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cáera Sheep
cáerchaide sheep-like
cáerchamail sheep-like; modest, gentle
cet(h)nat sheep; wethers
1 cit sheep
dé-ḟiaclach Having two teeth, bidental; having two prominent teeth, as a sheep two years old
fíthe 1 Woven, plaited; fenced; thickly-growing; Of hair; Of eyelashes; Of sheep (ref. to fleece ?)
lommrad 1act of stripping, making bare 2act of shearing ( sheep ) 3 fleece 4act of plundering, despoiling 5act of stripping of wealth, levying a fine, or payment 6 excerpt, literary extract
moltrad rams, wethers, sheep (coll.).
a sheep
trilis 1 tress or plait of hair; the hair 2 fringes (?); Of foliage, vegeta- tion 3 crest of waves, sea 4 palisade, sheep-fold (made of plaited twigs ?)
a sheep
uthud name of a disease of sheep