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adrúad lit. very red .; very strong
agad, aiged 1 face, countenance; surface; expanse; front; shape, form, appearance; honour 2In phrases implying motion, intention; turns towards, makes for 3 before, in front of; towards, in the direction of; against; Up (of a slope, steps, etc. with I N-); opposes, contradicts; for; for the purpose of; on the point of, about to; as an offset to, corresponding to, instead of, etc. 4 forward, ahead; fairfaced; red-faced; flooded; broad-faced; front bones (shin-bones?)
airderg very red; red hot (an ordeal)
ball 1 limb, member, organ (used of any portion of the body); to dismember 2 member of community3Of inanimate objects part, portion, piece; article, object; an atom, point, spot; In abstract sense, quality, faculty 4 place, spot; of a book, passage; immediately, forthwith, at once; straightway 5 spot, mark, blemish
3 basc Expld. as red , scarlet
bél 1 lip; lips, but here usually mouth; (of a hag); (in application of an incantation); (of a witch); (term of endearment); mouth; the mouths; By metonymy person; red (raw) morsel in (the) mouth apparently of property illegally acquired or attached; Of the mouth as the source of speech; By extension word(s); subject of talk; self-judgment, -doom; unanimously 2various things resembling lips or mouth; edge, rim; mouth of cavity, orifice, opening; (used as term of endearment); edge, opening of wounds; upper of shoe 3Freq. of replacing in kingship, headship, etc. one who had the normal claim, before, in preference to, in place of; before, at, close to; on the point of; before; towards, to; over, across; out of 4With FOR (always with possessive) on the face, face downwards; face to face 5 turns to, seeks help from
Ox, cow; Of land; white red-eared cow; a stray cow; (`stag', Plummer MS. notes), perh. hind; a (beef-)cow levied as a due; beef-cow; name of a cattle- disease,; Cattle-Raid; cow-shed; lit. cow-rising; the beef; beef- lard; cow-grazier; cow-dung; corned beef (?); cow-hide; dower-kine; cattle-tracking; lit. host of cattle; cow house; cow dung; guardian
2 bresal red raddle
bresalach greasy red
bróe word of doubtful status, usually transl. spike, point. Not easily dist. from brá, q.v.; red- pronged
comderg very red
corcaid stains red , purple; purpled
corcair Of dye-plant, lichen (giving crimson dye); Of red-flowered plants(?); gilly-flower; crimson or purple cloth; The colour purple
Cráebrúad lit. Red-branched, name of the hall of the Ulster warriors at Emain Macha.
cródae bloody, cruel, fierce; later valiant, brave.; crimson, red; cruellest; couragiously
croderg blood-red
crón Name of a colour, brown, reddish-brown, dark yellow, red (?), etc.; swarthy; the abyss, the pit, hell
crúan name of a material used in ornament, us. transl. red enamel; blood-red; enamelled
crúanata with red enamelling
1 cubar 1 foam, froth, scum; seafoam 2 pumice stone
derg 1Of colour, red , ruddy (used of colour of blood, flame; also of orange or tawny hue as of ale, gold, etc.); ardent; Of earth or clay turned up, dug up; Hence of persons, of ruddy com- plexion or red-haired 2Transf. red with blood; bloody, sanguinary; red-handed (i.e. a shedder of blood); red-sworded; red-handed; Hence of meat bleeding, raw, fleshy (as oppd. to fat) 3 red-hot, incandescent 4 full-blooded, flushed with pride, overbear- ing (?) 5 reddish yellow; crimson; broad and red; rud-red; red-hued; red-face (as sobriquet); red (i.e. tanned) hide; red yew; red flame; red clay roads; red haw- thorn; red bronze, copper 6` red warning', guilt incurred by entertaining a fugitive criminal; bloody slaughter; red martyrdom (involving death); Bloody death, slaughter (in general); a bloody onset 7 raging mad; stark naked; a bitter foe; fierce enmity; ` red morsel'. Apparently technical name for property illegally acquired.
dergad reddening; becoming or making red; flushing; reddening with blood; drawing blood; kindling
dergaid 1 reddens, makes red (esp. of bloodshed); makes red-hot, heats, kindles, burns; causes to blush, reddens (with shame or anger); reddens (soil), hence turns up (soil), digs, ploughs 2 draws blood, wounds, with FOR, AR (in some cases orig. trans., arm, ga, etc. being understood;; grows red , flushes
dergaide reddish; red deer
dergthach red , ruddy; hot (?); reddish (?)
1 donn 1 dun, brown, apparently a light brown inclin- ing to yellow or red; chestnut (?); roan (?); tawny, fawn-coloured; Of clothing, etc.; Of leather; Of hair, complexion, etc.; dark brown; taperpink; hazel-eyed (?); bright?; Of natural objects; Of things made of wood; butler; Of weapons, esp. shields; Of clay, earth; Of a district; Of water; Of fire; Of blood or blood-stained objects; sad (?)2 dun, dark, sad-coloured (?); a bad aspect, a fascinating look
1 donnaid makes brown or red; freq. of discolouring weapons, etc., with blood
2 dúal lock or tress as of hair, flax, etc.; a plait or fold; a lock of hair; `folds' (?); red- locked
dub 1 black, swarthy; dark; dark (i.e. red) wine; black bile, melancholy; Of persons, swarthy of complexion or blackhaired; Of a blind person; iris or pupil (?); dark (in moral sense); dire, gloomy, melancholy:; In B. na f. great, expressing intensity;2 black pigment, esp. ink; an inkhorn; gall; oak-gall (?); dawn?3 dark and speckled; black and curling; very feeble; dark crimson; dark red; dark brown or dun; dark blue- grey, livid colour; turns livid; blue-black, intense black; dark tan- coloured; dark grey; the spleen; ball of the thumb; dark brown or dun; dark red; black-limbed (?); blackfooted; name of a plant, black maidenhair; black-toothed; plaintive-sounding; melancholy-mad (downright m.?; black-faced; black-shanked, -legged; black-eyed 4 abyss, deep; dark bondage; name of a disease (kind of jaun- dice?); part of an axe; sword; tribute; black bondage; blackthorn, sloe; crow or raven; downright perjury; obscure word; black hatred; black spear; nefarious stealing; black foreigner, Dane; black heathens, Danes; dark stream or river; black heathenism; black fluid or humour; melancholy; black vessel, name of a measure (?); dark liquid; black pool; Dublin; black exile; Of an outlaw band in general; Dane; symphytum or comfrey; penitentiary; mighty king; dark plain (?); black (crushing) defeat (?); dark design (?); dark pigment or liquid; foul weather; defiance, challenge; black fast (lasting three days); black fast, keeping a black fast 5 foul weather 6 black rod
2 erc speckled, also dark red
fáebar 1a sharp edge; the axe-edge; a sharp-bladed weapon; a sharp-edged tool 2 keenness, sharpness; hence apex; coincidently with, at the time of
faísce epithet of nuts; ripe nuts; red-shelled
2 fíad wild; Wild animals, game, esp. deer; wild animals; wild, savage; fallow deer; a red deer; a stag; wild horse; a wild cat, a forest cat; a wild pigeon; a crane; a wild boar; a wild horse; a herd of deer (or wild mares ?); wild lettuce; untilled plain; a wild animal (esp. of the deer kind); hares ?; a seal (?); sea-monster; a bog, swamp; wild pig; stock granted by a wanderer or outlaw; a wild apple, crab-apple
flann 1 red (esp. blood-red ); sanguinary 2 blood (poetic word) 3 red power; bloody battle; bloodred 4 red-lashed
foderg somewhat red , ruddy; a minor abrasion
folt, falt 1the hair of the head (collect.); Rarely locks, tresses 2of foliage; thatch of a house; Of foam of the sea 3 having ... hair; ... haired; foliage; yellow-haired; curly-locked; with wavy hair; fair-haired; rough-haired; of green herbage; long-haired; red-haired; with dishevelled hair; green-foliaged 4 seizing by the hair; pulling (an opponent's) hair in fight:; whiskers ?
forderg red on surface; very red (esp. of colour of blood); bloodstained, wounded; bloody, san- guinary
fordergad reddening, making red; drawing blood, wounding;
fordergaid 1 reddens, makes red (with blood) 2 draws blood, wounds
forrúad of red or russet appearance
forrúamanda 1 reddened; of red (? reddish-brown) hue; Bloody, murderous 2`dyed' i.e. obscure, artificial (?)
forrúamnaide red , dark red
forrúamnaigid grows red (? dusky); Trans. makes red , discolours
fuilide of the nature of blood, containing blood; Also blood-red or bloody, bloodstained:
galar 1 sickness, disease, physical pain; sick, diseased; smallpox; the red sickness, erysipelas (?); intestinal disease; epilepsy; some kind of seizure (?); epilepsy 2 damage to inanimate objects 3mental suffering, distress, grief
1 gel fair, white, bright, shining; illustrious; whiteness, bright-coloured surface; pure whiteness; bright renown; fair- spoken (?); hail- stone; white-skinned; rosy; bright red , crimson (?); white tooth; pure modesty (?); white-sanded; bright ruddy; bright blue; clear voice; fair face; steel; white-fingered; a white shield; a silver dish; pure profit (?); having fair hills
gorm 1 blue; deep-blue, caerulean; Of crystal, metallic sheen 2 green. Of verdure, vegetation; water 3 dark, swarthy, black 4Fig. illustrious, splendid 5 fiery red (?); red-fiery
ibar 1a yew, yew-wood; As symbol of great age 2 juniper; mountain sage; ambrosia; juniper; rough spleenwort 3an article made of yew-wood?
imderg 1 deep red , ruddy; that which causes a blush, a reproach 2 hostile, unfriendly; hostility, a hostile act ?
imm-derga 1 reddens, makes red 2 causes to blush, puts to shame; blushes 3 reproaches, rebukes, taunts, reviles; Reprove
2 ingen 1(Of people) a nail (of finger or toe); (of birds or beasts) hoof, claw, talon; a (metal) nail; quittor (?)2a clove of garlic
iuchán ? `pale red '
iuchandae Found as epithet of nails or claws, `pale red '; pale red
muir 1 sea-beach, coast (? sea-dyke)?; a sea bag', inlet of the sea; a cormorant; a sea-judgement; (in pl.), mari- time law; sea-bond; transf. of a chieftain a sea-compeller, sea-ruler?; a sea-fleet; a naval expedition; in fleets; castaway, shipwrecked person; a sea-fight; a naval expedition or hosting; a sea-raven; sea-faring (? coast- ing); an inlet of the sea.; a sea-spear, harpoon; sea-sickness; a sea-lunatic'; a sea-fugitive or wanderer, term applied to the mermaid Lí Ban; sea-sorcery, sea- magic; sea- fish; a sea-island; full tide; sea-pool; a lagoon, salt-marsh; sea reeds, sedge; a sea-plain, salt marsh (?); a sea animal, fish; rough sea; unnavigable seas; a viscid sea; sea-produce; sea- strand; strand, beach; sea-monsterful 2 sea-raven; sea-dog
ród The sense seems to be orig. red , then strong, fierce, impetuous
rotan, rotán? something reddish or red-brown?
1 rú red colour, a red dye plant
rúad 1lit. red , of a brownish or dark red; blood-stains; red-haired 2 strong, mighty, formid- able; adventurous (difficult, dangerous) journey (?)3 bloody 4 strong, mighty
rúadaid makes (brownish) red , reddens
4 rúam red dye or colouring matter
rúamaid reddens, colours red
rúamanta reddened, red; cryptic
rúamnad, romnad, ? rómnad The act or process of colouring, (esp.) reddening, making or becoming red; flushing (with anger or shame)
rúamnaid 1 grows red 2 colours; reddens, makes red; causes to flush, puts to shame
rúamnaigid, rúaimnigid 1 grows red , flushes 2 reddens, makes red
rúan a plant producing red colouring matter
1 rúanaid 1 red (? blushing); bashful, timid 2 strong, powerful 3 skilful, dexterous?
ruccae `blushing', `turning or making red '; hence shame, disgrace
ruided, ruidiud the act of turning red , flushing, blushing
ruidél name of a plant with red flowers; `the herb Robert'
ruidid turns red; flushes, blushes; Makes red; confounded (?)
ruise, ruisse, russe red
ruisid reddens, stains red ?
ruiste reddened, stained red
srúb 1 red-tipped (of arrows); long-nosed; sharp-pointed (of arrows); green-tipped (of waves); red-tipped (of spears)
taeb 1 side; side of human, animal's body; side of face, cheek; Hence by metonymy the human body, form; page (of book); shroud 2 side in a dispute argument, fight, etc.; direction, part, region; the South; side, branch of family 3 trust, reliance, confidence (fri, later la in); In phr. do-beir t. fri trusts, confides in; entrusts x to y; trust in (?); accost; awaiting; relying on, dependent on, hence having no other ... but 4 on each, every side; from one side to the other; through and through; side by side, adjoining each other, together; together, united; simultaneously; aside, laterally; side by side 5 as regards; on account of; outside; beside, on one side of; in regard to, with respect to, concerning; willingly; With reference to descent from one side or another of the family; on account of, as a result of; from, having regard to; beside, near; along, by the side of; as well as, in addition to, besides; in comparison with, compared with; with respect to; in anticipation of ?; beside, near; as regards, with respect to; as a result of; in favour of (?); in respect of (?)6 flank attack; out-houses; side of the back; purity of body; border, boundary; jumping aside; sloping side; hacking the side, body; wounding the side, body; shearing, devastating; sluggishness; swimming on the side; side measurement; hearth (?); side-striking; breast; huge-sided, spacious; fair-sided; strong-sided; having the body hacked, wounded; smooth-sided; wounded in the side; firm-sided; lit. bold-sided; pure- sided; red- sided; brown-sided; dark-sided; bright-sided; long-sided, tall (of persons); white-sided, bright-sided, fair in form; hacked; pure-sided, fair-sided; green-sided; blue-sided; pregnant; side-flaming; slender-sided; broad-sided; rosy-cheeked; bare-sided, naked; fresh, young; smooth-sided; sluggish, slothful; red- sided; having wounded sides; side-gaping; slender-sided; smooth-sided; lopped (?); bright-sided; thin-sided, slender-sided; side-cut, having the sides wounded; dry-sided, dry-sloped; having perforated, wounded sides; having plaited (?) sides; heavy-sided, stout; stately (?); Of women pregnant; green-sided, —sloped; cold-sloped
tarr, tairr 1 belly; side of bacon with hindquarters; carcass 2 attacks; at the base of, under; dies in childbirth
tírim, tirim 1 dry 2 formal, set
3 trom 1 heavy; Of sleep; Of a perfume; heavy, severe, grievous, difficult; Hence sad, sorrowful; great, vast, powerful, mighty; Of the earth; severer 2 weight, heaviness, burden; greater part, bulk; severity, distress, difficulty, sorrow; persecution; blame, censure 3 grievous lament; severe battle; great storm; mighty fleet; great pros- perity; heavy sleep; severe vengeance; great lord; mighty shout; sore disease; mighty flame; great benefit; heavy cloud; swooned; great pity, lamentation, sorrow; severe conflict; heavy snow; great belly; mighty fire; heavy conflict 4 very quarrelsome; of heavy dew; heavy-sodded; heavy and broad; heavy and great; mighty and red; amply measured 5 sleeps heavily; destroys; shouts loudly; severely wounds; severely wounds
1 úar 1 cold, cool; freq. as epithet of wine, etc., cool, refreshing; of places, freq. in sense bleak, unfriendly; esp. of hell; of pain; of weapons; of clothing; of persons, in uncomplimentary sense, implying coldness of disposition, sometimes = cruel; in technical legal expression mac húar (lit. cold son), a son who has failed to provide filial service and obedience and so is rendered legally dependent on the father ( ); is cold, indifferent towards; in sense of ineffective, unprofitable, vain; of poetic composition, stately (?) 2a cold thing 3a useless journey; a cool garment, i.e. mail (?); a hut, habitation, dwelling, bothy, hunting lodge; a bare plough- share; a cold shower; hypocrisy; a cold (unfeeling?) heart; a cold awakening (common in the Annals of surprising the enemy); cold Spring; cold sea; a cold hiding-place; `a lukewarm regard'; a stupid ques- tion; mid- winter (?); cold hell; a cold month; a silly story, fiction; a cold mountain; a cold refreshing stream; a cold stream; a cruel fight; deceitful pledge; cold water; lukewarm prayer 4 cruel and ruthless; cold and narrow; hypocritical; cold-hearted; cold and red; cold and wet; cool and complete; cold and clear; cold and green; cold and long; cold and stimulating; having cold waves 5 shivers with cold