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Forms: culebath

n f. `a liturgical fan ' (1 cuil + 1 bath), Olden, PRIA 1886, 355 f. comparing Lat. muscifugium. culebath gl. flabellum, Thes. ii 8.33 (Acr.). culebad Coluim Cille, AU i 568.x . maccleirech día muinntir féin dobí fo Chuilebadh who was in charge of the c.¤ , ii 118.11 = ALC i 122.z . Minda Colaim chille .i. Clog na righ ┐ an Chuilebaidh (Chuillebaigh, MS.), RC xviii 12.26 (Tig.). conid hi cuilefaid Coluim cille andiu (of a huge leaf), ix 20 § 17 .