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mital(l) n o,m., (late Romance loan-word) metal .mitall, gl.
metallum, Ir. Gl. 791. ni fuil mital ar doman berthur . . . da
80leghadh, Maund. 44. do mitaill, 219 (as ifā-st.).antimonium
.i. gne do mitaill, Arch. i 330 § 6. do gach mital oir ┐ aircit
all the gold and silver metal, Fl. Earls 178.27 .an t-airgead . . .
┐ na mitaill ele, ITS xiv 138.7 .dochum na metal gcruaidh do
gherradh, MacAingil 92.19 . Material(formasonry ,etc.,cf.
85Engl.road-metal):creidemh dona déeibh . . . dorinnedh do
chlochaibh ┐ do chrannaibh nó do mhiotlaibh eile, Ériu v
176.220 .ar son an miotail bhios innta(of images or busts),
O'Hussey T.C. 140.4. Temper,mettle: macaomh nach mailí-
seach miotal, Ó Bruad. iii 6. Cf. ráinig mise ar an miotal badh
dísle, | ar ghrianán mhaordha mhéine an mhíleadh, Hackett
5 xxxix 27 = Keat. Poems 659.

mith xseemeth.

? mithal nacc. to O'Curry M. and C. i p. ccliii `a generalname
for anassembly ', applied to three kinds of assembly: the `m. ¤
Flatha' ( meetingoftenantscalled together for military
10service or other special need of the lord), `m. ¤ tuatha' ( meeting
of freehouseholdersof a `tuath' to make afeast ,etc., for the
king) and `mathluagh' (=mathṡluagh), assemblyofhouse-
holdersof a `fine' or `sluagh' todiscusstheir common interests.
Not supported by literature; butcf. meithel.

15 mithe xseemithig.

mithem n nandi,m. midsummer;June (mod.Meitheamh).g s.
secht mbarca cach mísmithemon(mithemain , St.), BDD 17.
domnach i mmís mithemain, LL 44a37 (d appos. ?).amís
Míthemain, Aisl. MC 85.4 .mis míthime (.i. . . . a mi medhon-
20ach int samraid), Anecd. v 25.

mithid xseemithig.

mithig indecl. adj.O.Ir.mithich;mithig, Wb. 4c37 , 31a19 .
Occas.mithid,mithein late MSS. Timely,seasonable ; used
as pred. with cop. it is time (for something, to do someth.).is
25mithich forchenn furi it is time it should have an end, Ml.
118d6 .corrup mithich gabáil ferainn do, Wb. 19d3 .intain
be[s] mithich(=tempore suo), 20c15 .is mithig cobair d'Adam,
SR 1916. ba m. ¤ [mithidv.l.] far tíchtu, Fél. Ep. 394. intan
bá m. ¤ tabairt biid dóib, IT i 137.13 .is m. ¤ ind ingen don mac-
30sa, LL 279b22 (= SG i 414.16 ; `filio isti jam tempus est filia
', ii 450 ).ropo m. ¤ dér n-a díaid, 375a44 .m. ¤ anad do
báesaib, Arch. iii 215 § 3. is m. ¤ dom it is timefor me (to. . .):
is mithich dún in tinnscital, ZCP viii 175.25 (Laon Glosses).
m. ¤ dún dul d'a dígail, CRR 5. m. ¤ dam-sa dul for cel, LU 3047.
35 anuair do connairc cur m. ¤ dó, dochóidh, Maund. 31. as mithi
dhuit do thionsgan, MacAingil 73.2 .is m. ¤ limm I deem it time
(to. . .): intain ropo mithich lasin n-athir, Wb. 19b7 . Ml. 59d7 .
ropa m. ¤ lind techt co hEmain, TBC 1194 =robadh maith, St.
is mithid linn tu dhul uainn, Oss. iv 24.12 .a thigerna, foir
40orum in tan is mithi let, ZCP vi 286.22 .gur mhithe lē . . .
feronn dḟaghail, Ériu v 78.10 . Rarely assubst.with poss.
pron.:in tan tanic a m. ¤ when the time came for it, PH 5109.
dar limsa táinec a mithi duit, O'Gr. Cat. 138.15. mithigh
(mithibhv.l.) .i. techtai(i.e. proper,fitting ) O'Dav. 1209.
45 mithid, Dinneen .

1 mithis n a,f.andmithise iā,f.(perh. older form):g s. in
mithisiu , LL 406b42 ( TTr. 2098 ),inmithisi TTr.² 1103 (but:
namithisi 1637 ).
Anindefinite(but generally short)lapseoftime, awhile .
50 mithis .i. re, O'Dav. 1261 ,cf. 1274 (methas).m. ¤ .i. aimsior,
O'Cl. gáid side di mithisse .vii. ṁbliadna asked her for a
respite of seven years
, LU 11033 = Im. Brain i 56.8 .amra
maitne, amra mithisi, TBC² 3086. mithissi cetheora n-uar
fichet, RC xi 450 =mithesse, ZCP iii 253.7 .in cach midisi
55aimsirda (.i. in cach aimsir), Eg. 88,f. 2d ( O'C. 2144 ).iar cúl
mithisi after a lapse of time, Met. Dinds. ii 6.77 (=iar coll m. ¤ LL
163b13 ).ni ren duine tir mic Dé ar maine mithisi (.i. ar maine
maithi uaisi) for transitory wealth(?), H. 4.22 p. 73b ( O'C. 2094 ).
ro thochaithset mithisi fhoda do urthosach na hoidhche, Hugh
60Roe 312.28 (fo. 81b) . Asadvl.acc.:cotlais A. mithissin mbic,
RC xxi 320 § 48 (asn-st.;cf. fithisin).iar mbeith fo múr
mithisse`after pausing under the rampart a breathing space',
Met. Dinds. iii 158.10 .bí mithis i measg sgoile remain a while,
Content. xxii 29. Of atruce: iar comarlechudh do Priaim in
65mithisiu, LL 406b42 ( TTr. 2098 ).dochúas ó Agamemnon do
chuinchid mithisi .xxx. laa, TTr.² 1123 ;cf. 1103 , 1637 .pl.
céin robátar namithisi while the truces lasted, 1387 .

2 mithis n[f.] disgrace,reproach? ni agat (.i. āgatar) monud no
m. ¤ (.i. mi-athis) no gorud fri richid ruaid (.i. i llo bratha), LL
70 364 marg. sup.?nimtha seilbh saerḟorba do mhac Mucchna
mithisi`there shall not be possession of free land with the son of
hapless M.
', BR 198.21 =du mac muchna mithisi, BB 278.
15 =dom mac muchna imdhaisi, LL 386b2 .Cf. midise.

? mitiu: ind mitíu [mitev.l.] miadach | dídíu [dítiuv.l.] duanach,
75 IT iii 76 § 41.

? mítta x LL 161b marg. sup., seemátta.

? mitteag n bleat,bleating: mitteag na ngabhar, géim na mbath,
Eg. Gl. 450. miteag, Dinneen (quoting above).

? miu n mew(of a cat)? meoinne .i. ainm cait . . . .i. m. ¤ ina inde
80. . . .i. meghel ina inde mew in its intestines(?), O'Dav. 1246.
An onomatopoeic formation?

mlaissiud n m. the act oftasting: ni techte a ṡlocud in parsa cen
a mlaissiuth, Thes. ii 255.17 ( Stowe Miss. 66a ).

mláith adj i. (earlier form ofbláith, Ped. i 163 ) smooth,soft: tech-
85taire m. ¤ miltengthach, Ériu iii 106 § 44 (blaith,mblaithMSS.).
co sīnaib mlāithib with mild seasons, ZCP xi 83.1 .