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popul n o,m.(Lat.populus)n s. inpopul , Ml. 46a18 , b28 .d s.
popul, 46a7 .g s. inpopuil , 45c9 ,cf. Wb. 5b13 .g du. cechtar in
dapopul , Ml. 46b30 .d p. donaibpoplib , 123b3 .pobal, IGT
80 Dec. § 17.21 ; the formpubalis proscribed as incorrect, exx.
735 - 7 . In Mid.Ir. the stempoip- (poib-)occurs inpl.forms;
in early mod. Ir. thepl. poibleachais usual.
In general sensea peopleorpeople ;inpupul , gl.populus,
Ir. Gl. 458 .inpopal , transl.populus, Trip. 2.2 . (a)apeople,
85 tribe,nation, theinhabitantsof acountry(district,town)taken
: nad ticfed in rí nach in popul asin doiri, Ml. 46a18 .
na dā phopul .i. in popul Iudaide ┐ gentlige, PH 4596 .for
popul Israel, 2313 .popul Dé(i.e. the Israelites), 4900 .popul
na hArábi, 5389 .popul na Temrach, TBC 4578 .popul
cathrach Belga, CCath. 706 .pl. tabhair let na poipliu [poipli
5 v.l.] attrebhait im sruth nEofrait the tribes, 1349 .do poiblib
na hAffraice, Aen. 742 (=populos, Verg. Aen. iv 189 ).tú it
aon i n-aghaidh pobuil . . . i n-aghaidh puibleach`against a
whole tribe . . . against many tribes
', Content. xv 7 .do phoi-
bleachaibh na Scot ┐ na bPict(=Scotorum Pictorumque
10populis), Keat. iii 1345 .rí na bPictphobal of the Pictish tribes,
ii 6034 .go ndéna puibleacha seirbhís dhuit, Gen. xxvii 29 .
In PH 6318 thepl.appears used of a single people:tancatar
popuil creitmecha .i. Benepontini a n-anmanna, do chathugud
fri genntlidib, where we should expect the sing., but see (c)
(b)of a large number ofpersonsheldtogetherby some
commoninterest or forming asociety: dorónad . . . eclais ic
Constantin do popul Dé(i.e. Christians), PH 481 .in popul
n-apstalacda the apostolic people(i.e. the apostles and their
20followers), 5524 (a s.).doratad forcetul soscela do phopul na
nufhiadnaise, 5512 .popul na creitmech, RC xxxvii 346 § 32 .
popul na drui[d]echta, popal iat sén da fognaitis fesa ┐ fais-
tine, CCath. 724 .Of the members of areligious community :
fil in popul oc irguide dála duit`the convent', Aisl. MC 29.29 ,
25 cf. 33.7 , 114.12 .
(c) folk,people(in general); thepopulace,crowd (common in
later lit.):in bith co llín phopuil, Fél. Prol. 115 (pobal v.l.).
co mba marb i fhiadnaise in popuil, PH 2478 .an pobal
coitcheann the common people, TSh. 75 .poball mór daoine . . .
30ag eisteacht ré seanmóir congregation, ZCP iv 398.21 ;cf.
pobal(an aifrinn), IGT Dec. § 17.21 .
In early mod. Ir. the plural is often used in this sense:
gapait na poipleacha . . . na scela so go hettrom, Fl. Earls
126.21 .eirgit . . . a ffiadnuisi na poiplech, 140.14 .an pesd do
35beith ac scris na poiblech(the people of the district), BCC
§ 253 .go ndechad se[sc.a book] . . .a tarba dona poiplechaib
leghfes é the people who will read it, § 20 . ?do s[h]enmóir
[Bernard] do na poiblechuibh, Mac Aingil 505.16 .

populda adj io, iā. belongingto thepeople(tribe,nation):populdaib
40.i. tuataib .i. á tuath fessine, gl. [inimicis] popularibus, Ml.
57d9 .

pór n o,m. seed (late word, mainly confined to poetry; of Cymric
origin,cf.W.pawr`pasture',pori`to graze'? See C. O'Rahilly,
Ireland and Wales,141 ).pór, IGT Dec. § 96.4 .Gen. fig. in sense
45offamily,race :óigfhir . . . do phór Chóigidh Chonchabair, O'Gr.
Cat. 513.14 (poem by Domhnall m. Eochadha, late 16th cent.).
uaisle an phóir da bhfuil sibh, Mackinnon Cat. 223.25 .par
na ríogh, O'Bruad. i 56.9 .gur scéidh súd dá bpóraibh that he
sprang from one of their families
, E. O'Rahilly² xiii 44 . Of
50a person:Pádraigín p. ¤ na n-iarladh`offspring of earls', Ériu
ix 165 § 20 (late 16th cent.).
Compds. ¤ crann:síl an phórchroinn ó Phurt Breagh` stock ',
Content. xxx 3 . ¤ dlaí:fóithnín pórdhlaoi chruinn an en-
circling shelter of its own tresses
, Hackett xi 4 (of outer
55florets of the daisy). ¤ fhuil race,family , xl 53 . ¤ shíol,id.
23 G 24,p. 275 . ¤ slicht,id.:óigbhean do phóirshliocht na
réime ríogh, Keat. Poems 105 . ¤ tathaír:ní dual pórthathaoir
dona slataibh contempt for their own ancestry, Hackett xlvii 14 .

porráiste xand derivv., seeparráiste.

60 1 port n o,m.(Lat.portus)port(g s. n p. puirt,d s. purt), IGT Dec.
§ 67 .part(g s. n p. poirt,d s. port), § 68 .
(a)aplace,spot,locality, gen. of a restricted area: porta
porta , Corm. Y 1047 = a portu , LB.dús cia port indib maith
oígedacht in what place the hospitality is good, Wb. 26b24 .
65 dos-rala dú itá Forggnaidi indíu. `Is maith in port thís' ol
P., Trip. 84.25 .iss ed ainm in puirt sin Slechta S. is the name
of that place
, TBC² 276 .do chách phurt i canar for every place
in which it is sung
, Fél. Ep. 187 .connach fúair port fo gréin
gil | cen chorp ind ḟir fora muin, Met. Dinds. iv 94.20 .cend
70na mna for indara burt [portv.l.] ┐ colann for in burt n-ailiu
in one spot . . . in another, Cáin Ad. § 7 .a purt i port tiar is
tair from place to place, LL 148a13 =o phurt do phurt, Ériu
ix 49 § 33 .nír léiged sinn port i bport, Caithr. Thoirdh. 13 y
(of troops hemmed in by their enemies while encamped; `we
75were not admitted to fight on equal terms
', transl.;we were not
allowed to shift our quarters
?).Cf. do ghoradh . . . gacha
grianphort every sunny spot, MR 100.14 .i nglennportaib a
ghnuisi hollows(of eye-sockets), 116.22 .
Used as semi-adv.folld. by a rel. clause: porthi fuirsitis
80inn elit arimbad and furruimtis a n-eclis, Thes. ii 242.9
( Ardm. 18b1 ).bágais C. port i faicfed Meidb dobérad chloich
furri wherever he might see M., TBC 1456 =port i n-aiciged,
TBC² 813 ;āit, St.
Folld. by defining gen.:rucad láeg mo bo a purt éicne`out
85of a place of safety
', CRR 3 (i.e.a place whence it could be
taken only by force
?).bid é so do phort eisirghe place of
, Life of S. Finbar ( Cork A. and H. Soc. J. ii 87 ).
asin purt monad bog, Laws i 132.4 Comm. ;cf. Gadelica i
56.22 .tochar puirt (.i. mona), Laws v 474.6 , 33 .a rí pairtech
puirt parrthais, Lec. 553a17 .port na bpian(i.e.hell), Measgra
5Dánta 77.8 .
(b)aplace occupiedby some one, astead,abode :mo duma
mo dín . . . mo phort idan án, LU 9885 (of Duma nDergluachra).
atrullaí uadib assin phurt, LL 169b12 (`out of the dwelling', SG
ii 513.16 ).iss ass tánagus . . . a parrthus, a purt Ádhaimh,
10 Anecd. i 34 § 72 .port na n-apstal 's na n-abb(i.e.heaven),
ZCP vi 270.2 .Panuhél puirt Dé, KMMisc. 255.9 .port
pecthach the abode of sinners(hell), Arch. iii 240 § 43 .Partho-
lon puirt Gréc, LL 127a11 (`of the Grecian land', MacCarthy
144 § 6 ).gan port na laech, gan Luimnech, ZCP viii 219.3 .
15 Freq. of achief's residence; in late lang. of astronghold,
fortress: cuit an phuirt cetadaig Cuirc`the meal for the resi-
dence of Corc
', Met. Dinds. iv 336.4 ( LL 198a6 ).ailénphort
Néill Noígiallaig(of Tara), Ériu iv 92 § 4 . ?tri cuind tairismi
dlegair don ríg . . . .i. tri puirt, LL 188b16 .tanic ind rigan oc
20dul do phurt in rig, ZCP xiii 25.16 . ?etir a portaibh sium ┐ a
airgeda`among his storehouses (?) and his cow-yards' (of the
king of Munster), Lism.L. 2916 (prob.enclosures of some
).hi bport airechais Ui Ferghail`the chief mansion-seat',
FM vi 1964.22 ,cf. 1960.14 .v s. a phuirt na bpríomhfhlaith!
25 Keat. Poems 1473 (of Cathair Dúin Iasc).daingion phuirt
áird do bhalladh the fortress of the high fort of thy walls, Isa.
xxv 12 .tri puirt do trinsidhibh talmhan`three entrenched
', FM vi 2192.2 .ro muradh . . . an port iomcoimhetta
`watching-fort', 2022.2 .batar na Gaill . . . isna portaibh
30gabhala in ro ghabhsat fos(buildings they had seized), Hugh
Roe 68.15 (f. 18b) .do loiscedh leis a mbailti puirt`their forti-
fied places
', AU iii 64.1(a.1412). (Fig.)bean ro badh port
cothaighthe ┐ congbhala truagh ┐ trén, FM vi 2222.13 (leg.
post?cf. v 1684.7 ).
35 Of amonastic steadorsettlement :cf. ro gabsat mo brathair
portu .i. epscop Mél ┐ Ríoc, Trip. 84.23 .céne connoither mo
thimna-sa isin purt-sa, Mon. Tall. 6 (Mael Ruain of his
monastery).airchinnech glan cráibdech . . . níp espach a
phort`his monastery should not be idle', Ériu iii 106 41b (Rule
40of Ailbe).naomh as neimhnighe puirt`most heavenly in re-
spect of city
', BNnÉ 286.3 .mórfaid puirt Maodhócc, 263.24 .
(c)abank,shore(of river or sea); perh. the oldest use and
the one nearest to the snausa in farrci | co
mboí isin phurt, LU 9437 .ini docuirither i port dilis .i. in
45duilesc, Laws i 170.13 Comm. (what is cast up by the sea on
a shore in some person's property
).im ethur bís oc imorcor a
purt i port from bank to bank, i 126.1 .is ann gabais port curach
Coluimb Chille came ashore, Ériu ii 222.9 ,cf. Mon. Tall. 66 .
is é port do gabhsat ag Beind Etain they landed at B.E., Ériu
50 iii 170 § 29 .o thánic Patraic i part from the time P. landed,
LL 130b16 (:bratt).gach arrthrach rachus . . . go Toraig o
port do port, ZCP x 342 § 10 .Alanding-place,haven :i purt
na hindsi, Lism.L. 2359 .do ranic . . . co himeall in mara ┐ co
port na hindsi(i.e.the spot for crossing to the island), ZCP
55 xiii 219.6 ,cf. 220.8 .ac cur long . . ..a purt imurchuir srotha
Stix`ferry', CCath. 1462 .ó purt ind Luimnig, Ériu iv 154.3 .
port Duiblin[n]e, BColm. 80.19 .is port Alban oiregda bid
linta da ardchrabud, ZCP x 340 w (prophecy of Iona). So in
many place-names, see Hogan Onom. (Fig.)conus-tuicce tre
60lín in tsoscelai dochum púirt bethad the haven (shore) of life,
Trip. 28.7 .Cablaigh Mor (idon Port na tri namat), AU iii
30.17 (the haven of the three enemies, nickname given to a
woman who had married three husbands who were enemies).
See alsocaladphort,tráchtphort.
65(d)abank,mound,entrenchment (late use):teilgidh port a
n-aghaidh Ierúsalem, Jerem. vi 6 .do rinneadar puirt 'na
haghuidh timchioll, 2 Kings xxv 1 (of siege of Jerusalem).
Of adefileorpass :dul tar na portaibh re n-abar Ciserei,
ITS xix 78.3 (=transire portus Cisereos).
70(e) meaning is uncertain in the legal expressionport fiach
in Laws Comm.:ait ata port fiach ni dechus for in ferund
ainnsin, Laws v 500.32 ,cf. 502.28 , 508.10 ;possibly the techn. expres-
sion for the man who has become responsible for the debts of
an absconding fellow-tribesman, p. 501 n.
75Compds. (a) with adj.: ¤ glan:ag techt Parrthaloin port-
gloin, MacCarthy 310 § 3 ( BB 13b29 ).assi[n] Spairt portglain
portréid of shores (havens) fair and easy of access, LL 233a2
( TTr. 1166 ).os ferlannaib portglana in prephir`over the fair-
banked horizon
', MR 112.11 . ¤ rathmar:do chlaind portrath-
80mair Puin`illustrious' (?of prosperous abode), Aen. 1573
(=rex genus egregium Fauni, V. Aen. vii 214 ). ¤ réid, LL
233a2 , see-glan. (b) with noun: ¤ immarchurthid aferryman;
ofCharon , LL 241a22 ( TTr. 1809 ),cf. CCath. 1462 v.l., TTebe
1649 (-immarchoirthid).an portiomarchurtaigh, Hugh Roe
85 26.21 (f. 8a) . ¤ linn:ro gabh B. simhin luachra asin portlinn
luachra`from a rushy pool on the bank', BNnÉ 42.2 .