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-n- 1 pl. pron.inf., used in O.Ir. after the preverbsar-,do-
(<to-,di-),di-,fo-,imb-,no,ro, and the negativesní,nách,
to denote the obj. (direct or indirect) of the vb. In O.Ir. occas.
-nn-before a vowel. Afterar-,imb-andnácha vowel (gen.
5 uora) is inserted before the pron. Continues in use through-
out Mid.Ir. period; in earlier Mid.Ir. sometimes replaced by
-ar-n-(nichar-fail, SR 1560 ;ro-rn-indarbais thou hast banished
, LB 112b44 ). Often strengthened by the particle-ni(-ne)
follg. the vb.
10Exx.:arún-utangar we are refreshed, Ml. 135a2 .hóre arun-
táa because it remains for us, Wb. 25d25 .hóre arin-robe,
29d22 .don-eim-ni do thou protect us, Ml. 110d9 (<di-eim-).
don-rimmart, SR 3485. don-rogra may he call us, Fél. Dec.
14. don-rua he will come to us, TBC 3332. fon-segar, gl.tribu-
15lamur, Wb. 14b16 .immun-cualammar, Wb. 18d3 .ní-mun-
accammar,ib. immin-timcheltis-ni, gl.nos cingebant, Ml.
32a19 .non-soer-ni deliver us, Ml. 46b26 .non-anich Dia
protects us, Wb. 16a4 .hóre dunn-ánic has come to us, 25a21 .
ho nun-togaitar-ni, gl.quo circumdamur, Ml. 32a6 .run-leicis
20huait, 63c20 .ron-mess-ni, gl.aestimati sumus, Wb. 4b22 .
ron-bia-ni indocbál we shall have glory, 14c17 .ron-báe biad,
SR 1557. ron-bāid-ne has overwhelmed us, TBC 1657. ronn-
ain may he protect us, Hy. i 30. ron-sóer deliver us, PH 7827.
na ron-tairmescthar lest we be hindered, 6871 .
25With neg.:nín-imgaib-ni, gl.non nos fugit, Thes. ii 7.27 .
nin-fortéit-ni, Wb. 4a27 .nín-tánicc, 1d1 .nin-tá, 31c7 (=non
est nobis).nín-loiscfed, SR 1505. mani-n-soerae-ni, Ml. 77d6 .
nachan-tairle, Hy. i 8. huare nachan-sairai-nni, Ml. 93d10 .
nachin-rogba úall, Wb. 15d40 .
30See Strachan, Inf. Pron. in Mid.Ir., Ériu i 153 fg .

1 na art. g s f.andpl.seein.

2 na pron.adj.seenach.

3 na prep=i n-aseei n-.

1 ná(na) adv.of negation used with imperative and perfec- tive subj. (in Mid.Ir. also with simple subj.) to express pro-
hibition. In O.Ir. generally writtenna;,ná; mod.
ná. Prefixeshto a follg. vowel. With an inf. pron.2 nachis
(a) withimper.:na ba thoirsech, gl.noli erubescere, Wb.
40 29d19 .na bad mebul lat, ib. 18 .na cuinged a thoil fessin,
11b18 .na anam di dénum maith let us not desist, 20c14 .ná
bat nacha arm aili let it not be any other arms, 22d14 .na
imresnad let him not gainsay, Ml. 139a12 .ná teig dochum
nAdaim, SR 1152. na dénaid friu . . . cuibdi, 4843 .na briss
45lugi, TBC 3507. ná buail do choin, Acall. 582. na hadair dee
bréci, PH 7310. napadh ingnadh lib-si sin, CCath. 5145.
nammongonad d'Ultaib, IT i 73.7 (=na immangonad
Exceptionally with inf. pron. obj.:nat-saebthar be not
, PH 1794.
(b) withsubj., freq. withro:na badat lond-su be not angry,
TBC 1106. nárbat buainscélach, Acall. 596. nársat ingnech,
598 .ná ro tréice do ruire, 592 .nar-bar dúrcridig, SR 4842
(2 pl.cop.).

55 2 ná(na) rel. particle 3 s.andpl., used in neg. sentences, who
(which,that) . . .not;in; folld. byro,na rooften >
nar(nár). With an inf. pron.3 nachis used.
(a) innom.relation:hi nepchenéil .i. napo chenéel which
was not a kindred
, Wb. 5a14 .cipé no na tic whoever does not come,
60 TBC 200. in tí na haittrebann i cranda who dwelleth not in
, PH 2074. gonaid in anmain ro aentaig frisin corp . . .
┐ na ro aentaig fria a duilem, 8145 .iar ndesmberecht . . . na
sruithi . . . na tuaslaicitis in aíne who used not to relax their
, 5559 .
65With inf. pron. obj.:mairg na n-ailind`that entreats him
', RC xvii 150.21 .
(b) in acc. relation:na ro pridchissem-ni dúib(gl.evan-
gelium quod non recepistis), Wb. 17b31 .aní ná roich lām, LU
3935 ( SC 44 ).omna na tuargaib in sluag which the host could
70not lift
, Hy. v 69. ni fuil i nhErind laech na diṅgeb-sa, TBC
3656. sui na ro thairind demun, PH 3371.
(c) implying other cases:fer na festar cland na cinél dó, IT i
127.14 .aingil na facus reme a n-indshamail the like of whom
was never seen
, PH 1900. ni raibi . . . fer na ro-marb-som a
75mac whose son he had not killed, ZCP i 103.3 .
(d) of local relation (place or time):maigen na áigder rindi
in which thou fearest not spear-points, Thes. ii 294.15 ( SP iii 3 ).
dū na aicfider bochtu, Ériu ii 144 § 161. bail ná ró do choss
lár, TBC 1298. tar aibind domain na be treoir where there is
no guidance
, Laws iv 126.19 .ro gebdis na longa aile na bidh
som in which he was not, RC xviii 53.17 .noco chath na tuitt
rí, CRR 5. bied aimser ná-mba lobur when he will not be feeble,
5 Wb. 6b15 (withrel. -n-).tricha . . . nar clod flathus [na] Fer
mBolg thirty (years) in which . . . was not vanquished, Mac-
Carthy 314 § 1 .
(e) after a prep.:donaib nephacnataib .i. do narobu gnath
techt for culu that have not been accustomed to go backwards,
10 Ml. 129d3 .tech inna fera flechod wherein rain pours not,
Thes. ii 294.15 ( SP iii 3 ).ri ac na bít géill, LL 146b35 ( PRIA
iii 542 § 17 ).connach baí d'Ultaib . . . do neoch do nar bo
chotlud who was not asleep, TBC 2962 =do neoch nar bo,
St. Folld. bycon(cf. ní con):slaidred ṅargait di nacon-bí
15moín from which no treasure is wont to be, Ml. 85b7 .