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airḟollus very clear, plain
airmag eastern plain
bairgen 1 bread, loaf; Of the Sacramental Bread; A portion of bread 2 food, plain diet
3 blá green, lawn, level field, plain; Place, ground; sanctuaries
1 bri hill; Also expld. as plain
clár 1 board, plank 2Of a variety of specific flat articles normally made of wood; breastwork of a chariot; stave (of a vat or cask); wooden cover; gaming-board; table; writing tablet; inscribed tablet; Of some part of a `cruit', the sounding-board(?) 3By extension applied to other materials. strip or plate (of metal), pane (of glass, crystal); border 4Used of various flat parts of the body 5 level expanse, plain; surface 6 table of contents, index
diúir trifling, petty, mean; homely, plain (?); not trifling
dub 1 black, swarthy; dark; dark (i.e. red) wine; black bile, melancholy; Of persons, swarthy of complexion or blackhaired; Of a blind person; iris or pupil (?); dark (in moral sense); dire, gloomy, melancholy:; In B. na f. great, expressing intensity;2 black pigment, esp. ink; an inkhorn; gall; oak-gall (?); dawn?3 dark and speckled; black and curling; very feeble; dark crimson; dark red; dark brown or dun; dark blue- grey, livid colour; turns livid; blue-black, intense black; dark tan- coloured; dark grey; the spleen; ball of the thumb; dark brown or dun; dark red; black-limbed (?); blackfooted; name of a plant, black maidenhair; black-toothed; plaintive-sounding; melancholy-mad (downright m.?; black-faced; black-shanked, -legged; black-eyed 4 abyss, deep; dark bondage; name of a disease (kind of jaun- dice?); part of an axe; sword; tribute; black bondage; blackthorn, sloe; crow or raven; downright perjury; obscure word; black hatred; black spear; nefarious stealing; black foreigner, Dane; black heathens, Danes; dark stream or river; black heathenism; black fluid or humour; melancholy; black vessel, name of a measure (?); dark liquid; black pool; Dublin; black exile; Of an outlaw band in general; Dane; symphytum or comfrey; penitentiary; mighty king; dark plain (?); black (crushing) defeat (?); dark design (?); dark pigment or liquid; foul weather; defiance, challenge; black fast (lasting three days); black fast, keeping a black fast 5 foul weather 6 black rod
fér 1 meadow; com- pensation; restitution; a grassy piece of land; preserved grass; proprietorship of grass; grazing; pastures; a grass field; grassy tract (?); a grassy plain 2 long-grassed; fair- swarded; densely grassed; close-grassy; long-grassed; of bright, glistening grass; green-grassed; smooth-swarded; having a grassy covering; grass-clad; green-swarded; verdant
ferann land, domain, territory, of a definite area, large or small; gen. of land possessed or occupied by an individual, tribe or nation; mensal land; charter-land, lawful estate; sword-land; land assigned to a particular purpose; land for the support of a monastery, etc.; service-land; glebe-lands; land won by prowess; dowry-land; land for the support of the King's heir; a field, enclosed plain
2 fíad wild; Wild animals, game, esp. deer; wild animals; wild, savage; fallow deer; a red deer; a stag; wild horse; a wild cat, a forest cat; a wild pigeon; a crane; a wild boar; a wild horse; a herd of deer (or wild mares ?); wild lettuce; untilled plain; a wild animal (esp. of the deer kind); hares ?; a seal (?); sea-monster; a bog, swamp; wild pig; stock granted by a wanderer or outlaw; a wild apple, crab-apple
1 fráech 1 heather, and in wider sense low scrub growing on moorland, including bilberries, etc.; heather, ling 2a heath, moor 3transf. of anything rough or bristling 4the Ogham name for the letter u 5 grouse; coarse or shaggy hair; a heathy plain; heath-fruit' (bilberries, etc.); heath-dog, wolf (?); heather-brown
fuil, 1 blood; In pl. of blood of more than one individual 2an effusion of blood, a wound (generally in pl.) 3 blood = consanguinity, stock, race; blood-relationship
2 glas 1of green or greenish hue (esp. of growing things, grass, trees, etc.); green hazel; green branches; green oak; green- spiked (of corn); green-grassy; a green cornfield; a green sward; blue, greenish blue; greyish blue; keen and blue (?); blue-waved; Seems to be used of the blue dye extracted from woad; Of the practice of tattooing with woad; a Viking; Of frost or ice; Of shades of grey; a grey stallion; a grey mist; wan (of complexion); bluish, livid, discoloured; faded (of garments); a livid mark, bruise; pallid; reddish-grey; dark-blue; livid 2a stage of self-mortification; fresh, young; fresh, raw, sharp; Of the weather (prob. orig. grey, overcast); harsh; out and out, stark; neutral-tinted, hence fig. plain , unpretentious, unassum- ing; an immigrant from overseas (lit. grey wolf) 3name of a crozier; a warrior-band of the Fianna; the child of an Irish woman by a foreigner; descendants of a woman by a cú glas; a boar; a wolf (?)
1 glé 1 clear, plain , evident; Fig. famous (?); Of intellect clear-headed (?); good, pleasing; bright, clear, pure, or intensive utter, com- plete (cf. similar use of Eng. `sheer').; clear speech; clear-melodious; very vehement; clearly betraying; pure falsehood; loud lamentation; evidently right; very daring; clear dawn; bright-hued; free will; bare back; very dreadful; brilliant; pure white; pure white, absolutely clean; clear authority; completely bare; the very middle; utterly mad (?); utter decay (?); quick decay; clear praise; stark-naked; manifest blunder; manifestly blundering; a fair division; clear grace (?); heartily; pierced through; utterly destroys 2 clearness, brightness; a clearing of errors
1 íath land, country; territory, estate; In many poetical names of Ireland; whose land is uncul- tivated; well-known; land, place); wild bee?; having, or surrounded by, fair lands; level land, plain; expanse of territory; landing place?; mountain territory
2 imm 1 very keen; very huge, very vast; very great; very beautiful; very aged; very dreadful; very rough; very conspicuous, very visible; very beautiful; very fierce, very harsh; very high; very old; very dexterous, very nimble; very lovely; very con- venient ?, closely fitting ?; very hard, difficult; very bold, intrepid; very gifted ?; very close, very compact, very firm; very difficult; placed in a very difficult position; very deep; utmost depth; a very rough place; very dark; a dark place; very dark, entirely black; Metaph. very malignant; greatly afraid, very fearful; very fearful, very timorous; causing fear, terrible; very quick, very alert; very unwell; very light (lit. and metaph.); very weak; As subst. a very weak person:; very mighty ?; very near, very close, neighbouring; As subst. nearness, neighbourhood; very short; very confined, very spare; very rough; very fierce; very white, very fair; very sharp, very keen; very short; very pure, very bright; very clever, very cunning; very secure; very pleasant; very strong, very fierce; very fit for mating ?; very lowly; secretly; stealthily; very long, very tall; mobile, supple ?; restive; very broad; very weak, very sick; As subst. a sick person:; very bare, bleak; As subst. bareness, scarcity; very swift; (in good sense) very bashful, modest; noble; (in bad sense) shameful; noble; valorous; abashed ?; very provocative; very afraid, very timid; watchfully; very fearful, fear-inspiring; very level; As subst. level country, plain; very famous; very stout, very thick; very tough, very stiff (lit. and fig.); very slow; as an epithet quite healthy, quite whole, quite perfect; very safe; quite whole, safe, unscathed; In Law `completely exempt, secure; very smooth; very bright; very weak, very feeble; very smooth ? very moist?; very thin, very slender; very shallow; very dark; very strong, very firm; very scanty, very short; very soft; very eager, very jealous, or fierce; very strong; very heavy; very troublesome, very oppressive; Of the atmos- phere of a place; very wretched; very sorrowful; uppermost, topmost; very proud; very cold 2 intense desire; great terribleness; great beauty; great respect; great repentance; earnest prayer, entreaty; great bravery; the act of devastating widely; great swiftness; the act of confirming; great skill?; great fear; the act of terrifying; great deficiency; great affliction?; great lightness, great nimble- ness; the act of making lighter, easing, relieving; great reward; over- whelming strength, great oppression; great jealousy; great danger, great fright?; great sharpness; great lowness, poor position; great keenness; great sorrow; great destruction; great swiftness; great shamefacedness, great bash- fulness; great fear, dread; reverence, godly fear; great stiffness, slowness, hesitation; great perfection?; complete health; perfect health; the act of making quite healthy; great host; great defect, great error; great strength, firm grasp; great heaviness; great pride; the very top; loneliness 3 fears greatly, becomes greatly afraid; purifies, clears?; becomes greatly afraid
immurlár vast plain , surface
ith 1 corn, grain 2By extension, seed
lecc 1 flat slab of rock or stone (freq. quailfied by lomm), flagstone, paving-stone 2Of the bed-rock underlying earth or water 3 tombstone; a sepulchre 4 altar-stone 5 kneading-slab 6 ice-floe, sheet of ice, ice
lecht 1 grave, tomb, sepulchral monument, resting place 2 burial in 3 death
1 ler 1 sea-plain; sea-surge
machaire A large field or plain , sometimes used as equivalent of `mag'; of level or of cleared land; In late lang. sometimes = battle- field, battle; Latinized name of Cashel
mag 1a plain , an open stretch of land; the ocean (poet.) 2in restricted sense a field or green attached to a fort, dwelling, etc.; uncultivated land; play-field; the world; Of a field of battle 3a certain space or distance 4 out of the plain ' = from without; from the plain ', from without; out, outwards; outside
magru? Sea-plain; A plant-name?
1 maignes a large field or plain; a field, ground
muir 1 sea-beach, coast (? sea-dyke)?; a sea bag', inlet of the sea; a cormorant; a sea-judgement; (in pl.), mari- time law; sea-bond; transf. of a chieftain a sea-compeller, sea-ruler?; a sea-fleet; a naval expedition; in fleets; castaway, shipwrecked person; a sea-fight; a naval expedition or hosting; a sea-raven; sea-faring (? coast- ing); an inlet of the sea.; a sea-spear, harpoon; sea-sickness; a sea-lunatic'; a sea-fugitive or wanderer, term applied to the mermaid Lí Ban; sea-sorcery, sea- magic; sea- fish; a sea-island; full tide; sea-pool; a lagoon, salt-marsh; sea reeds, sedge; a sea-plain , salt marsh (?); a sea animal, fish; rough sea; unnavigable seas; a viscid sea; sea-produce; sea- strand; strand, beach; sea-monsterful 2 sea-raven; sea-dog
1 múr 1a wall or rampart; By extension of an embankment of earth and stones built over burial-chambers2Of heaps of slain; Of confines of the sea; surface; a protection, safeguard 3transf. of place enclosed by a wall, dwelling, fort, keep, etc., common in late poetry of a castle or mansion; hall
réid 1 level, smooth 2 easy; Easy to understand, plain , intelligible 3 easy-going, affable, pleasant 4 ready (for use or action), prepared 5at peace, reconciled; Satisfied (with)
réide 1 levelness, smoothness; a level surface, plain 2 smoothness, tranquillity, mildness, urbanity; plainness, simplicity
réidigid 1 levels, smoothes; clears 2makes plain or clear; explains, elucidates 3makes smooth, calms, tranquillizes 4 settles, adjusts (a quarrel, transaction, etc.)
rían 1the sea or ocean 2a course, route, path; trace, sign; on one path', together 3a way, manner, state 4passing later into sense disposition, power (of action), energy;
1 síd, síth 1a fairy hill or mound; wondrous, enchanting, charm- ing, delightful 2In pl. = áes síde supernatural beings, fairies
1 tár, táir 1 blameless, irreproachable
teimen 1 dark, obscure; ? Hence of persons plain , incon- spicuous 2 dark in colour, of the colour called `teimen'3the wind whose colour is `teimen'; As the name of a colour
teimne darkness; plain-featuredness, homeliness?
3 tríath sea, wave; bright-waved; sea-plain
1 tul, taul, tel, til 1(part of ?) a cross 2 boss of a shield; Hence shield 3Of parts of the body; forehead; forehead; face to face 4 crest of a wave 5 at the end of (?) 6 violent fight; driving, beating on (?); frontal or direct blow, violent blow; great boiling; extempore judgment (?); great fierceness; head-on encounter, fierce battle; encounter; front (of forehead); frontal bone (of the head), forehead; boss of a shield; favourable judgment (?), prima facie case (?); burly (?) back; frontal (protruding ?) muscle or sinew; speedy judgement; stony vale; wailing, clamour, clashing (spec. of shields); boss of a shield; high plain , plateau (?); large chasm; exact middle; violence, impetuosity; immediate obligation; violent start 7 very aggressive; well-directed, finding the mark (of slings, missiles, etc.); with broken bosses (?); rough, fierce, violent, etc.; stinking, rotten; surface-stinking; with yellow boss; smooth-topped; very cer- tain (?); very brave; protected in front by a hedge (?); rough, fierce; bright- bossed; green-hilled; green- swelling; very bitter; blue-fronted. Of waves, the sea; Of shields blue-bossed; clashing, clamorous; keen-edged; with broad forehead; Of a shield broad-bossed; lit. bare-topped. Of an animal's horns; Of headless bodies; very cheerful, merry; very swift, violent, impetuous; gentle, steady; very sudden 8 smashes, shatters
uisce water; Fresh water (as opposed to salt water); a piece of water, a river, a lake; Of mountain streams; Of the sea; Of rain; Of tears; Of water of baptism; gossipred i.e. relation of sponsors; holy water; whiskey; broth; holy water; stagnant water; (lit. deaf water); barley water; water of prayer, i.e. holy water; rain water; lit. water of the edge; water for washing; water in which the hands are washed; honey water; bog water; plain water; water for mass; drinking water; running water; rose water; salt water; well water; a water-pot
2 úr 1of fields, hills 2of buildings and places, fair, bright 3 noble, generous; fair, active; generous as regards 4applied to various parts of the body, fair, bright 5of food, fresh, unsalted (of meat); Of ale 6of clothes, new, bright or fair 7of wounds, fresh, recent 89of horses, fresh, active 1011a new weapon; fair- (tree) top; bright garb; a fresh birch tree; fair word; fresh meat; a bright helmet; a fair nut; a fair hill; green hazel; a fair body; a green tree; verdant clay; a generous, noble heart; green holly; a fair swan; fresh meat; a noble feast; noble blood; a green branch; a green field; fresh curds; new iron; fresh butter; untanned leather or hide; fresh rushes; noble, generous son; a green plain; a bright coat of mail; fresh turf or peat; fresh nettles; raw, unprocessed (?) gold; fresh bacon; fair writing; a fresh flower; a green branch; fresh and tall; fair and curly; fair and curly; stout-hearted; having fresh branches; fresh and green; bright and unsheathed; fresh and pleasant; freshly cut or severed; strews with fresh rushes