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póit n f.(Lat.potio?)adrinkordraught :putraic .i. poit-ricc .i.
potus regisbis inte, Corm. Y 1069 (perh. a fictitious formation).
85In late lit.excessivedrinking,tippling :an lucht chleachtas
póit is ólas a lán fíona E. O'Rahilly² xxxix 17 .ar an bpótaire
. . . i ndiaidh déanta na póite, TSh. 9244 .i n-eiricc na póite ┐
na misge, ZCP iv 422.1 .

pol n o,m.(Lat.polus), alsopoil f.(perh. earlier form)apole (of
the globe):o pol Airtic . . . co ponc poil Intartic the Arctic Pole
5. . . of the Antarctic Pole
, ITS xiv 78.26 .pol deiscertac an
Stodiace, 122.2 .d p. pollaib, 120 z .ota in poil deiscertaigh
cusin poil tuaiscertaigh, CCath. 5506 .

polaire na loan-word through British from Lat.pugillare, -ia,
Ped. i 222 , Thurn. Hdb. 517 ,cf.Mid.W.peullawr; meaning
10doubtful,apparently some article forming part of the equip-
ment of a bishop (or priest?) in early Christian times; gener-
ally by edd. transld.writing-tablet(s), a sense borne by Lat.
pugillariusand Lat.pugillares(see Du Cange, who also gives exx.
of the latter word used for tubes for imbibing the sacrificial
(1)dubbert Pátricc cumtach du Fíacc. idon clocc ┐ menstir
┐ bachall ┐ poolire, Thes. ii 241.17 ( Ardm. 18a1 ) =dobert P.
cumdach do Ḟ. .i. clocc, meinistir, bachall, pólairi, Trip.
190.14 ( Rawl. B 512,f. 22b1 ); transld. tablets in both texts.
20Acc. to McCarthy, AU iv p. cvii fg. , the `polaire' referred to
here was `the native equivalent of pugillare in the sense of
Paschal Table
', thepl.`polairi' being used in the sense of
(2)iarndóe inna ndegaid ┐ gaile fora gúalaind . . . Benen
25ina ndegaidh ┐ a ḟolaire fora muin`tablets', Trip. 46.33 (< Eg.
93 f. 3b1 );Bénenin the rear of Patrick and his company
appears to Loegaire's men as a fawn and the `polaire' as a
spot (gaile= O.Ir.caile) on its shoulder. In the extract from
this text in H. 3.18 the word is glossed.i. ainm do tēig liubair,
30i.e.a book-satchel( Arch. iii 16.9 , Trip. p. li ), but in ex. 4
below,polaireis distinguished fromtiag lebuir. The corresp.
passage in LB gives:ēnloeg allaid ina ndiaid ┐ én find fora
gualaind .i. Binen sin ┐ polire Patraic fora muin, LB 27a43
( Trip. 458.4 ).
35(3)sood a pólaire ina etun, iss é comartha bías fair, RC
xxi 386.11 ( LU 1424 =soud a pholaire, YBL 121a34 ); the sign
by which Antichrist, who will come in the guise of a
messenger of the Gospel, will be known; Dottin translates:
une inscription qui tourne dans son front, voilà le signe qui
40sera sur lui
(?). The sense may be `the turning of his p. to
front of him
',i.e.his carrying it in front of him instead of on
his back, as in ex. 2; butcf. tomm liath hi certmedón a édain
(of Antichrist), PH 7270 .
(4)ba bés dosum [sc.Colum C.] crossa ┐ polaire ┐ tiaga
45lebor ┐ aídme eclastacda do dénum, LB 32b50 ,cf. Lism.L. 969
(` writing-tablets ').g p. cét polaire, LB 32b53 .
(5)doarfaidh doib iarsin pollere Brenaind . . . ro-do-slechta-
tur-som uile don pollaire`tablet', RC x 72.10 (polaire v.l.).
(6)polaire .i. comhardha asign,token , O'Cl.; perh. due to
50misunderstanding of ex. 3 above, or a different word (<pol);cf.
polaire .i. comhartha`a mark or sign,i.e.the polar constella-
', P. O'C.

polas n m.(Lat.polus)apole(of the earth): an dá pholas tuaidh
is teas | a bhforas fhuair gan aincheas, Studies 1918, 282 § 13 ;
55an adaptation of the Lat. form for sake of rhyme?Cf. pol.

poll n o,m.(< ASpól, Stokes, Acall. Gloss.,cf.Eng.pool)poll,
IGT Dec. § 67.9 .Ahole :pollquasitoll, Corm. Y 1075 .
Generally of anopeningorcavityin the earth:poll talman,
TBC 5667 St.asin pull talman, Cáin Ad. § 2 .tir . . . a claetar poll,
60 Laws iv 6.12 (of the trench formed by casting up a dyke).
Poll Ruadhayn (id est fouea Ruadani), V.SS. Hib. ii 246.21 and
note.latharpholl talman(i.e.a hiding-place), Acall. 3537 .poll
móna abog-hole , ZCP x 20.11 .cluchi puill, TBC 972 (agame
in which balls were driven to aholein the ground).inti
65buailis in liathroid o poll na himána, Laws iii 554.5 Comm. Of
of aholeforming apassage :poll trésin coirthi, Acall. 4470 .
ro dhéchsad for poll na heochrach key-hole , ZCP v 495 =toll,
Anecd. ii 17 § 11 .tre poll na comhladh no na heochrach,
BNnÉ 237 z .a pull na sróna nostril , O'Gr. Cat. 265 z .tri
70polluibh a srona, ZCP vi 279 x .Of thepitofhell :seacht
ngadhair do ghadhraibh puill seven of the hounds of hell,
Timthire viii 13 § 25 (15th-cent. poem).In place-names gen.
denotes acaveorpool , see Hogan Onom. s.v. poll .
Cf.thenpr. m.:aithe Blathnaiti inginePuillmaic Fidhaigh,
75 Anecd. ii 45.10 .

pollach adj o, ā. containing holes,perforated :breifneach .i. pollach,

pollaid v ā. perforates,pierces :gonfat [pollfad, pollfotv.l.]. do
thaebh don tsleigh so, RC xix 28 § 25 . Seepollta.

80 pollaire n io,m. anostril :pollaire, IGT Dec. § 2.31 .pollaire nó
cuinneán na sróna, Eg. Gl. 509 .duine aga bhfuil a anál iona
pholláiribh, Isa. ii 22 ;cf. Job xxvii 3 .pollaire`a narrow hole,
a button-hole, a nostril
', P. O'C.

pollta adj io, iā.part.ofpollaid:aran ccloich tholta (pholltav.l.),
85 BNnÉ 164 § 33 (of a stone with aholeorhollow ).

pónair n f.andpónar o,m.(O.N. loan-word, Bidrag 59 , 96 )pónar
m., IGT Dec. § 11.5 .pónair f., § 13.11 .pónuire m., § 2.12 ;cf.
pónuire d'uathadh ┐ d'iollradh, ib. Introd. § 84 (i.e. p. ¤ is used
both as sing. and pl.).Abean-plant;beans (coll.):sepe no
seibe .i. ponaire beans, O'Dav. 1476 .ponair Egipt, gl.
5 lupinus, Arch. i 327.60 .ní fásann pis nā pónair ann, Maund.
114 .pis ┐ ponuir, Rosa Ang. 160.1 .pónar, 2 Sam. xvii
28 ; Ezek. iv 9 .gráinne pónra, Measgra D. 12.7 .