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ainntidair book of antidotes
astal chip, splinter, sliver. Taken as meaning book-mark; plectrum; pointer, baton (?)
aurradus 1native law; current law' signifies the ordinary law current at the time of writing, whereas; ' book law' refers to the earlier state of affairs found in the commentaries of old law books2 leadership, supremacy 3 suretyship; guaranty
1 baile 1 place; settlement; farm,; farmstead; Often of religious foundations 2(fortified) village; town, city; a village, a suburb 3a specific measure of land, thirty bailes making up the trícha cét; a townland 4 passage (in book or speech) 5 where, wherever 6at home
2 bárc book (B. na f.)
búc, budc book in B. na f.
1 cairt 1 manuscript, parchment, book; eight pages 2written charter; right, claim; chartered right to
canóin 1 canon of Scripture; canonical text, book , Bible 2Of non-Biblical sacred or traditional texts 3 canon, canon law
cín booklet, book; diary
cóip 1 copy (of book etc.)2 abundance; host, troop
dead 1 End, conclusion, utmost limit; the end of the day, the evening; the conclusion of a book , a psalm, a chapter; Auslaut, the end of a word, as opposed to tossach `Anlaut'2to the end, always; last, after verba movendi; after, following after; after, in succession to; thereafter, thereupon; after; to follow; to approach; decaying; follow with intent to overtake, pursue; to pursue; to throw after; to call, shout after; to be after, i.e. to seek, to look for, try to get, pursue.; to be left, spared; I drag or trail after me; after; behind; since; bind': to bind or fix sth. to a thing in motion; headlong; to go to the bad; at last, in the end, ultimately; at last, at length; thereupon; last, i.e. at the end, in the rear; finally; in what follows, below 3 Last milking; Last prince or ruler
deog, deoch drink, draught, potion; ` book-draught' (a kind of ordeal)
dúanaire 1 maker or reciter of verses: rhymer, chanter, poet, bard 2 song-book , poem-book , collection of poems
3 dúil book; a book, a codex; genealogical line or list
duille 1 leaf; also as collect. foliage; senna leaf; oakgall; caprifolium, woodbine 2Of things resembling leaves; gold-leaf; Esp. leaf of a book: 3the glory of the world
duillechán booklet, pamphlet; a book
duilleóg 1 leaf 2 leaf of a book
gae 1a spear, a javelin; used esp. of the spear-blade or head; a spear for juggling; a tent or roll of lint etc. inserted into a wound to keep it open; a tent or probe to keep a wound open; a pledget or roll (of lint, etc.) applied to a wound; by extension, a wound unhealed, a wound still bleeding, a haemorrhage; a murderer; a book- marker (lit. a book-spear); honey suppository; of the threatening spear; of the red spear 2a ray, a beam
genis the Book of Genesis
lebor 1 book , volume; a road-book , itinerary 2 book , volume, part of a book in sense of written docu- ment, treatise 3 charter, title-deed
lebrán 1 little book (frequently with hypo- coristic sense); handbook; the psalter 2 copy, transcript
lebróir peddlar, merchant (?); a book-pedlar
légad 1act of reading, studying; reading out, aloud; reading, book-lore; of one who is well-read
2 léig the law; law-book
lethenach page of a book
1 mac, macc 1A son; In relig. lit. of Christ, the Son (as distinct from the Father); a bastard; Rarely of the young of animals; a bullock; a daughter; in looser sense a male descendant; esp. in pl. folld. by gen. of ancestor to denote a tribe or people (not a native usage, the words maicne, maccu and uí being used by Irish tribes) 2 A boy and sometimes loosely a young person in general; Occasionally of youths or grown persons 3 son of (the) church', a churchman, cleric; a student; a (clerical) student 4 sons of grace; sons of (the) promise; `a son of death', a wicked man; `a son of life', a righteous man; `a son of achievement'; `son of mead', a heavy drinker; a graceless person; `bosom-son', a favourite, darling; `son of chastity (? integrity)'; an evildoer 5`son of a cliff', echo; As name of a drinking-horn; a species of metrical composition; name of some joint or portion of meat allotted to certain ranks in the Tech Mid- chuarta at Tara; pig's shoulder; a kernel; pupil (of the eye); name of a joint or portion of meat?; heart (?); liver; `son of spittle', name of a salve; `son of swimming' (kenning for some large fish or sea-monster?); `son of (the) country', wolf; `dirty lad', a toad; name of a defect in prosody
maigen 1 a spot, place in the widest sense: folld. by a rel. clause often takes the place of a rel. adv. (cf. dú).; a place belonging to (some one), stead, home; Of passages in a book; on the spot i.e. immediately; in place of, instead of 2transld. `inviolable precinct' or `sanc- tuary'; Pre- cincts
manuail lit. `a hand-book '; a writing-tablet (? codex)
saltair 1the psalter, the psalms of David2 psalter 3 book
1 sen 1 old money; an old woman; an old judgement, a precedent; old, original people; an old- standing offence; an old error; prudence; an old man; an old grievance; old (i.e. proven) horse; old English (i.e. Anglo-Normans); old vexation; a veteran; an ancient book , Scripture; original people; old, inverterate sin; a proverb; an experienced knight; an old person; matured bacon; old hard-cure; ancient legend; reciter of old tales; original document; an old family; early translation 2 yellow from age; proverbial; ever young, or perh., both old and young
soiscél 1 gospel, good tidings 2the book of the four gospels, a particular gospel or gospel text
soiscélae 1the good news, gospel; lit. servant of the gospel, i.e. a person under spiritual direction 2the book of the four gospels; a particular gospel text; Of swearing by the Gospel (see fo II (p)); left
taeb 1 side; side of human, animal's body; side of face, cheek; Hence by metonymy the human body, form; page (of book ); shroud 2 side in a dispute argument, fight, etc.; direction, part, region; the South; side, branch of family 3 trust, reliance, confidence (fri, later la in); In phr. do-beir t. fri trusts, confides in; entrusts x to y; trust in (?); accost; awaiting; relying on, dependent on, hence having no other ... but 4 on each, every side; from one side to the other; through and through; side by side, adjoining each other, together; together, united; simultaneously; aside, laterally; side by side 5 as regards; on account of; outside; beside, on one side of; in regard to, with respect to, concerning; willingly; With reference to descent from one side or another of the family; on account of, as a result of; from, having regard to; beside, near; along, by the side of; as well as, in addition to, besides; in comparison with, compared with; with respect to; in anticipation of ?; beside, near; as regards, with respect to; as a result of; in favour of (?); in respect of (?)6 flank attack; out-houses; side of the back; purity of body; border, boundary; jumping aside; sloping side; hacking the side, body; wounding the side, body; shearing, devastating; sluggishness; swimming on the side; side measurement; hearth (?); side-striking; breast; huge-sided, spacious; fair-sided; strong-sided; having the body hacked, wounded; smooth-sided; wounded in the side; firm-sided; lit. bold-sided; pure- sided; red- sided; brown-sided; dark-sided; bright-sided; long-sided, tall (of persons); white-sided, bright-sided, fair in form; hacked; pure-sided, fair-sided; green-sided; blue-sided; pregnant; side-flaming; slender-sided; broad-sided; rosy-cheeked; bare-sided, naked; fresh, young; smooth-sided; sluggish, slothful; red- sided; having wounded sides; side-gaping; slender-sided; smooth-sided; lopped (?); bright-sided; thin-sided, slender-sided; side-cut, having the sides wounded; dry-sided, dry-sloped; having perforated, wounded sides; having plaited (?) sides; heavy-sided, stout; stately (?); Of women pregnant; green-sided, —sloped; cold-sloped
taisbénad 1 showing, displaying, exhibiting; Revelation Day 2 military display, review 3Of feasts displaying, setting out, preparing (?) 4 expounding, showing know- ledge of, demonstrating 5 vision, apparition; the Book of Revelations 6 sight; exhibits; representation
teipe 1 act of cutting 2 cutting out, extracting (of the fashioning of Gaelic out of the other languages); Of the compiling of a book; Of the analysis of a word 3 pulling, wrenching 4In religious syll. verse cutting off from, rejection, refusal (of heaven to a sinner)
uidir name of a book