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1 airgdech a person rich in silver (?),
airgdide silvern, made of silver
airgeint piece of silver money
ansolam name of some kind of alloy?; unwrought or unrefined silver ore
argat 1the metal silver; quicksilver 2As object of value, currency etc.; Of money
1 cerb silver; Mercury or quick-silver
1 cim silver , tribute
dabach 1A large tub or vat with two handles (for ale, wine, mead, curds, oil, water, or washing); Made of oak; of yew; of crystal; of silver; Held together by hoops; for ale; for mead; for cold water; for eggs; Intended for washing 2a hollow, pit, pool 3A measure of land, a portion of land
1 decht pure, genuine; compressed or hammered silver; exact, precise, sure, certain
1 finn 1white (gen. bright white; bright, lustrous 2 fair, light-hued (of complexion, hair, etc.) 3 bright, blessed (freq. in religious poetry) 4in moral sense, fair, just, true 5of blighted corn 6adj. of color, denoting a light or bright shade; light-yellow; light auburn; lime-white, white-washed; whitewashed; fair and strong; fair and curly; fair and long (or smooth); fair and gentle; fair and comely; clear (?) and cold; whitehorned 7a milch-herd; white silver; the noble prince; white carn; blessed (?) bell; white (i.e. peeled) wattles; white (i.e. silver ) pin; fine calm weather; fair word; magic (?) word; a pleasant laugh; dawn, morning; cowberry; white mist; white pearl; the small intestine; a fair stream; fair, clear spring; whitebeam (?); cooling, refreshment; refreshes; a story, a legend; white copper 8a fair-haired; Norwegians; Anglo-Norman invaders; a contemporary invader; white heathens; Norsemen; a Norwegian; the Hebrides; `fair gentiles' (Norwegians)
forargit covered with silver (?)
litargium litharge of silver
túagmíl A gold or silver ornament of shields and tunics, incorporating an animal design