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bannach active, lively, zealous (?); deedful; fox
1 clíabach Name of some wild animal; deer (?); a wolf, a fox
cremthannán little fox
crimthan(n) fox
1 cú 1 dog, hound 2 wolf; wolves; Name of plant 3 fox 4 creature, insect, parasite; vermin, louse; moth, bed-bug (?)5 stranger, castaway (?)
fuinche 1A scaldcrow 2A black fox; f. is a name for the whiting 3A claw or talon
glaídem a wolf (?), fox (?) (lit. `howler')
loisinnán fox (lit. white-tipped one)
scemán fox
sinnach a fox
sinnchaide fox-like, stinking
sinnchamail pertaining to a fox or foxes
2 úam, úaim, úama 1a cave 2a den, wild beast's lair; a fox 's earth; a robber's den, a den of thieves 3a cellar; crypt, vault 4an underground passage or souterrain; a catacomb 5a grave, tomb 6a pit; Of hell 7of a pool 8of an oven 9 warden of a cave; a cave-door, entrance; a pit; a cave-cleft; a cave-dwelling; Of a fox's earth; a cavern, cavernous hole