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agruin high castle, mountain
benn 1 mountain , crag, peak, point; crest, summit; pre-eminent person; Transf. of outline of land 2 pinnacle, spire; gable; corner, etc. of building, structure, etc. ;; a high top, pinnacle; Hence in plant-name 3 wing of an army, fleet 4 horn of animal; (of a whale ?); a pledge given in respect of impounded cattle; a (buffalo) horn; hence drinking horn, goblet; Of musical instruments 5 prong, point (of various forked and pointed objects) 6 crest, diadem, etc. (of a helmet, head-dress, etc.); By metonymy (?) of a horse 7 yards; sail-tops; Of a shield; Of a garment; king of peaks (?), one of three classes of kings8 for ever (and ever) 9Freq. in nn. loc., usu. in senses point, peak, hill; In late use heed, attention, regard 10a steeple; tower; peaked crosses11 yellow-tubed; rugged-topped
bernas gap, mountain pass
1 crúach stack of corn; rick; heap, conical pile; Mountain , hill; heaped slaughter
3 Dea 1the man, tribe, mountain of Dea the goddess
etlaide 1 Tenuous, unsubstantial, subtle (?); starved, wasted and gaunt through asceticism (?); Of a mountain
findtan mountain grass (?)
gin 1a mouth; with one voice, unanimously 2 hunger (?) 3the point or edge of weapons 4an opening; a ( mountain ) pass
1 íath land, country; territory, estate; In many poetical names of Ireland; whose land is uncul- tivated; well-known; land, place); wild bee?; having, or surrounded by, fair lands; level land, plain; expanse of territory; landing place?; mountain territory
ibar 1a yew, yew-wood; As symbol of great age 2 juniper; mountain sage; ambrosia; juniper; rough spleenwort 3an article made of yew-wood?
logan mountain (?)
3 mám a hill or eminence; a mountain gap or pass; hill-passes
mis name of a mountain in Kerry
mullscóid mountain-like sheets
roilbe a hill, mountain
slíab 1a mountain , a mountain-range 2a moor; , moorland; poor, high land; cotton-grass, bog-down (?); foxglove
1 teine 1 fire; on fire; a fire, fireplace, hearth; fuel; Hence frequently hearth, home, habitation; lightning 2 pertaining to fire, fiery, blazing; lightning; a sky of fire; thunderbolt 3 types of fire; lime-kiln; fire of Doomsday; signal-fire; bonfires; fire in the girdle of great (? sudden) fear, anger, etc.; erysipelas, ignis sacer; wild fire or wild scab; light- ning (?); destructive fire (?),; fire of speech; lightning; hellfire; lightning; phosphorescence on decayed wood
1 úar 1 cold, cool; freq. as epithet of wine, etc., cool, refreshing; of places, freq. in sense bleak, unfriendly; esp. of hell; of pain; of weapons; of clothing; of persons, in uncomplimentary sense, implying coldness of disposition, sometimes = cruel; in technical legal expression mac húar (lit. cold son), a son who has failed to provide filial service and obedience and so is rendered legally dependent on the father ( ); is cold, indifferent towards; in sense of ineffective, unprofitable, vain; of poetic composition, stately (?) 2a cold thing 3a useless journey; a cool garment, i.e. mail (?); a hut, habitation, dwelling, bothy, hunting lodge; a bare plough- share; a cold shower; hypocrisy; a cold (unfeeling?) heart; a cold awakening (common in the Annals of surprising the enemy); cold Spring; cold sea; a cold hiding-place; `a lukewarm regard'; a stupid ques- tion; mid- winter (?); cold hell; a cold month; a silly story, fiction; a cold mountain; a cold refreshing stream; a cold stream; a cruel fight; deceitful pledge; cold water; lukewarm prayer 4 cruel and ruthless; cold and narrow; hypocritical; cold-hearted; cold and red; cold and wet; cool and complete; cold and clear; cold and green; cold and long; cold and stimulating; having cold waves 5 shivers with cold
uball, ubull 1the fruit of the apple-tree, an apple; a crab-apple; wild-apple; the fruit of other trees, viz. fig and palm trees, etc.; a pomegranate; a pomegranate; a date; the fruit of the forbidden tree; apple of discord, etc. (of classical mythology); the apple of the eye : (fig.); the apple of the throat, Adam's apple 2any globular object, a ball; as an ornament to confine the hair; musical balls; feat-apples; a weapon of warfare, a missile, cannon-ball; the ball of a (ball-and-socket) joint (Anat.); the pommel of a sword; the knob at the butt-end of a spear(?); the boss of a shield
2 uchtach elevation, hillock; a hill, height or steep, the front of a hill; the breast of a mountain , an acclivity.
uisce water; Fresh water (as opposed to salt water); a piece of water, a river, a lake; Of mountain streams; Of the sea; Of rain; Of tears; Of water of baptism; gossipred i.e. relation of sponsors; holy water; whiskey; broth; holy water; stagnant water; (lit. deaf water); barley water; water of prayer, i.e. holy water; rain water; lit. water of the edge; water for washing; water in which the hands are washed; honey water; bog water; plain water; water for mass; drinking water; running water; rose water; salt water; well water; a water-pot