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1 cith Shower. Of rain, hail, snow; In sense of abundance; In vaguer sense trial, hardship, battle, etc.; storm-swept; dewy
del(l)rad sheen, brilliance, lustre; Of the glare of snow
2 fráech 1 furious, fierce; wrathful [spear] point; fierce youth 2 dangerous in wrath; lively in rage; fierce and dour
1 fras, fros 1a shower, primarily of rain, snow , etc.; By extension a shower, gush, stream of any liquid, tears, blood, etc.; Of sparks 2a quantity, number, swarm 3of missiles, a shower, discharge, volley 4 piles (?)5hence an assault, attack and in wider sense an impetus, effort
2 gáeth wind; a whirlwind; a blasting; a mad dog; wind-tossed; sharp disease; wind-swept gullies; a windy sea; wind-drifted snow
ladg snow
1 ló, lóe 1 single tuft or lock of wool; single hair of a sheepskin(?); flake (of snow ); Of water, splash(?) 2 fur of an animal, a fleece 3 sheepskin cloak; fleece of a cloak; wool; nap of cloth
slóch, slách a flake (of snow )
snechta snow
snechtaide snowy, white as snow
3 trom 1 heavy; Of sleep; Of a perfume; heavy, severe, grievous, difficult; Hence sad, sorrowful; great, vast, powerful, mighty; Of the earth; severer 2 weight, heaviness, burden; greater part, bulk; severity, distress, difficulty, sorrow; persecution; blame, censure 3 grievous lament; severe battle; great storm; mighty fleet; great pros- perity; heavy sleep; severe vengeance; great lord; mighty shout; sore disease; mighty flame; great benefit; heavy cloud; swooned; great pity, lamentation, sorrow; severe conflict; heavy snow; great belly; mighty fire; heavy conflict 4 very quarrelsome; of heavy dew; heavy-sodded; heavy and broad; heavy and great; mighty and red; amply measured 5 sleeps heavily; destroys; shouts loudly; severely wounds; severely wounds