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nícon adv.of negation, a strengthened form ofní, used before
80vbs. The second element-conis expld. by Pedersen ( Gram.
ii 209 ) as adv. giving to the neg. the force `not in any way' =
Lat.nunquam, omnino non; by Thurneysen, Hdb. § 851 , as
identical with the conj. = `it is not that . . .'. Used at the
beginning of a main clause with the indic. (or potential or
85optative subj.), folld. by the conjunct form of the vb. In the
Glosses, the particle-conis always written in conjunction
with the vb.,níeither standing as a separate word or joined
to it. The initial consonant of the vb. is lenited (not always
expressed in MSS.).
In Mid.Ir. the formníconsomet. becomesnícobefore a
5consonant, and is early weakened tonoco(noco n-before a
vowel or lenited f); later with lenited c,nocho (n-),nocha (n-),
which prevail in later Mid.Ir.; early Mod.Ir.nocha(generally
eclipsing follg. cons.,nochanbefore a vowel and lenited f),
still persisting in North Ireland and in Scottish Gaelic in the
In O.Ir.naconreplacesníconin dependent clauses; this
construction disappears in Mid.Ir.
Nícon(nocon,nochon) expresses a more emphatic denial
thanníalone (in later usage there is not much difference).
15(a)nícon(níco n-): O.Ir.níconchoscram we destroy not, Wb.
2b21 .ni conchechrat they will not love, 30c4 .ni conchloor act
for caínscél may I hear nothing but good of you, 23b41 .ni-
conḟil, Sg. 188a4 (but:ní confil, Wb. 12d5 , Ml. 92a8 ).ní con-
talla obbad fair, Sg. 90a2 .nicontuislifea, gl.nihil . . . elabitur,
20 Ml. 27b18 .ní con bia cumscugud for pianad, 26d12 .ní
conrogab terochraic, 36a32 .ni con ruaccobrus ní, gl.nunquam
concupivi, 136b7 . Before vowel:ni conairigur-sa na imned
I feel no tribulation, Wb. 16a28 .ní conétada, Sg. 188a4 .
Mid.Ir.nícon tora etir, SC 40. niconromolastar, Mon.
25Tall. 10. nícon-ér-sium tria bith sír he will never rise, PH
1860. níco dlegar, Mon. Tall. 51. nico ro troisci, 72 .níco fil
crich fora flaithius, PH 1808 ,cf. 710 , 6614 .nico tarut Í. nach
freccra, 3251 .ráthaigit na minpheccda . . . ┐ ní co ráthaigit na
morphecdai, 3231 .
30(b)noco(n):noco rag-sa ar cuiriud mná, SC 32. noco bia
. . . i pēin, SR 2043. noco laimed nech, 4877 .noco dentar,
PH 5551. nech bud chalmu . . . cosindiu nocon ḟuaross, TBC
3674. nocon uil nech cen imarbus, PH 3181 ( =nocon-ḟuil).
noco díultab-sa ┐ nocon fhuiceb tu, 3009 .nocon cēl-sa I will
35not hide (it
), Arch. iii 296 § 37. noco rogenair . . . duine bad
choimiu, SR 2245. noco rom-saebad I have not been deceived,
PH 1795. nocor ḟer banne not a drop (of rain) fell, LB 65b58
= Lat. Lives 85 z (nocar).
(c)nocho(n),nocha(n):nocho chretiub-sa duitsiu, LU 9224.
40 nochonepér rit insein, SR 1309. nocha bhí clúmh trés an gcreig
| nach creid . . . dhuid there is no verdure on the rock but trusts
to thee
, Dán Dé xxix 26 .nocha chéal, Content. xxviii 28. dā
bfinnadh . . . nacha dingnadh maith he would not do good, ZCP
vii 301 § 3. nocho ro díultus . . . ar na bochtaib . . . nocho ro
45fhuirgius iat, PH 6031. mo lām nochor leadair duine never
injured any man
, Arch. iii 241 § 3. nochan faidiubh-sa le fer,
TBC 4483 St.nochon ḟidir mac duine, ZCP vii 303 § 9. nuchun
eirg, Ériu iii 198.1 .
(d) with eclipsis of follg. cons., due to confusion ofconwith
50the preverbcon-(com-), Ped. ii 210 , or the, Thurn.
Hdb. § 851 ; only once in Glosses:nícon dét do nach ailiu insin
that applies(téit)to none other, Ml. 53a17 . Occas. in Mid.Ir.:
nico mbia bríg isindi sin that will not matter, Mon. Tall. 66.
níco mbia maith det-siu siu no táll, PH 1812. níco ndeine tú
55fén do ícc thou canst not heal thyself, 3336 .nico ndénat aithrige,
6476 .nocha mbia, Content. xxvii 16.
(e) with inf. pron.; in Glosses only in three cases in Ml.:ni
con-d-robae-som ind rae sin he had not that time, Ml. 41a5 .ni con-
da-bia nem they will not have heaven, 69a8 .ní cos-fuar-sa inna
60furgrad sin I found not those remains, 57d3 (pron. proleptic).
Later fairly common:nochom-tha labra, SR 2088. nuchum-
tha ní radim de I have nothing to say thereof, TBC 800 ,cf.
1483 .noconom tha a samail, LU 7007 ( BDD 66 ,nimtha v.l.),
cf. 8391 ( FB 26 ).nocot-bia airmitiu thou shalt have no rever-
, SR 847. nichat-léicfider sech láim, LL 47b42 = RC xx
12 § 21 .nochos-tibrea re cétluth will not give her as a mate,
TBC 3502. atchiam cách . . . ┐ nicon n-acci nech no one sees
, LU 10865 ( IT i 133.5 ).nichar-fail tlacht we have no rai-
, SR 1560. nocho-for-bia . . . airchra bíid, 4063 .nicos-
70tánic riam ┐ nicos-ticfa dírimm bas choímiu never came to them
and never will come to them
, LL 248b11 ( TBFr. 46 ) =nicus-
tanic . . . noconus-ticfo, ZCP iv 34.4 .
(f) with copula (Mid.Ir., not in Glosses):nocon alaind mar
atai far from lovely is thy appearance, SR 1305. noco choir
75duin, 1545 ;cf. nicon choir etir laisim, Mon. Tall. 15. noco
chath nā tuitt rí, CRR 5. `In béo do thigernae?' `Nocon béo
immorro', BDD 166. noco buidech Dia, PH 8371. nicon ed
not so,by no means (answer to a question), Mon. Tall. 21.
nocon ed namma not only that, SC 31. nicon ḟiu la credal, Fél.
80 Prol. 111 (nocon,nochon v.l.).nochan fhoráil, Dán Dé xxv 6 .
nocha nḟer mar soin Seafraigh S. is not a man of that sort, IGT
Dec. ex. 509. nucu maith rí ac nā bít géill, | noco maith geill
cen geimle, LL 146b35 ( PRIA iii 542 § 17 ).a mbrughaidh
nocha brónaigh, IGT Dec. ex. 782 =nírsat brónuigh`their
85yeomen were not sad
', Ériu iv 116 § 24. noco n-annsa doman-sa
ata mo flaithemnus, PH 2709. nochon do biuc bae dia brig
not little was his strength, ZCP viii 217 § 5. With pret.:
nochorbo choimsech, SR 6091. nocorb éicen, TBC 949.
(g) in O.Ir.conis combined with the conj.ná(occas.nád)
in subord. clauses:connaconbeth leu etir that it should not be
5with him at all
, Ml. 35c2 ,cf. 103d9 .connacon bet acht degni-
mai less, 129a9 .arnaconroib dethiden for neuch, Wb. 15d11 .
connachonroib, Ml. 23d6 .amal slaidred . . . di naconbi moín
from which no treasure is wont to be, 85b7 .nad conbiad íc dō
that there would be no healing for him, 58a9 . For a further
10development ofnacon, seenó co.