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Bolg Bolga, Bulga in population and place-names, etc. Taken to mean `lightning' < Celt. *Bolgos; Bolga, Bulca `of the lightning' (?) < *Bolgios, and expld. as forms of a divine epithet; name of a prehistoric or mythological people in Ireland, variously expld. F.B. = earlier Builg, a pluralized form of Bolg , a deity-name, were `in origin an offshoot of the Belgae,'; `an occupation-name' applied to pre-Goidelic tribes (= Bolgthuath, Bolgraige) meaning `people of leathern bags', later extended to the subjugated population in general; men of the skin bags; ? Name of deity
1 bolg 1 bag, satchel; sack; provision-sacks; foundling; quiver 2 belly, stomach; middle, centre 3(smith's) bellows; Of musical instruments; bagpipes
2 bolg 1 blister; roe-corn 2 berry; bud 3 boss, ball 4 blisters; `pouch' (for gunpowder)
3 bolg , 2 bolg `gap' is an invention of glossators); gap, cleft
Garbraige one of the three tribes descended from the Fir Bolg
ustud-bolg treasure-bag