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menbolg n o,m., (bolg) a bag,pouch; part of asoldier's equip-
85ment .oc etromughadh a menbholg iarna n-astar, Hugh Roe
190.8 (fo. 50b) .go ro cuirsiot é a minchliabhaibh ┐ a men-
bholccaibh, FM vi 2214.4 .Perh. ameal-bagforcarrying
provision , seemen.Cf. is cian dond ḟir fil sund . . . beith fri
beolu menbolg, LL 119a10 .

menbugud xseemenbaigid.

5 mend adjseemenn.

ménfadach n ā,f., (cf. mén)the act ofyawning,tendencytoyawn .
méanfach,-faghadh, O'R. méanfadhach, Dinneen .menfadach
(transl.oscitatio), Rosa Angl. 26.1 .meanfadach, 228.7 .
menfadach, 23 K 42,116.16 .

10 meng n ā,f.,awile,ruse;guile,craft ; freq. associated withmebal.
meang .i. cealg, O'Cl. meng . . . .i. drochenech, Corm. Y 934.
Breg ┐ Meng ┐ Meabal, 723 .níor íonmhuin leó cealg nā meang,
Oss. iv 156.19 .ros-bráthaig tria ming [meingv.l.] in meng
`by her falseness the false woman destroyed her', Met. Dinds.
15 iii 84. tárrus ort meing is mebuil, Ir. Texts ii 10 § 1. cen
meinġg cen mebuil cen brath, SR 3063. gan meing gan
mebail, Acall. 6902. BColm. 36.20 . ZCP viii 113.16 . KMMisc.
274 § 64. FM vi 2366.5 .g s. lānmengea corp co mbāine(of
one fair but false), ZCP vi 267 § 6. pl. saoghal nameang ,
20 MS. Mat. 569.14 .cuaine na gcéad meang, Studies 1931, 261.8 .
le menguibh nó le cluanaibh, MacAingil 285.13 . ?ticfaittit
na crosāna | fri dered domain dathaig; | beitt Gaidil go
huchānach | gunna meandaib tig thairiss (leg.meangaib
deceptions,tricks?), Fen. 302.8 .

25 mengach adj o, ā. deceitful,crafty: an tsodh mheabhlach mhean-
gach, TSh. 2120. meangach malartach meabhlach, Oss. iii
198.23 .do chind pecthach mengach meblach, Arch. iii 243.1 .
As nickname:an mendtach Ó Cimlidhcain`thecrafty ', ALC
i 182.9 (leg. mengach?).

30 menglach n (coll. frommengul?)cloths,sheets? biadh, nodh,
menglach Midhcuarta`linen sheets', O'Dav. 1282. Cf. mengul
.i. anart [ut est] biadh noud mengach mengul,ib.quoted from
H. 3.18 p. 72c ( O'C. 115 ); O'Davoren's reading may perh. be
a conflation of the last two words.

35 mengul n acloth,sheet:seemenglach.

menid adv almost,nearly?gl.paene [incredibile], Ml. 131c16 ; prob.,
as Ascoli ccclxxxiv suggests, =manid` if it is not '.

menma n(O.Ir.menmae)n,m. n s. menme, Wb. 6d3 , 10a15 etc.
menmae, Ml 21c3 , 31a24 .menma, Sg. 202a ( Thes.ii p. xxi).
40 menmai, SR 1692. g s. menman, Wb. 1c15 , Ml. 54a1 .inmen-
man , 15a2 .menmmann, Sg. 59b16 .a s. menmain, Ml. 21a8 .
menmuin, Wb. 3d13 , 13a12 .d s. menmain, Ml. 54a5 .menmuin,
51a1 .n p. name[n]mana , 35c5 . Occas. writtenmenmm-in
Sg. In Mid.Ir.fem.:indmenme , Mon. Tall. § 39. menma
45(n,f.), IGT Dec. § 8. (g s. menma) § 2 .
Themind in wide sense, hence (a)thethinking faculty, the
understanding: menme corp animm imbráti mind, body, soul,
, Wb. 31b26 .tucfa mo menme a n-asbérat mo beiúil
(gl.orabo mente), 12d12 .oínmenme lib occoetoíngním(gl.
50 unanimes), 6d3 .is imradud á labradsidi in menman the speech
of the mind is thought
, Ml. 138a3 .frecrae menmman a mental
, Sg. 28b15 .scríbend menmman an intended writing,
178b3 .airecc menman(=mentis inventum), Hib. Min. 8.252 .
i n-ecnairc meanman (.i. a n-ecmais ceille codnaid), Laws v
55510.5 , 22 .ticc co menicc fo menmain occurs to the mind, Arch.
iii 321 § 1. is messi dorat fó menmain Aililla do seirc-siu, IT
i 127.32 (LU =for menmain, Eg.).tainicc for menmain do
B. tormach . . . do chuingidh, BNnÉ 19.14 .nach raibe for
menmain righ nā thaisigh acht fledach neither king nor chief
60thought of anything save feasting
, Marco P. 126. indtí dogní ní
do maith fria menmain fadesin the man who does good in
, Mon. Tall. § 21. in tíí chomailles in maith cretes ho
menmain, PH 6794. is tar menmin lim it passes my under-
(? `es geht mir gegen den Sinn' transl.), ZCP viii 175.
6527 (Laon Gl.).ni mór conanic Priam a ḟrecra . . . acht namá
atbert dar menmain, TTr.² 748 (`in his mind', Stokes;without
thinking, on the spur of the moment
?).turnfaidh se a mair dar
menmuin will upset the minds of all living(?), Ir. Texts ii 83
§ 15 .
70 Esp.thought,heed,attention: gíd uathad lín in chaire | do
chaitter menma airi(i.e. it calls for attention), TBC 2358.
Michél . . . focheird mo m. ¤ airi`my mind is set on him', Ériu ii
92 § 2 .bííth a menme frisso[m](gl.cognoscat), Wb. 13a22 .
is ferr menme friss(gl.alioquin [et tu excideris]), 5b37 ; `better
75is (thy) mind towards Him
', Thes.;better bear that in mind(a
caveat)?a ben! ni friot atá mo menmo: ata mo menma
colleic isind imairiuc, Fianaig. 10 § 1. is beithi menmæ frisin
fodor`care must be taken (to check) murmuring', Ériu vii 164.4 .
ní théit mo m. ¤ fri bethaid I care nought for life, CCath. 2186.
80 m. ¤ re cill, cul re tuaith, Arch. iii 306 § 9. m. ¤ re múnadh
máthar(characteristic of a good daughter), ZCP iv 468 § 10.
a m. ¤ ina ndulemain their thoughts fixed on their Creator, FA 7.
focerd m. ¤ in coca thairis the cook forgot all about it, Lism. L.
1997. rachuaid a m. ¤ dar slúag na Troiana they made no
85account of
, LL 243a21 ( TTr. 1950 ).óid menmain féil Teclae
give heed to, Fél. June 1 .on uair doratus-sa mu menmain i
nDia, Lism. L. 1736 ; ZCP xii 370.1 .bid at menmain bear in
mind,remember , Rosa Ang. 222.9 . Thought,i.e. opinion,
belief,fancy: ní bá m. ¤ la cech n-óen . . . corob . . . no one will
deem that
, TTr.² 289. nirbó m. ¤ léa ben . . . do derscugud dí
5 she did not think that any woman could surpass her, 364 ,cf. 366 .
Exceptionally with obj. gen. thought(of),care,concern(for):
tanic gérmenma Conculaind do Ḟergus F. thought anxiously
of C.
, TBC² 498. atta m. ¤ int sloig ocom innocht I am con-
cerned about the host to-night
, LU 4693 ,cf. TBC² 220.
10(b)ofemotionalnature,state of mind,feelings (= Lat.
animus):bid maith mo menme-se(gl.ut bono animo sim), Wg.
23d2 .ni bu fǽlid leis a menma, FB 56. na mba olcc a m. ¤
frimm that he may not be angry with me, Sg. 202 a ( Thes. ii
p. xxi ).ba holc lasna haithechaib a m. ¤ , ZCP xi 60.21 .ba holc
15frisin imper a m. ¤ de-sin the emperor was perturbed thereby, PH
1028. is tromm ar menmæ linn indiu, ZCP viii 176.5 (Laon
Gl.).dagmenme no mesce tre ol cormæ jollity , Mon. Tall. § 40.
as coir daoibh m. ¤ maith do beith occaibh to be of good cheer,
Leb. Gab. i 244.20 .maille re menmain maith ┐ re deghc[h]ai-
20themh aimsire, Fl. Earls 58.13 .mac rig is cuilen mílcon . . .
inand m. ¤ doib malle propensity,disposition , MR 14.9 .
(c) spirit,courage,self-confidence: m. ¤ ┐ meisnech maith do
beth acu, ZCP vi 29.22 .as mé an mathgamhain ar menmain,
BNnÉ 285.32 .foillsig do menma a Maghnuis! Ir. Texts ii 60
25§ 25 .leicid deocha dia n-elifinntib . . . do metugud a menman
┐ a ndasachta, Marco P. 187. a n-uabhar ┐ a meanma chroidhe,
Isa. ix 9. Esp. in phraseméit menman(often with notion of
overweening self-confidenceorconceit): ro chomarlécc Dia do
Petar imarbos do denum, náchar-gabad met menman, PH
30 3178. go ttainic mét menman chuige`pride of spirit', RC
xxix 110 § 1. met menman ┐ aicnid, Cog. 188.15 .Éibhear go
méad meanma`great-hearted E.', Content. vi 28. ní hiongnadh
dhí méad meanman, Gofraidh Fionn v 28 ( Ir. Monthly 1919. )
See alsomórmenma.
35(d) desire,inclination (cf.Eng.`I have a mind to . . .'):coir
menman`anoffenceofheart,voluntary ', Eg. Gl. 132. do denam
a menman ┐ do airiuc thuile dó, ZCP iii 7.6 ( LL 270a5 ).mairg
fa ttabhraid mna menma woe to those on whom women set their
, Buile S. 112.1 .in tan fuarais neach ro gab do mean-
40main ┐ dia tucais searc, Aen. 689. is í m. ¤ ag mac S. . . . dol do
chómfégain Chláir Néill, O'Gr. Cat. 408.20. m. ¤ theithmi
desire of flight, AU iii 544.20 .nochar mhór leis clár-Bhanbha
do beith aige re a mhenmain at his pleasure(?), Duan. Finn
i 86.28 .pl. dar a mōit ┐ dar amenmannaib against their wish
45and inclinations
, Alex. 1101. ba duthracht linn . . . mad iar
menmannuib connētsimis(=if we followed our inclinations
we would comply with your request
?), IT ii2228.35 Eg. =
iar menmannrad, YBL.
(e) high spirits,pleasure,elation(late use): gí bé da ttabhair
50meanmuin, | atá neach da ttabhair brón, KMMisc. 346.15 .
rachthaoi-si amach maille ré meanmuin with joy, Isa. lv 12.
gáirdeachas ┐ meanma mhór, 1 Pet. iv 13.