senior kinsman
1 slat 1 rod, lath, twig; A ceremonial rod, staff, etc. 2 branch of a tree 3 scion, youth, stripling 4a yard (measure of length) 5act of smiting with a rod; wattles; branching hazel
snámach 1 flowing 2 creeping, en- croaching, cunning (?)
snob bark of a tree
snomad act of stripping off bark; bark of a tree; Of the skin of the human body
tacmang, tacmacc 1 surrounding, encompassing; grip; covering; including, comprehending (in literal sense); understanding, grasping (the meaning of); restraining, controlling (?); substance 2 girth (of tree , neck); circumference, circuit (of city, country, earth)
taman 1 trunk of a tree , stock, stem 2 chief, leader, (?) descendent 3 headless human body 4 stupid person, blockhead (?); a poet of a certain rank
2 teile lime- tree , teil
1 trom elder-tree; Trim
uinnius An ash-tree; Of particular ash-trees; A spear-shaft of ash
uinnsiu ash-tree
2 úr 1of fields, hills 2of buildings and places, fair, bright 3 noble, generous; fair, active; generous as regards 4applied to various parts of the body, fair, bright 5of food, fresh, unsalted (of meat); Of ale 6of clothes, new, bright or fair 7of wounds, fresh, recent 89of horses, fresh, active 1011a new weapon; fair- (tree) top; bright garb; a fresh birch tree; fair word; fresh meat; a bright helmet; a fair nut; a fair hill; green hazel; a fair body; a green tree; verdant clay; a generous, noble heart; green holly; a fair swan; fresh meat; a noble feast; noble blood; a green branch; a green field; fresh curds; new iron; fresh butter; untanned leather or hide; fresh rushes; noble, generous son; a green plain; a bright coat of mail; fresh turf or peat; fresh nettles; raw, unprocessed (?) gold; fresh bacon; fair writing; a fresh flower; a green branch; fresh and tall; fair and curly; fair and curly; stout-hearted; having fresh branches; fresh and green; bright and unsheathed; fresh and pleasant; freshly cut or severed; strews with fresh rushes
3 úr the fresh or green part of a tree