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Forms: giarta, giartha

n (also gertha, giarta, giartha). Acc. to Stokes ( O'Dav. 1050 ) the g s. of *gerud vn. of gerid warms, cherishes . Used in Laws in `sét (seóit) gert[h]a' i.e. a gift or presentation from fosterer to fosterchild on termination of the fosterage as an earnest of the claim of the fosterer to future maintenance (cf. Stud. in E. Ir. Law 10 , 190 ): [s]et gerta cach meic .i. ... in cutruma do setuib do berar on aiti don mac sunn ar a gairi do denumh ac techt uadh, Laws ii 190.13 . giarrtha .i. gaire doní in dalta, ut est: na seóit giartha: ... .i. in sét dobeir in t-aiti don dalta ar a gaire, O'Dav. 1055 ; 1050 . seota gerta na gaire, Laws iii 50.26 . .i. log ar denam na gaire .i. don dalta, 52.2 Comm. sed gert .i. on aidi don mac, O'Curry 828 ( H 3.18, 380a ). is i lanamnacht uil on buime don dalta altrama ... ocus lan set gertha, no leth set gertha uaithi do iar n-aois diailtre, Laws ii 348.8 Comm. na seoit giartha .i. na seoit gairitechta, O'Curry 1870 (RIA 23 P 3, f. 20d7 ). tri leth n-uingi airgit seoit geartha mic righ, Laws ii 192.11 Comm. nech bes nesam dó dia maithri dobeir set ngiartha don mac, O'Curry 873 ( H 3.18, 372b ). ni fola ae iaraid fri fiachaib na seoit giartha na giallna do flaith ... .i. na seoit gairidechta do gabhail a ngill risin ceilsine don flaith, O'Curry 1876 ( 23 P 3, 21 (23)a ). For a somewhat different explanation, see the commentary O'Curry 1870 ( 23 P 3, 20 (22)a ) = O'D. 2418 ( Rawl. B 506, 54a ).