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85 1 próiste n m. (a)abroachorspit (< Fr.broche).proiste`a
broach, spit or spindle
', P. O'C. próitsi bróidsi, IGT Dec. § 2.28
(próisde,bróisde v.l.). See Gadelica i 285 (bróiste) and 287 . (b)
anecklaceorcollar ?proisté, gl.monile vel munile, Ir. Gl. 852
(= goad,spit , same word as preceding? Stokes, note).

2 próiste n f.(< Eng.process)alegal process,summons : see
5 Gadelica i 82 .

prolach n o,m.(Lat.prologus)aprologue :is torbe . . . in prolach
doberam, Fél. Prol. 144 (brolach,brolluch v.l.).issin broluch
déidenach(i.e.epilogue), Fél. 10.31 .Cf. brollach, with which
the word may have been confounded by scribes.

10 promad u,m.(vn.ofpromaid) making trialof,testing,proving .
promhadh .i. dearbhadh, O' promad a neirt,
virtutis experimento, Ml. 54a16 .do promad for ndeserce, gl.
caritatis ingenium comprobans, Wb. 16c10 .do phromad mo
lám ┐ dírge mo urchair, LU 5092 ( TBC² 606 ).ba o rigaib
15dobertis forra do promad a cana to test (obedience to) their law,
Corm. Y 48 .digeba a promad a tein shall be tested in fire, ZCP
iii 451.23 ,cf. 454.2 , Ériu i 200.5 .trēna Tailten . . . oc promad
na fían-chéite, Met. Dinds. iv 158.164 .ag promhad mo phinn,
LB 226 m.inf. mir do cor do coin .i. da promad( try his
), Laws i 180.29 Comm. =fromadh, ib. 31 .Aproof,
testimony :amail adeir in promhadh-so(introducing a
quotation from Scripture), RC xxviii 320 § 38 .

promaid v ā. (Lat.probare) in later Mid.Ir. generallyfromaid,
putsto thetest,tries,proves. subj. pres. is licet cia nos-promae
25 thou mayest prove it, Ériu i 202.7 (-proma,-fromha v.l.).is
torbe . . . dian-promam if we test it, Fél. Prol. 143 (fromam
v.l.).fut. `In setir lat tuidecht . . . isin curach?' `Promfit' ol
se I will try, Corm. Y 1059 (p. 92.2) =proimfimít fris we will
, Corm. p. 36 (prúll).perf. amal rond-prom som, Wb. 4b30 .
30 Pass. pres. promthair pain la pugin puincern, Corm. Y 1052 =
promtir, LB.fut. promfidir innar gním, Wb. 17b7 .proim-
fithir, LU 10983 ( Im. Brain i 48.4 ).perf. pl. ro promtha tré
martrai, Fél. June 27 . Of testing food:toimlid in bocht cen
co promaid 'na fagaib without testing what he gets, Alex. 978 .
35 míl úre ni promfat the worms will not taste (him), Fél. Ep. 219
Vn. promad.

promáil n f. trying,testing :i tein bid mór a promad (promáil
v.l.), Ériu i 200.5 .

promthae io, iā. (part.ofpromaid) tried,tested,proven promthe
40i n-iriss, gl.probum, Wb. 7b17 .promthe trisna fochaidi, Ml.
38d18 .g s m. ind óir promthi,ib. g p m. innapromthe , gl.
proborum, 56b8 .fír-ór promthae, Fél. Oct. 21 .scél promthae
a proven story, May 9 .

pronnasc n sulphur : Eg. Gl. 515a (equated withruibh).
45pronnasc ` brimstone,sulphur ', P. O'C.

pronomen n(Lat.pronomen, learned loan-word)apronoun :
nomen, pronomen, uerbum. . . lasin Laitneoir; ainm ┐
briathar ┐ pronomen . . . ocon Gaedel, Auraic. 320 .

propir n(Lat.proprium)aproper nounorname (learned
50formation used in Glosses, the native equivalent beingainm
díles):a propir son her proper name, gl.Danae, Sg. 32b8 .n p.
propiri dílsi, gl.propria, 32b14 . Of names of plants:propir
losa, gl.anethi( Eclog. ii 48 ), Thes. ii 46.6 (Philarg.).pro[pir]
fedo, gl.ebuli, 48.2 .

55 propost xseeprepost.

propretóir n i,m.(= Lat.propraetor), CCath. 1801 (pretoir v.l.).

prosesiam, laterprosesion n o,m.(Eng. loan-word)apro-
cession :luidh Mochuda . . . ina prosesiam mortimcell reilge
na n-aingel, BNnÉ 308.1 .dul a prosesiam, ZCP vi 52.3 .lucht
60uird na cathrach ina proseisiam, 98.9 .eirgit . . . a prosesion
onorach go tempall Petair, Fl. Earls 176.8 .a modh prosesioin
in processional order, 174.27 .prosetion, 246.24 .

prosta (? prósta) adj io, iā. brave,valiant :láech prosta mór, TBC
1568 , 1941 .prosta .i. calmaut estbui fer p. ¤ la Connachta
65 H. 3.18 p. 626 ( O'C. 1371 ).prosta`strong, able, from prowess.
A Bad Irish word
', P. O'C. prosda, O'R.prósda (-ta)`valorous,
strong . . . roystering
', Dinn. Cf. 2 próis.

prósta adj io, iā. (1 próis)belonging toprose (gram. term):tomus
filideachta ┐ tomus bairdni ┐ tomus prosta, Auraic. 755 .alt
70in anma prosta, 830 .in fichi gne saerda prosta, 1642 (of
declensional forms of noun follg. a prep. or the art. in gen.
and voc.).

prostáil n f. prostration (late word):ag dénamh umhla ┐ prósdala,
Carswell 60.15 . See follg.

75 prostráit n f.(Lat.prostratio)the act ofprostration :déne pros-
trait ┐ t'aiged fri talmain, PH 454 . LB 142a53 .for lár oc
prostráit ┐ oc slechtain do mac Dé, 138a50 .luidhigh [leg.
luighidh] . . . ic prostrait i fiadnaisi Mocuda, BNnÉ 310.10 .
proistreat` prostrate,prostration ', P. O'C.

80 protecsion n(late Eng. loan-word) protection,safe-conduct :ro
chuirsiot prótexion a hucht na bainríoghna cuicce, FM vi
2234.12 .Cf. acc teacht ar protex ┐ ar pardún, 1632.13 (perh.
an error forprotexion).

protestant n o,m.(late Eng. loan-word)aProtestant :n p. pro-
85testaint shagsana, Luc. Fid. 308.15 . Asadj.;on bpriomhfaidh
protusdant , MS. Mat. 549.25 (seeprímáid). Alsoprotestún:
g p. ráidhte na Protastúin[sic], Eochairsg. 17.9 . Mod.protas-