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básaid kills , puts to death
básaigid kills , puts to death, slays
bathaid kills
con-oirg strikes together; usu. smites, crushes, kills
con-scara 1 destroys, breaks, knocks down2 kills , hacks, dismembers; slaughters 3 exposes, declares, tells
fáen 1 prostrate, supine, lying on one's back; Of the dead; Of a vessel, upright; level; Of weapons levelled for attack; Of hands or arms laid flat, outstretched (esp. in prayer); Of a steep (?) hill 2 weak, ineffectual, void; void; sluggish
gáetaid wounds, kills
gonaid Pierces, wounds passing into sense kills (the precise meaning is not always easily ascertained); kills; Of taking pieces in the game of fidchell
imm-marba kills
marbaid 1 kills , slays; Fig. mortifies; annuls, cancels 2legal term, alienates (property) in mortmain, amortises: 3exceptionally intrans. dies, is killed
marbaigid kills
mortaigid puts to death, kills
oirgid 1 kills , slays 2 despoils, ravages, devastates 3 punishes, fines
rubaid Kills , slays
1 úir Mould, earth, clay, soil; mezereon, spurge; kindly soil; Ground; Freq. of the grave; brings into the grave, kills; Fig. stock, nature; The material of the human body, hence a creature, a human being