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80 techtaid v ā(cf. 3 techt) I a) has,possesses: cia techtid nach
aile ni adchobraisiu ┐ ni techtaisiu, Ml 56b31 .im ní nad
techtai féin`about a thing that thou dost not possess,' 56b33 .
inná tecta non habet potestatem ? Wb 4c28 .
conna techtat a siansu corai, Ml 94c3 .ciped techtas nech,
85 Wb 12d41 .du cech sainredach ... techtas nech, Ml 37a18 .
a sainred techtas sech cách, 37b8 .dund rubrigach techtas
nech`of the preeminent thing that each has,' 37b19 .airis
inunn folud techtas fris in bocht, 61a8 .huare techtas
anmain, 138c2 .inunn folud techtmae, 74d4 .innaní techte
foirbthetith, Wb 2c11 .inna noibe techtae`that they have,'
5 Ml 37b4 .dint sainriud inna noibe techtae, 37b16 .cia
techtid`though he possess,' 56b30 .acht is ara techta,
122b7 .techtmae`that we should have,' 18d9 .techtaite
`that they should have,' Sg. 21b8 .nad techtadsom dliged
coimdemnachtae, Ml 17b6 .amal nís tectitis`as if they
10had them not
,' Wb 10b5 .ar nis rothechtusa adi(i.e.delic-
torum meorum), Ml 44b10 .ind neirt rothecht, 37b27 .is
forcell ... rothecht`it is a testimony ... that he had,' 44c10 .
óre rotectsat ní de riam(spiritual grace), Wb 1a9 .rotechtsat
gl.habuere, Ml 84c10 habitaturum,
15 59b3 .manod-techtaid désheirc`if ye have charity,' Fél.
Ep. 389 .co ro-techta do mebair a créda know by heart,
PH 4178 .is derb na techtand fochraicc | inti na techtann
naire, Ériu v 26.3 - 4 .techtsat tria gaire a ngarmann`they
gained their titles
,' Met. Dinds. iii 198.14 .no thecht aichnid
20ó Mac Dé, SG 235.36 .treidhe gobhann ... | nír thecht
gobha re Ghoibhneand no smith possessed the qualifications
of a smith
, Celt. Rev. x 346.z .rothecht mhnaoi a dhingbāla
who had a wife, Fl. Earls 222.8 .do theacht (sic leg.) eang-
namh iocht is urghné, Ó Bruad. iii 210.
25Occasionally also with prep.:tri hanmunda ro-thecht
fair(Abraham), PH 5681 .rotecht ceithir anmand fair,
Lat. Lives 20.4 .dulli ... étach is mou no-thechtad immbe
(John the Baptist), PH 873 .ni ro-techta occut feirg thou
shalt not harbour anger
, 4094 .is aen athair techtmait-ne
30uli ocaind, 6004 .
(b)Gramm.has,possesses(meaning,case,sound, etc.,
ofwords,letters,etc.): cosnaib ilchiallaib techtas, Ml
37a10 .is hé asrubartmar techtas i nebrae`what we have
said is the proper meaning (?) in the Hebrew
' gl.secundum
35hunc sensum in Ebreo quoque, 54a32 . uirtutibusrothecht
digaimm, Sg. 7b16 .huare nád techtat (sic leg.) tinfeth,
10a8 . 214a5 .cisi aimser derb thechtas, 26a6 .ní techta sain
intshliucht and feissin`it has no special sense in itself,' 50a2 .
is airi ní techtat togarthid, 138a4 .o oin inna nilchial techtas,
40 154a1 .ni techtat arim, 161a2 .cenmitha innahí thechtaite
.u. no .i.ante.n., 179b2 .techtid cosmilius fri cechtar de,
188b5 .ba uisse ce notectad ilgotha fri inchosc in mrechtraid
sin, 197a11 .ni techtat sens iarna netarscarad, 202b2 .
sens aidbligthe thechtas, 221b3 .cid arna techta in psalmsa
45titul, Hib. Min. 365.
(c)In Lawspossesses legally,has a legal claimon,is
entitled to: no nachae aenar nacha techta`or one alone may
have an interest in him
,' Laws i 260.8 .amuil dligit .i. tech-
tait, ii 286.21 Comm. in ti do beir na techta seilb`he who
50gives property which is not lawfully his
,' iv 32.18 .ni techtat
ba acht comperta, ii 404.14 .ni techta cond na ceill fo-mic
`there is no possession of sense legally in a minor,' v 510.4 .
In the following exx. meaning somewhat different but not
clear (translated`legalizes'): athgabail huine, acht ni
55ima thormaig cubus ... ni techtat for dail distraints of one
day, except those increased according to conscience ... these
do not become valid as a result of judgment
(?), Laws i 144.22 ,
.i. noca techtai[g]ther ni doib for dail, 146.10 Comm. ni
ro techtsad anta na dithmanda acht dithim n-aoine nama
60`they (the Feini) did not legalize,' i 262.y .adh na techta
tuinge .i. dligedh na techtand tuindi in feraind do som
`does not legalize possession ... does not justify possession,'
iv 4.17 , 21 (Text and Comm.).
II (a) contains,holds: deichmares ... | techtas co derb
65caterua, SR 768 .acht in rothecht ind oenbarcc except what
was contained in the one ship
(the ark), 2536 .
(b) has dominion over,rules over: cia no techtaind-se
éimh ... firu in talman andes, TTr.² 105 .ní techt Ēriu
oll | is fēliu nā is fearr, BColm. 34.4 .nae mbliadhna trichat
70rothecht | Eire ┐ Alba a naonfhecht, ZCP xi 44 § 48.
(c) overcomes,takes hold of(of sin, age,etc.): ram tech-
tatar (mo sir-peccaid), Ir. Lit. 6.4 .co romteacht áes is
críne till age and decay laid hold of me, Ériu iv 160.20 .
Various: ?cid im-a r-thechtais fri namait in chineda
75doena`why has thou associated with,' PH 2214 (see Gloss.).
?mor ndegfear ndana rotecta | and i mbuaili mbodba,
BB 432a36 .techtfaidh cach conghal fris raí fingal laís
forith cloc techtfaidh rígh, 266b59 .saerfaid lithrain
techtfaidh cath, 62 .
80 Vn. techtad.

téchtaid v ā(técht) (a)Intrans.freezes,congeals,coagulates:
ro thecht an talam futhu the earth froze under them, CCath.
2324 .sneachta mór ┐ reódh ... co ro thechtsat locha na
hEreann, FM ii 944.x .do theacht an mhuir, Atlantis iv
85144.12 .an ttechtann go luath déis a léigthe(of blood),
23 K 42,122.14 .is faididi bís gan truailled ┐ ni techtfa
(of milk), Rosa Ang. 94.5 .sul do théacht a fheoil san óigh
ere yet his body was formed,' Dán Dé xi 17.
(b)Trans.freezes,solidifies,curdles: tēchtaid Dia an
tracht fona curc[h]aibh(i.e.prevented the tide from invad-
5ing the shore where the boats were), Anecd. ii 15.z .a Fhir
théachtas tonna an chuain, Measgra D. 61.38 .téucht
é`crudle it,' Eg. Gl. 592 .nach ar dhóirt tú amach mé
amhuil bainne, ┐ do théucht tú mé amhuil cáise ?, Job x 10 .
do théachtadh a thuatha used to consolidate his people(of
10a good chieftain), Caithr. Thoirdh. 32.26 .
Vn. téchtad.g s. thechtuidh, 23 K 42,405.3 .a techtadh
┐ cruadhugud innus co roichfedh sluaigh imdha orra(of
waters), RC xxviii 310 § 3 .tonn fuar na muire mairbhe
arna techtodh ó oigri, Aisl. Tund. 104.8 .do fhuil Zacarias
15┐ sí ar t. ¤ with the congealed blood of Z., LB 144b4 .téchtadh
uighe san eon`the forming of the egg in the bird,' Dán Dé ix
24 .
Part. técht[t]a frozen,solid: ro bói in coiced i na thopor
thuli ┐ techta ac Conchobar, MU 8.18 (seetécht (b). To
20 téchtae, MU² Gloss. ).gabaidh ina aghaidh ag snechta | cor
ba geal teachta gach taobh, SG 35.8 .buan-chneadh tínn
am clítioch téachta`in my frozen breast,' ITS iii 64.55 .
Cf. 2 téchtaide.