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1 fulacht

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Forms: -aicht, -achta

n u, m. (cf. fulacht m. g s. -aicht and -achta, given under decl. of beandacht, but proscribed as a faulty form, IGT, Decl. § 25 ). The original sense is uncertain ; recess, cavity (?) ; cf. caide i nduine aitreibh an ghotha ? .i. i bfulachtaibh taoibh ┐ tromchridhe, Ériu xiii 36.5 . 24 . ceithre huide [an ghotha] .i. a f.¤ go druim, a druim go bruinne, a bruinne go braighe, a braighe go beola, 36 . im-foilge guth i bfulachtaibh taoibh, 37.21 (= i bfolachtaibh toib, O'Dav. 1094 ).

Freq. in the meaning cooking-pit, fireplace (usually out of doors, in a wood), hence also the act of cooking, esp. roasting or baking: co n-accai in fer ocond ḟulucht i mmedón ind feda ... oc funi in tuircc, LU 4948 . o ro ṡernad Noísi ... fulocht for feda fianchlar | millsiu cach biud ... | araralad mac U., LL 261a25 ( LMU 17 ). (in list of common rights in a territory :) f.¤ cacha chaille .i. in ni ara ndentar f.¤ isin caill .i. ind[i]uin (see indeóin), Laws v 482.26 (484.12) . ag ... for fulucht ... ag ... inbruithe `a calf ... to be roasted ... a calf ... to be boiled ii 252y ( SM Facs. 31a , ZCP xiv 355 ). triar oc dénam fulochta (in an `imda') LU 7658 ( BDD 123 ). (in an encampment :) do hordaigheadh aca ... a bhfeasa ┐ a bhfulachta `their feasts and their cookings' ML 76.13 (1079) . fianbotha folachta, Cog. 60. 10 . dogniat ... fianbotha f.¤ ┐ feolchombach, Hugh Roe 132.11 (f.35b) . eoin a doiribh ... | rosoichtís f.¤ Fénne, Acall. 732 . ainm in chiuil dignitis na fianae um an bf.¤ fiansae, Corm. Y 562 . saigid folachtai co tinntud uad dot tig (a journey permitted on Sunday) LB 204b40 = s. foluchta, Anecd. iii 22 . ce atagtha for fulochtu iarum conusnesta ina carnu `on cooking-hearths' Ériu ii 122 § 63 . cf. um Dheirg ... dar cheird ... falocht i bhfinnḟeadhaibh, DDána 83.21 . i fianboith folachtae i ccuas cairrgi (where the outlawed Earl of Desmond was captured in 1583) AFM v 1794.1 . cf. féarbhoth [fian-, Atk.] fhulachta ` cooking-booth ' TSh. 5946 (disparaging simile of the world). folach fiann .i. both folachta, Laws i 206.4 Comm. `inadh fulachta so', ar F., `┐ is cian o dorindedh'. `Is fír, ar C., `┐ f.¤ na Morrighna so, ┐ ní déntá gan uisci', Lism. L. xliii . fulacht na Morrigna in so .i. blogh di feoil huim ┐ araili di ḟeoil ḟonaithi ┐ mir n-immi irse ┐ ni legad a n-im ┐ ba fonaithi a n-om ┐ ni ba loiscthi an bruithi ┐ moale nobitis a triur for in mbir, YBL 419a12 . Cf Fulacht na Morrigna and so .i. crand a roth ┐ crand a mol edtir teine ┐ uisci ┐ iarand a corp ┐ da nai rethlen as an moil sin, etc. Celt. Rev. viii 74 . cf. also Triads 120 . isind crand fulucht fianachta `the appropriated tree' Laws i 206.12 Comm. (referring to : im crand ngabala bis i ndithrib, 202.2 ; leg. crand-fulacht or crand fulachta ?). oc fulucht draidechtae brewing magic potions RC xii 100 § 133 . dē en foulachtae the fumes of the concoction, ib. bidh e an t-ionadh ainglidhe | a mbia fian bān i foluc[h]t, BNnÉ 193 § 13 .

By extension, the contents of the pit, food cooked: ba do gessib Con C. cen adall fulachta dia chaithim, LL 120a 14 . dia mbad ḟulocht mór nobeth and ib. 18 . co mbert a f.¤ n-uadaib carried off the food they had cooked RC xxv 344.3 . ba ferr folacht Formáoile | tri cháoga damh ... um cháoga muc, Duan. F. i 15.11 . ollamh re fagháil fulachta (= praeparatis ad escam) TSh. 7996 .

In later times certain spots were popularly called fulachta Fian (na bhF.) : do bhíodh do mhéid na dteinnte-se go bhfuilid a láithreacha dubhloiscthe i mórán d'áitibh i nÉirinn aniú ┐ is diobh ghairmid na criadhaireadha Fulacht Fian, Keat. ii 5113 .

The phrase FOR F.¤ camping ; in hiding is perhaps another extension : Ri dochoid fecht for folocht | ... diaro chind Iudas in mbrath | dia mbui i nGlind Iosofath, SR 7737 (hardly a ref. to the Last Supper, as suggested Duan. F. iii . More probably to Gethsemane). But a commoner word for this is folachta, q.v.

2 fulacht

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n apparently a late corrupt form or perh. merely a misspelling of fulach. Supporting, maintaining: f.¤ fíneamhna a vine-stake (used fig. of a chief ) ML 94.10 . for folacht n-othrusa on sick maintenance O'D. 1193 ( H 2.15A, p.79a ) = folach, Laws v 30 .