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altram(m) Act of nurturing, fostering; nurture, fosterage; fosterling, child
1 báire 1 course, progress; wild or wanton course; Of a child 's play; goal, destination 2 goal, aim, object; victory 3 game of hurling; goal 4 directs one's course (attack), proceeds, sets out; wins, gains the victory
becán 1a little, small quantity; a few, a small number; a little, slightly 2 little one, child; humble, lowly one
1 ben 1 woman; As dist. from a virgin; woman of the milking place, dairymaid; wife; kins- woman; embroidress; female, -ess, etc. 2 wife
blaicce growing child , young boy; youth (?)
bunóc girl-child
clann 1 plant, planting; off-shoot; produce 2Fig. of the growth of the hair, springing locks, tresses 3 children, family, offspring; a single child; descendants, race, clan; bands
compert 1Appar. some kind of legal judgment or decision, but precise meaning unclear 2 conception, act of begetting, procreation; As genre of stories (in saga-list); birth-tales 3 offspring, produce, child(ren) 4 semen virile
crislach that part of the body which is enclosed by the crios or girdle; womb; offspring, child; interior, confines
daltae 1A foster-son, fosterling, nursling, ward; a spiritual fosterling; a pet child , pet, fondling, lover; a pet, a term of endearment.2A pupil, disciple (of an aite).; bosom-fosterling, a fondling; common epithet of St. John; chief-disciple, epithet of Luke
daltán A little foster-child , a pupil; a term of endearment
†dathan a nursling, foster-child
díllat 1 garment, dress, raiment; a child 's swaddling clothes; a cradle coverlet; bed-covering 2 saddle, horsecloth, caparison (cf. díallait); Of the ass ridden by Christ; fork of the saddle
1 dochonn simpleton, imbecile; one non compos juris (a child or a lunatic)
dorchae 1 dark, gloomy; Of persons in the dark; Of colour, complexion, etc.; dark-browed; not clear, obscure; `gloomy' (enigmatic?); obscure, unknown (?); gloomy, morose (?) 2 darkness, gloom; a son of darkness; a child begotten clande- stinely 3 obscurity, mystery 4a mound at Tara
1 fer 1a man (as opp. to a woman) 2 a husband (opp. to ben `wife') 3 churchmen; a tribesman, relative; a king's bedfellow; `per- petrator' (operator); a companion; the traitor; a man of violence; to denote an occupation or calling (often in stereotyped phrases; a watchman; a fosterer; miller (?); grinder (?); a standard-bearer; visionary; a craftsman; a poet; lawyer; churchman; a hunter; serving-man; spy; an Interpreter; a deputy;; a professor; lector; miller; dispenser, butler; diviner; plough- man; a lover; a teacher; a husbandman, house-holder; host; husbandmen; a candle- bearer, acolyte; lawgiver; owner, possessor 4in pl. folld. by gen. of place, inhabitants; men of the sídhe, elves 5 chessman; Of a drinking-horn:; Of a bird; Of a fish; a salmon; ivy- men' (some kind of bird ? see eidenn)6in gramm., person 7pertaining to a man or men, intended for a man, manly
gabál 1 taking (over, into possession), assuming; passing occas. into the sense receiving; Of assuming arms; Of conceiving; Of receiving and adopting a foster-child; Of removal by death; Of fixing in; enjoining, commanding; a collection (of money, etc.) 2 seizing, capturing; conquest; seizure; Of taking and harnessing horses, etc.; booty; spoil; a captive; A catch; A gag, a check 3 holding, occupying, maintaining; fortifying 4 reserving, reservation (?) of land for cropping; Levying (?) 5 taking, passing, going (a road, etc.) 6 singing, reciting; By extension, of that which is sung, recited 7 leaven (late); sharp, fermented (?) drinks
gilla 1a youth of an age to bear arms; one who has arrived at the third of the six ages of man2a male child , a boy 3Used of a pupil 4a servant, a gilly, a messenger; cup-bearers; grooms; a spear-gilly; sergeant (?); horse-boy; the boy who feeds the smith's furnace; a stud-groom, a stableman; a messenger
2 glas 1of green or greenish hue (esp. of growing things, grass, trees, etc.); green hazel; green branches; green oak; green- spiked (of corn); green-grassy; a green cornfield; a green sward; blue, greenish blue; greyish blue; keen and blue (?); blue-waved; Seems to be used of the blue dye extracted from woad; Of the practice of tattooing with woad; a Viking; Of frost or ice; Of shades of grey; a grey stallion; a grey mist; wan (of complexion); bluish, livid, discoloured; faded (of garments); a livid mark, bruise; pallid; reddish-grey; dark-blue; livid 2a stage of self-mortification; fresh, young; fresh, raw, sharp; Of the weather (prob. orig. grey, overcast); harsh; out and out, stark; neutral-tinted, hence fig. plain, unpretentious, unassum- ing; an immigrant from overseas (lit. grey wolf) 3name of a crozier; a warrior-band of the Fianna; the child of an Irish woman by a foreigner; descendants of a woman by a cú glas; a boar; a wolf (?)
idan pure, faithful, sincere, disinterested; fitting; in virginity; chaste; fairly; name of a metre; pure skin; pure; innocent child
1 idu 1a pain, a pang; the pangs of child-birth, travail 2the name of a disease, rheumatism, arthritis, dropsy
ingenach pregnant with a female child ?, given to bearing daughters ?
leinbín little child; Of a dwarf
lenab 1 infant, babe, child 2 young man, youth, boy
lenbán infant, young child
lommán tree (or branch) stripped of its bark and / or leaves and/or twigs; a minor, a child whose father dies during its infancy
1 mac, macc 1A son; In relig. lit. of Christ, the Son (as distinct from the Father); a bastard; Rarely of the young of animals; a bullock; a daughter; in looser sense a male descendant; esp. in pl. folld. by gen. of ancestor to denote a tribe or people (not a native usage, the words maicne, maccu and uí being used by Irish tribes) 2 A boy and sometimes loosely a young person in general; Occasionally of youths or grown persons 3 son of (the) church', a churchman, cleric; a student; a (clerical) student 4 sons of grace; sons of (the) promise; `a son of death', a wicked man; `a son of life', a righteous man; `a son of achievement'; `son of mead', a heavy drinker; a graceless person; `bosom-son', a favourite, darling; `son of chastity (? integrity)'; an evildoer 5`son of a cliff', echo; As name of a drinking-horn; a species of metrical composition; name of some joint or portion of meat allotted to certain ranks in the Tech Mid- chuarta at Tara; pig's shoulder; a kernel; pupil (of the eye); name of a joint or portion of meat?; heart (?); liver; `son of spittle', name of a salve; `son of swimming' (kenning for some large fish or sea-monster?); `son of (the) country', wolf; `dirty lad', a toad; name of a defect in prosody
mac(c)ach son-bearing, pregnant with a male-child
mac(c)án a little son, generally term of endearment.; In wider sense a male child , boy, youth; An epithet of John the Evangelist; In addressing seniors (term of endearment?); a girl
macloc ` child-place', womb.
mór, már 1 big, great; blustering (?); a great while; a great thing, in Glosses used adverbially = greatly; beyond counting; great = mighty, famous 2a great amount, a great deal (many); very often 3 greatly, to a great extent; especially; more and more 4 it is not (too) much for me, I require, I ought to (have, do); I think it much, excessive; I think much of, esteem, value, etc.; I think much (highly) of:; very little, hardly at all; almost; it is not much that (if) . . . = scarcely, hardly; almost; not more = nor . . . either; not more than, only 5a great battle; great guilt, a great crime; strong ale; a great birth ( child , scion); a great circuit; as adv. (absolute or with i n-) all round, about; great Easter; big-headed; pro- lific 6 very; very great; much greater; the great battler; sluggards; very valiant; of mighty deeds; deserving much praise; great-billowed; bearing great (? many) apples
1 muin 1the upper part of the back between the shoulders and below the neck; on his back; a child on the back' (technical term for a certain metrical fault); humbug; on horseback; on the pig's back = in luck 2 upper part, top, surface; Of the top or ridge of a hill (?) 3 on, on top of; Over and above, in addition to; besides, as well; in succession; for the sake of (?); at back of, behind; following on, subse- quent to, in consequence of; on account of; in respect of; with all one's heart, sincerely; protected by, under the guarantee of, on the strength of; on the back (top) of = in addition to; on account of 4a neck; a collar, torque 5-necked; wry- necked; short-necked
muirgein a sea-birth, sea-child
noed, noíd an infant, child
noídenán an infant, a young child
noídiu An infant, a young child
óen 1 one; one, a single; only; unique, without equal, peerless; the same; in one place, together; with one voice, unanimously; on one path = to- gether; (lit. `of one profession') united, in concert; in co-operation, in concert; simultaneously; together; simultaneously; (= as) 2 one, an individual; the One im- passible, invisible; any one 3 together, at the same time (with); together (with) 4 one- horned; a unicorn; one-legged (-footed); one- hoofed; only child or descendant; Also of any propertyless man of the fer midboth grade, even if he had kin,; one-footed; a rider; a particular place
páitse a page, attendant; a child
sechtmísid a seven months' child
2 sét 1an object of value, a chattel; a unit of value; gives as compensation; a present given by foster-parents to a foster-child , varying according to the rank of the fosterling's father, which binds the fosterling to look after his foster-parents; a `sét' estimated by sight; used of a grant of stock from a lord to his client2a valuable article of property, a treasure; in pl. treasures, possessions, wealth; an ornament, jewel; a choice object; a valuable object belonging to a fine, an heirloom; a valuable object worthy of a prince; a love-token
toirrched act of getting with child
toirrches 1 pregnancy; to miscarry 2 offspring, child , children 3 mental burden, brooding
toirrchid impregnates, gets with child; interpolates
torrach pregnant; in child with; pregnant by
tuiledach 1 bastard, fatherless child 2one belonging to another race and having no legal claim to rank, interloper, usurper
tuistiu 1act of engendering, begetting; procreation; birth; child , offspring 2 act of creating, creation
uchtlach child (lit. lapful)