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berach 1 pointed, sharp; beaked; javelin-armed; Transfd. of speech sharp-tongued.2Of animals having pointed ears, horned; prick-eared; a heifer two years old
bun(n)sach rod, stick, staff; wattle; switch; a rod of safe con- duct, given to ollavs to ensure their safe passage through different territories; Freq. toy or boy's spear or javelin as oppd. to weapons used by adults; spear-youth; a Dart Javelin
cleittíne Small light javelin , dart (usually of one of Cú Chulainn's weapons); dagger(?)
cleittínech javelin-feat
cruísech javelin , spear, lance
foga A small spear, a javelin , in heroic lit. distinguished from gae and sleg
gaán a little spear, javelin
gablach 1 branching, forked, pronged; sinuous (?) 2a forked branch; a javelin; the forked shaft of a sling (?); spear, lance
gae 1a spear, a javelin; used esp. of the spear-blade or head; a spear for juggling; a tent or roll of lint etc. inserted into a wound to keep it open; a tent or probe to keep a wound open; a pledget or roll (of lint, etc.) applied to a wound; by extension, a wound unhealed, a wound still bleeding, a haemorrhage; a murderer; a book- marker (lit. a book-spear); honey suppository; of the threatening spear; of the red spear 2a ray, a beam
ga-ín a little javelin
gáinne a dart, a javelin; a reed, cane, arrow
gaithlenn some kind of spear (a javelin ?); Fig. a spearsman (?), a tall youth (?); a tall, slender maiden (?)
gaithlennach 1 armed or skilled with the spear or javelin 2a spearman
1 Gall 1a Gaul 2a Scandinavian invader; Northmen; Danes 3an Anglo-Norman, an Irishman of Norman descent, an Englishman 4a foreigner
3 goth a spear, a javelin; the sting of a serpent; lance-blade; poison-darted
gothnat a small javelin , a dart
inchasnaidi the `shoe' of a javelin
1 mael 1 crop-headed, shorn, and by extension bald; tonsured; bald 2 youth 3of cattle, hornless 4of things blunt, headless or pointless (of a torso, stump, etc., also of weapons) 5of places, etc., bare; dismantled; Exposed, defenceless 6 fig. blunt, dull, obtuse 7 awnless wheat, or perhaps free-threshing wheat 8 blunt-fingered, clumsy; blunt-pointed 9 consecrated residences; a blunt or broad-toed shoe or sandal; bald head; bare stone' (blunt or flat?); a flat- topped hill; a clenched fist; fist with closed thumb used as a measure, about four inches; Transf. a blow with the fist, a cuff; sword; a (blunt-headed?) spear or javelin; a large mouth- ful or lump (of food)?; a dismantled or outworn earthen fort; a blunt splinter; stump of a tree 10 truncates
saiget An arrow, occas. also dart, javelin
sleg a javelin , spear, lance; a wood of spears; spear-point; pierced by a spear
slegín(e) a little javelin