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1 mes(s) n u,m., (vn.ofmidithir)n s. inmes , Ml. 30b24 .mess,
Wb. 11b26 .g s. messa, 4c24 .messai, Mon. Tall. 6. n p. mesai,
55 Ml. 55d11 .a p. mesu, Laws ii 246.8 .messu, LL 188a52 ( RC
xxvi 36 ).meas(m.,g s. n p. -a), IGT Decl. § 95 (p. 127.23) .
(a)the act ofjudging; ajudgement,opinion:gl.censura, Ml.
24a1 , 27c13 ;aestimatio, 30b24 , 31d6 ;examinatio, 30c7 , 47a5 ;
examen, 26c12 .meas .i. breath, O'Cl. mess dimicne, Wb.
60 11b26 ,cf. Ml. 24a9 .cach mes co cubus, Arch. iii 226 z .buden
dib dogēntar do mes . . . buden aile díb na dingēntar do mes
some of them will be subject to judgement, LU 2369 , 2375 ( RC
iv 250 §§ 17 , 18 ).
With obj. gen.:[is] é a mess limm this is my opinion about
, Sg. 188a19 .ná bad dia mess let it not be to judge him, Wb.
6b5 .ragait aithle a mmessa dochom péné after they have been
, LU 2370 ( RC xxiv 250 ).atu-sa . . . icom mes ó na dib
rigu sechtmogat I am being judged by, PH 1408. doní P.
taoiseach sluaigh do M. iar meas a chródhachta dó after
70judging of his valour
, Keat. ii 681. Folld. byFOR(AR):nebmess
for nech not judging any one, Wb. 8d26 .lēc-siu ildeth [= i
lleth] nDé mess for a menmain-som leave it to God to judge the
mind of such
, Mon. Tall. 56. doraga [Críst] do mess for bíu
┐ marbu, PH 3632 ,cf. 3159 , 5011 , 7284 .ni hinann meass is
75cōir for Cesair a right opinion of C., CCath. 757. dá ndeachainn
a meas orra if I should enter into judgement on them, Content.
xviii 92. madat comluatha . . . ním-lúaidfed mes ar a ṅdath
if (the horses) are equally swift, I shall not be influenced by their
, ZCP viii 217 § 2. ni hinnill rug . . . mess no brethnu-
80ghadh ar in region, Fl. Earls 40.15 .ar mbreith dō mesa ar an
ffonn after his forming an opinion on the land, Leb. Gab. i 42.
With subj. gen.:iar mes cech deg-athar dil, Met. Dinds.
iii 8. Absol.,the facultyofjudgement: is i in stair fa stiuir
meassa under the guidance of judgement(?), BB 17b8 .nem-
85[ḟ]agbail in measa | na feasa do thomus(sign of a degenerate
age), Arch. iii 240 § 3.
(b)theLast Judgement: nacham-tuca Demon lais . . . resiu
doneither in mes, Ériu ix 50.4 .i llathiu in messa on Doomsday ,
Hy. ii 53. nípa hécen tene bratha . . . nó hadall messai doib,
Mon. Tall. 6. i ló mheasa an mhórshluaigh, PBocht 102.25 .
5(c) appraisement,estimate,valuation , with obj. gen.mess
moga valuation of a slave, Laws v 394.5 .is e mess a loighe . . .
in scriball, ii 240.10 Comm. mess tiri: tomus forrag, iv 340.8 .
fri mesu ┐ toimsiu, ii 246.8 , with gl.:.i. cia ba fiu . . . .i. cia ba
meit(from which it appears that `mes' = estimate of value ,
10`tomus'measurement).Cf. mes .i. ó ṡúil ┐ tomus ó laim(i.e.
a `mes' is formed by viewing, a `tomus' by measuring), O'Dav.
1244. cēt muc, cēt mart arna mhes(i.e.up to the required
standard), ZCP viii 116.3 . This may be the meaning in the
phrase:fri(a) m. ¤ to be estimated=according to(its)valuation?
15 .l. mart fria meas, BB 270b40 =ria meas, BR 64.2 .dá
bairgin nár becc re mes, SG 20.27 .Cf.also:co n-érne in rí
rán fri mess | ar cach ṅdán a miad diles pays for each art its
proper honour according to due estimate
(?), Met. Dinds. iii 20.
aicci no bítis ria mess | min-ṡeóit Medba, 464 .ba muccaid
20menmnach ria mess, iv 176.1 .Lugaid ainm cach meic ria
mess, 136 . Further exx.:ag meas na gcloigeann examining
(comparing), TSh. 7712. gidh cóir Meadhbh ré Móir do mhes
to compare Meadhbh with Mór, IGT Dec. ex. 1024. g
attrib.:iiii longalānmheasa ofstandard value(?measure), BB
25 276a26 . — Hence:meas .i. tomhus, O'Cl.
(d) opining,deeming,supposing , with obj. gen. or subord.
clause:atáid cách . . . dá mheas gur dhearbh libh . . . every one
suspects that
, Content. xxvii 7. ní héidir a mheas go mbiadh . .
TSh. 396.
30(e) estimate , reputation , with defining gen.:meas naomh-
thachta fame of sanctity, Arch. Hib. i 87 § 19. is follus nach
fuil . . . meas stáire fírinnighe ag na seanchadhaibh ar chath
Fionntrágha that the shanachies do not regard the battle of
Ventry as true history
, Keat. i 50.5 .meas craosaigh the reputa-
35tion of a glutton
, TSh. 7093. ná tugadh éandhuine meas
dhuine gan chéill oram, 2 Cor. xi 16.
(f)absol.,esteem, respect,regard: bantrocht nach bec mess
immach`not small in esteem abroad', Met. Dinds. iii 14. ní
barr measa don taoibh theas`no crown of honour to the south',
40 Content. xv 16. dot ghruaidh ttaidhleach téid a mheas`its
credit goes to thy shining cheek
' (= the gift owes its value to
the giver?), Studies 1921, 275 § 2 . With
gan mes ar mhaoinibh making no account of treasures, BNnÉ
280.21 .go mbia meas agad ar dhiscréid, Prov. v 2. gleacaidhe
45. . . nár chuir meas ar chasc ná ar chartaibh who set no store
on cask or quart
, Keat. Poems 530. ní do mhés oruinn fein
acht do mhés ar Chriosd not for our sake but for sake of C.,
Luc. Fid. 228.12 .

2 mes(s) n u,m., (cf.W.mes`acorns') tree-fruit(coll.), esp.mast.
50 mess, Corm. Y 917. budiu nā mess cumra, LL 295b49 .crand
messa .i. dair, 358 marg. dext. ní caiter mess crobang ccáemh,
Arch. iii 304 y .mes dairbhre, Buile S. 132.4 .meas ralach,
Oss. iv 280.18 .cnuas cacha feada .i. a mes ┐ a cno, Laws v
484.13 Comm. turcbat uile don chóemchrund | duille ┐ bláth
55┐ mess, Met. Dinds. iii 288. mess ┐ claiss ┐ muirthorud(a
result of good government), LU 10116 ,cf. ZCP iii 229 § 1. is
ina flaith atát na tri bairr for Erind .i. barr días ┐ barr scoth
┐ barr messa, BDD 66. dithle ith ┐ blicht ┐ meas(result of
misconduct in a ruler), Laws v 450.13 .meas dub a draignib
60(i.e. blackberries, sloes), YBL 118a marg. inf.= Bruchst. i
§ 161 .slat mín messa, Ir. Texts ii 23 § 10. mac . . . meic
messai meic thoraid, Aisl. MC 33.20 .i gcuibhreann na muc
fán meas, TSh. 3451. pl. mārmesamārḟeda great crops of mast
from the great forest
, ZCP xi 92 § 17. fochmuine cen messu,
65 RC xxvi 46.2 .g attrib.:saill tuirccmesa of a mast-fed
, ZCP xiii 270.19 .peata muice measa, Content. xi 6. muc remithuit mess a pig that falls before the mast
(of one dying prematurely), BDD 66 =is mucc remitéit
[remetuit, remituitv.l.] mess, 106 .Cf. FM ii 114.13 .
70 Fig.of persons:mār-mess cona hilblasaib(of Colum Cille),
Rawl. 122b30 .a Mælṡeachlaind ní[t] meas meathcraind,
IT iii 88 § 105 = Bruchst. i § 33 .Cf. a c[h]nú da meas na
Ma[i]gdini(of Christ), Arch. iii 235 § 29.
In plant-name:mes torc(=agnus castus), Arch. i 325 § 2.
75 meas torc allaid tutsan,parkleaves , Rosa Angl. 214 y .g s.
lurga anmeastuirc allaid, 62.19 .

3 mes(s) n g s. mes(s)e.Afosterling , see ZCP iii 470. meas.i.
dalta, O'Cl. Used (a) in compds., seemeschú,-chuire.
(b) folld. by a gen. in personal names;orig. a descriptive
80term or cognomen.Mesloen(cognomen of Berchan), Thes. ii
280.33 (Adamnan V. Col.).Mes Buachalla, BDD 7 (mother
ofConaire Mór, so called because fostered by herdsmen, § 5 ).
IT i 130.16 .gen. MeseB., BDD 7. Mesi B., 8 . MeissiB.,
Ériu iii 139.21 .mess Codail`C.'s fosterling' (of Ériu), Met.
85Dinds. iv 186. Mes Dead, CRR 40 (v s. aMeisDead,ib.) =
Mess Dia, Met. Dinds. iii 108 ;Mes Dé, LL 31b32 .g s. Messe
chon, Rawl. 154d36 , LL 327cz .Mesi corb, LL 311a27 . Later
such names came to be regarded as true compounds and only
the second component was inflected.
See alsomeisén.