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5 leth n oands,n.Freq. treated as two words, l.o,n. half and
l.s,n. side (e.g.Thurn. Gramm., Críth Gabl., BDD). But
it is in some contexts difficult to decide between the two
meanings, andcf. d s. leth(side), Ml. 51d3 , 128a1 (leith, 62b13 ),
d s. leith(half), Sg. 18a4 (but see note in Thes.),leuth, Bcr.
10 3c , SR 8041 ;g du. leithe, Sg. 25b6 is ambiguous in meaning,
and withlethe, Fél. Dec. 4 may belong to the by-formleithe,
which latter. however, is more reliably attested in meaning
sidethan in meaninghalf:a s. lethe, Ml. 30b2 , Im. Brain 49 ,
leithi, TBC² 525. d s. lethe(MS.), Críth Gabl. 428 , Grail
15 2004 .-leithe, Ir. Astr. Tr. 8.27 .
In later lang. more usual in meaninghalf(for meaning
side cf. táeb) except in adv. and prep. phrases, in which
both meanings are frequent.leath m., IGT Decl. § 31. f. , § 39 .
Ain meaning side,direction .
20 I (a) side: cia beth cosar do cluim glain / fom dda lethe
though I had a couch strewn of down beneath my sides, ZCP
xiii 258.11 .a beóil for leith a cind, BDD² 541. Cf. do-berad
urcar do cloich fuirre ┐ níba cian o leit[h] a cinn, TBC St.
1311 .tibri da leithe`to laugh on all sides', Laws v 228.27
25(a kind of satire).i. gaire uime . . . do cach l. ¤ , 230.13 Comm .
?gur gab cairde fair ona cethre lethaib, asrenar . . . a di
chumal cairde gacha leithe dona cethre lethaib, O'C. 2532 - 3
( Eg. 88,44 ).ord cumaisc imorro .i. a cumusc a gabail as a
leth deridh`the latter end(?)', Laws v 26.21 Comm .ro-
30claenad-som . . . cach l. ¤ don luiṅg, TTebe 1995 .fal na leiti-si
(sic) . . . don longphort, CCath. 5177 .tréd na loidhe ar leith
an cnuic, Ir. Texts ii 2 § 8 .ruc sí . . . mac forsin faidche ┐
sí fó leith ina dromlaig carrying one side of the pail(?), SG
326.28 ( RC xxiv 190.13 ). ? Page: fec leath 91, 92, MS. Mat.
35 573.29 (seelethenach). Less freq. direction,region :sechip l. ¤
fon ṁbith foguir`on whatever side', Thes. ii 300.4 ( Hy. i ).
cid féchai-siu issind l. ¤ cían úait, IT i 121.10 ( TE 6 Eg.).
mairg lingis lēim in l. ¤ -sain(i.e.towards Hell), ZCP vi 265 § 15.
is i do leath coir tanacais you have done well to come, Aen.
40 1870. In chevilles:forom l. ¤ , LU 3867 ( SC 38 ).slúaig ós
lethaib, Airne F. 288. Obscure:tāinic gaimred co ngainni /
rolīnsat lethe linni`die Wasser haben die Flachlande angefüllt',
Bruchst. i 67 § 156 (letha,v.l.).da each a laim leath aer
sealba`two horses in hand at the border of the land', Laws iv
4518.20 (leth saor selba,v.l.).
(b)Oftwofold divisionof ahouse side(?),part(?);indala
l. ¤ de crín ┐ araile úr one part of seasoned and the other of
green wood
, Trip.² 601 .isind le[i]th ailiu, i fochlu on the
other side, the north
, Críth Gabl. 591 .l. ¤ in tige . . . do
50Conchobur . . . a ll. ¤ n-aill do bantrocht Ulad, LU 8159 ( FB 12 ).
l. ¤ in tige . . . la Connachta ┐ in l. ¤ aile la Ulto, Sc. M² 5 .isin
leith aile in tigi, TTebe 473 .san leith oile`in the other
', TD 11.16 .an uair do chuiridís tuighe ar leath
an tighe . . . chum na leithe oile, Oss. iii 216. 18 - 19 .
55(c) Of the sides of the body withdessandclé:atá . . . /
a scíath da leith chlíu on his left side, MU² 489 .certláech
da leith deis . . . fer bec . . . da leith chlí on his right, on his
, 538 - 40 .don ochtmad asna uachtarach chleib a lethi
deis Adaim doronta Eua, Mac Carthy 48.12 .dul sa leath
60chlé dod chridhe / slighe i dteach nDé 'gun duine, DDána
10.25 .ar uaisle an leithe dheis dil, Content. i 10 .dá
dheis . . . dá leith chlí, TSh. 4090 .do leith do láimhe
deise, DDána 24.23 .
(d) With words indicating points of compass:fri mílid in
65lethe atúaid`of the northern region', Met. Dinds. iv 40.7 .
forin leith tuaiscertaigh don áth, TBC St. 2869 .don leith
thuaidh, DDána 64.36 .leath thúaigh northward, Deut. iii
27 .barsan leith descertach ind átha, TBC 3387 .mad od
leith anneas gai[res an drean], Ériu viii 122.27 .ar an
70táobh theas leath theas on the south side southwards, Exod.
xxvi 18 .don leath ṡoir eastwards, 2 Kings xiii 17 .
(e) In phr. (a)l. ¤ with clause containing verb of motion
thedirectionin which,anywhere,wherever :nistá leó l. ¤ do-
75coiset do chuincid neich`they have nowhere that they can go to
beg anything
', Mon. Tall. 128.10 .in l. ¤ bertait sin hí lecidsi
dóib wherever they bring her, LU 3125 .l. ¤ dia mbí in gaeth is
fris bís in chomla facing the wind, BDD² 1312 .hiss ē l. ¤
ruc-sum a rēim / co Cenannas, Fing. R. 659 .é l. ¤ luidi for
80tochmarc, Met. Dinds. ii 2.20 .teis lee alleath gebus remat
`you shall go with it whither it will go before you', Ériu v 120.16 .
régat a l. ¤ dīa tuitched`I shall go whither I have set out', i
116.8 .in leith teid(of a spear), Laws v 30.11 Comm .in
leath bearar [in] slúaigead, Ir. Review 1912, 248 § 3 .is é l. ¤
85do-chuaid Conn ar a imgabāil a mesg c[h]lainni . . . Morna,
ML² 1806.
Also withcach:cach led dochoid-som sund wherever
he went
, Wb. 14c20 .cach l. ¤ no théged, IT i 130.23 .cech l. ¤
naragdais, ZCP viii 110 § 7.
For the constructionis é l. ¤ attoíbi . . . co dú, is aentadach
5fri . . . co dú this is the context of, this is a parallel passage
, etc. seeattoíbi,oentadach.
In a large variety of adverbial and prepositional phrases.
IIWith adverbs of direction:ar in leirg l. ¤ ifus, CRR 56.
immot breith assa leith adíu`about carrying thee hence',
10 Ériu i 130.34 .isind leith anall on the far side (of the house),
BDD² 669 .l. ¤ anall don ḟidh`on this side of', Ériu iii 164.29 .
leath thall d'Fhinn, Cín Lae Ó Meall. 8.27 .lethatshuas dinn
`above', O'Gr. Cat. 232.x .da'n dá cical so lethatís dind,
290.27 .don leith amuidh externally, Grail 2621 .leith
15amuich outside(contr. withastig), Párl. na mB. 2132 .l. ¤
amaich d'Eirinn outside I., Acall. 6457 .leath amuigh do
uile-theorannaibh na Breataine, Keat. ii 1718 .beith leith
amuich don phecadh without sin, ITS xxix 189.13 .leith
amuigh don dá chás adubhart apart from, Mac Aingil²
204529 .leath amuigh d'aicídibh tura an fhíona except for,
Eochairsg. 95.22 .l. ¤ amuigh do mnaib not including, BCC
228.35 (§ 237) .leath 'muigh gurab amhluidh . . . apart
from the fact that
, Luc. Fid.² 3765 .l. ¤ istich inside, Celtica
ii 78.278 .andsa treas alt . . . l. ¤ astig`on the third interior
', O'Gr. Cat. 295.4 .leath istigh dar gcuimhne féin
`within our own memory', Keat. ii 423. Cf.also:is uathaib
sin l. ¤ i fat gach ferann`far and wide', SG 121.31 . In form
la-:dobert ferann do laistiar in the west, Rawl. 119a17 .
lais tiar iar fuine ngréne, Fél. 112.25 .bóirdréis . . . tímpchioll
30a ccótaoi lastíos below, Párl. na mB. 538 .d'fhan an marc-
shluagh la-amuigh, Cín Lae Ó Meall. 49.4 .
IIIWith pronominalia.
(a) With poss.a his,its :co sceasain cach ball de a leithi
(sescaind, lethe, LU)his limbs sprang apart, TBC² 525.
35 sreith cechtar de a l. ¤ he knocked each of them in a different
(lit.his own) direction, LL 13983 .tēit in slōg uili for teiched,
cach fer a l. ¤ , Death-tales 34 § 4 .luid cách a lethi each went
his way
, LL 14308 .téit . . . cechtar de a l. ¤ íar sain, TBFr. 169.
(b) Withaile. With prep.DOand art.on theother side
40(freq. of battle, contest, etc.):bite i n-irgail . . . friu duṅdala
leith, Ml. 47c3 .dind leith ailiugl.illinc, Bcr. 32a4 ( Thes. ii
16 ).at-raghat side súass, at-raghat didiu Ulaid don leith
eile, Sc. M² 18 R .dilluid F. . . . don l. ¤ oili a mBōaind
entered the Boyne on the other side, ZCP viii 120.14 .tiocfaid
45leis don leith oile / guais-ṡeabhuic Bheann mBoghoine,
TD 4.43 .don dara l. ¤ . . . don leith eili(of simultaneous
elections to a bishopric), Ann. Conn. 1307.12 . In more
general senseon theother hand,alternatively. Cf. ho l. ¤ ailiu
gl.e regione, Ml. 128a1 .dob'áil liom . . . dob'áil leam dhon
50leith oile . . ., DDána 5.15 .don leith oile, L. Cl. A. Buidhe
192.73 .don leith oile adeir Críost . . ., TSh. 1642 . In
phr.l. ¤ n-aill elsewhere,anywhere, etc.: is ferr damsa techt
l. ¤ n-aill, LU 3347 ( SC 13 ).ráither fria . . . techt hi l. ¤ n-aill
n-aile co maitin, RC xxii 393.z . (BDD App.).indtan no teigdis
55nach l. ¤ aili when they used to go anywhere else, Mon. Tall.
129.17 .tucsat a ndorus na huama i ll. ¤ n-aill iat`inside
of the door of the cave
', PH 1018 .cidh ara tucuis in claideb
i ll. ¤ n-aile? why did you give away the sword? Lism. L. 1326.
(c) Withcach:amal . . . asroither uisce for talmain cech
60l. ¤ `on every side', Ml. 44d1 .aurchor snedar cach leth in all
, Críth Gabl. 219 .fer cach leithe lándligid`a man
of full righteousness on every side
i.e.dealing justly with
all men
', 528 and n. (or to be referred to2 l.?).co rucadur
gacha leithi ar A., Fier. 235. Usually with prec. prep.
65 DI(do,dá) orFOR(ar) in, from alldirections,sides,every-
where :immib di cach leith, Wb. 17b19 .in talmain n-impu
di cach l. ¤ , Ml. 51d3 .di cech leith, 62b13 . 66d10 .testiu
na fuile . . . for cach l. ¤ , 22b1 .for cech l. ¤ gl.longe lateque,
53b9 .slúaged . . . / de cach leith dar túatha, Fél. Ep. 35.
70 fogéba do cach leith aci agid n-airegda, LU 2029 ( FA 10 ).
for cech l. ¤ , LU 2146 ( FA 21 ).ic fégad . . . for cach l. ¤ úathu, MU²
364 .eo óir ina brut ro saiged a gúalaind for cach l. ¤ on
either side
, IT i 131.17 .di cech leithgl.undique, Lor. Gild.
67 .in popul imme di cech l. ¤ , PH 761 .dá cech leith, 7063 .
75 do gach leith ┐ da gach thaib dib, TTebe 2225 .sneachta
seacht traigthe ar gach leath uadha, SG 34.16 .táir dá
gach leith ina lenmhain, IGT Decl. ex. 1158 .ar gach leath,
L. Cl. A. Buidhe 112.43 .do gach leith do na laochaib sin,
ML² 1860 .do cach lethe, Grail 2004 .for cech l. ¤ de, 2480 .
80 da gach aen leithe de na timceall, Ir. Astr. Tr. 8.27 (leth,
v.l.).go ttuccadar gealladh air gach leith mutually, Dhá
Sgéal Art. 152. Note also:for cechtar in da leithe`on
either side
' (of a stream), Laws iv 144.11 .comtar crólinnecha
curaid di chechtar na da leithi, LL 224b27 ( TTr. 548 ).
85(d) Withcid(latercía) where,whither :inchoiscsiu damsa
ceth l. ¤ atā Emain show me the way to, TBC² 376 =ced l. ¤ ,
LU 4865 =cía let[h], TBC St. 782 .cia leath reghma?
Anecd. i 2.9 ( SCano 25 ).ni fhetar cia l. ¤ do-rechaind, acht
tucas m'aiged siar I knew not where to go, PH 500 .cia l. ¤
their Adam uait? MacCarthy 52.8 .cia leith ro cuaidh
5in clu mor-sin? what has become of? CCath. 4546 .cia l. ¤
so, a dorman? whither away? Fing. R. 90 .cid l. ¤ na mochærgi?
why are you up so early? RC xiv 400 § 4.
(e) In díb le(i)th(a)ib onboth sides,mutually :
diblethaib .i. cechtar a da leithe, O'C. 965 ( H. 3.18,415 ).
10 ra theigsetar na slúaig immi-sium do dib lethib, LL 175a42
( CRR 26 ).ro ferad cath . . . do dib lethib eturro, Ann.
Conn. 1256.6 .ro naidmset a ccodach ┐ a ccaradradh do
dib leitibh, Leb. Gab. 232.12 .dībh leithibh, Celtica iv
70.209 (l. ¤ ┐̇ tib,MS.).
15(f) Withna(ch) in anydirection,anywhere :imned dom
na lled dochood wherever I went, Wb. 17d7 .nochon occobrad-
si co ndigseth nách l. ¤ cen heisium immaróen fríe would go no-
where without him
, Trip.² 151 .na digsitís nách leth o
Ierusalem, PH 5408.
20(g) Withóen-:F. . . . ┐ L. for ōenl. ¤ , M. ┐ D. forsan l. ¤
n-aill on the one hand . . . on the other, Rawl. 149a35 .a
h-ocht Ailgenan na n-each / co ndeachaid d'eg ar enleath
together, BB 61b31 .a óga tigidh d'einleath, Duan. Finn ii
68 § 11 .cuirfiter d'éinleith will be put aside, RC xxviii 318 § 30.
25 do rug ar n-omhain d'aoinleith dispelled our fear, DDána
18a.5 .
IVWith prepositions (many uses with prepp. are exempli-
fied also underIII).
(a) WithA:a lleith posessoris by virtue of being possessor,
30 Sg. 198a18 .a lleith atraibgl.extrinsecus,in the matter of
, 198b1 .a lleith indí atreba, 200b11 .a lleith
aittrebthadogl.intrinsecus, 204a1 .biat-sa as do l. ¤ I will be
at thy side
, Alex. 93 .ac urchuitmhe assa leith making
excuses on his own behalf
, Anecd. ii 68.4 . See also under
35 i l. ¤ fri.
(b) WithAR(in later lang.):tug fiodh ar leith do lighe
made the tree to bend to one side(one of the marks of an
auspicious reign), L. Cl. A. Buidhe 224.127 .rachadsa ar do
leith`I shall side with thee', Duan. Finn ii 244 § 16 .techt ar
40a leith féin to side with him, Cín Lae Ó Meall. 40.10 .ar
mbeith d'Eireamhón ón fhior / ar leith gléimheadhón
Gaoidheal`when E. had parted from him amid the Gaels(?),
Studies 1920, 98 § 5 .níor luigh ar leith a mháthar did not
depend on
(?) (of Cú Chulainn), DDána 96.29 (`encroached
45not on his mother's land
', Ir. Monthly 1927, 437 ).
(c) WithDO(in some cases perh.DI):do leith dano dó a
óenur frisna tri cóectu mac on one side, LU 4914 = TBC²
429 .ni-s-téged nech do muintir G. secci do leith, do na
tabrad sceim némnig to one side(?), PH 7212 .co mba
50hecin di usce na Temrach da tharraing do l. ¤ ┐ cach cumal ar
uair 'na haghaidh(i.e.she always carried one side while
the others took turns on the other), RC xxiv 190.8 .in
Mangartach . . . do leith de ┐ Sliab Cruadha . . . don taob
eile, ML² 320 .gach meacain gach lus don leatsoin there,
55 Hackett xlii 59 .
Usually as prep. phrase with follg.gen.In concrete sense
in thedirectionof,towards :iarsin tictís, gním cen chleith, /
ind ríg dia leith ó thír thoich to him(`on account of him'),
Met. Dinds. ii 24.74 .do leith na hairde thuaidh facing the
(of a tent), 3 C 19,51 vb15 .nac[h] racainn do leith mo
aigte I would not go forward, TBC St. 1592 .líne do leith a
aighthe / do chathaoiribh cumhdaighthe opposite, DDána
85.42 .do leith a aighthe in front of him, CF² 1036 .do
leith a ccúil . . . do leith a ndrumann, FM iii 320.9 , 11 .
65Of the seat of a disease:go mbi nescoid isna hairnibh uair
ann do leith in droma ┐ uair eile do leith a sreabhonn . . .
┐ uair do leith a gcabhán, 3 C 19,201 rb26 - 28 . Of time:
doleith na haidhche towards night, 3 C 19,73 va24 .
do bi dias do Gaidilaib ann sin do l. ¤ in Chimsogaig on
70C.'s side
, Ann. Conn. 1281.4 .
past,by (hereDI(?)):romgab do leith losinan the fox
avoided, slunk by me
, ZCP i 459. 11 .amail sinchān do leith
ǣgaire, Aisl. MC 85.2 (`approaching a shepherd').Fig. na
hinghena . . . nobitis ic amran ┐ hic duchunn no geibed do
75leith doib dano imradagh anma Hectoir used to avoid(?),
LL 405a19 ( TTr.² 1086 ).
In more abstr. senses.Withrespectto, asregards,according
to:is do leith genelaig fer nGréc doib, Dinds. 128. ?tiuc-
faidh in cétmuinnter fo coruib ┐ cidh adhaltrach hí ticfaidh
80a fear .i. do leth in oirechta comtibach, O'D. 2077 ( Rawl.
487, 58 ).a chlú do leith eolasa ┐ eagna, Keat. ii 204 .do
leith a athar ┐ a mháthar`both on his father's and mother's
', O'D. 4896 .a n-éagmais a hárdchéme onóra do leith a
glúine geinealach`in respect of', Párl. na mB. 3570 .in
85ratione cibi
.i. do leith an bhídh, 23 K 42,307.15 .do l. ¤
dileghtha an adbuir, RC xlix 8.4 .More specificallybecause
of,from, onaccountof: do leith G. because you are related to
, Ir. Texts ii 44 § 35 .do leith ubhaill a fhachain, DDána
10.6 (`an apple caused it,' Ir. Monthly 1929, 211 ).do leith
a nemdilegtha pour cause de l'indigestion, O'Gr. Cat. 217.7.
5 na neithi . . . disgaoileas do leith a teasa because of their
, 3 C 19,49 ra27 .do l. ¤ an fuail from, by means of(in
diagnosis), 23 K 42,151.17 .
(d) WithFO separately,severally,individually :cách fo
leithgl.singuli, Wb. 5d3 .ní [i]mmalle acht is cach æ fo
10leith, 17d2 .cechtar nái fo leith, Sg. 63a15 .mórfeser a
dám inna thúaith, cóicer fo leith when engaged on his private
concerns (as an individual
), Críth Gabl. 379 (fo le[i]th(e),
428 ).ainmnigestár cach fer fó leith cona anmaim diles fein,
LU 1811 .ar cach n-ái fo leith díb, TBC 2726 .cech macc
15fo leth dia maccaib, PH 6613 .sláinte anma is cabhair
chuirp / atáid fa leith na labhuirt, Arch. Hib. i 99 § xi .ima
leith alternately, Laws iv 372.21 Comm .┐ mar sin ar na
peacadhuibh eile fó leith, Mac Aingil² 2061 .an biobla ma
leith, .i. leis fein amhain, gan ghluais,etc., Luc. Fid.² 4592 .
20Somet. withFORin this sense:don oenfer for leith`for one
man only
', Mon. Tall. 156.28 .oc ainmniugud a ball for leith,
PH 7326 .gach pearsa ar leith 'n-a Dhia dhíbh, DDána
25.6 .
(e) WithFOR(AR) aside,apart :tēit leo for l. ¤ aside, Sc.
25M² 4 .co-rrala a cholaind for l. ¤ , ┐ corro-an a chenn i fertais
in charpait to one side, 19 (leith, R.)luid īarum for l. ¤ a óinur
`aside', Death-tales 6 § 5 .ro bae-side . . . ina throscud i
Sliab Sína ar leith`apart', Celtica iv 28.381 .in ticfa ar l. ¤
do immacallaim frimsa? ZCP ii 135 § 9 .gādatar mnā
30Connacht do Conchobur tuidecht for leith, Death-tales 6 § 5 .
atat acum sund for leith / curaid ri cath . . . (: creich),
TBC 516 .ruc leis for l. ¤ da mac Z., PH 3024 .tucait aes dána
Ulad ar l. ¤ , RC xiv 430 § 56 .ar leith gá fhad fhuileongas?
`how long will he suffer the affliction of being far away?',
35 Aithd. D. 8.19 .ar leith [ó] dheachmhaidh Dhé`exempt
', PBocht 7.25 .ar leith atám ó theasda laid aside,
Studies 1924, 87 § 15 .ar leth nó i ccoitchinne in particular
or in common
, RSClára 117b . ?in slicht socinelach geinfes
for leith on ridiri ┐ on maigdin sin, Grail 2669 . In this
40sense somet. withFO:ód thriall fó leith, Oss. vi 54.19 .
doimthigh a nimh . . . as fo leith, Ériu v 88.34 . ? With
TAR:no gur cuir in rig dar l. ¤ mathair a cloindi put aside(?),
YBL 317b24 (cf.Aided M. Gloss.).
(f) In quasi-adjectivaluse with bothFOandFOR apart,
45 separate,different,special :gnáe far l. ¤ gl.separatim, Sg. 73b1 .
syllabfo leith, 165b2 .co ndergensat rainn fo leith digl.
separauerunt ab aliis partibus, 187b6 . 188a22 . 188b5 . 212a6 .
Of a particular kind of assembly:cis lir cenēla airechta
dochusin la Fēne? . . . A cōic: cūlairecht ┐ taebairecht ┐
50airecht uirdnidhe ┐ airecht fo l. ¤ etairecht fodesin, ZCP xii
359.14 .airecht fo l. ¤ , is a suidhi bīt nadmand ┐ ratha (sic
MS.) ┐ fiadain, 360.1 .torinolta i tech for leith, Trip.² 228.
biaid pian for leith er son cech peccaid air, PH 7617 .gab-
satt . . . ferann fo l. ¤ , BColm. 8.3 .atá i n-airicul fo leith,
55 LU 3374 ( SC 16 ).rogairm Cond . . . ar fót fo leith`called
C. aside
', Ériu iii 160.y .trí lá is tri aidche ba leith / bámmar
uile i tig Cachir, RC vii 292.53 .dath fo l. ¤ a eduigh cach
lae, Laws ii 148.6 Comm .cás ar leith an Lúan`Doomsday,
supreme danger
', PBocht 5.47 .rann ar leith ni dliged dam,
60 Ir. Texts ii 41 § 9 .seómra ar l. ¤ , RSClára f. 111b .pian ar
leith ar an intinn, ┐ pian fá leith ar an gcorp, TSh. 6495 - 6 .
(g) In phr.le(i)th for (ar) le(i)th onboth sides,respectively,
bothofthem (usually of two persons or groups):ra fornaidmit
na glinni sin leith for l. ¤ , MU² 106 .co mbaí . . . nónbur ra
65hulibásaib eturru l. ¤ for l. ¤ , 118 .rointer Eri l. ¤ ar l. ¤ `share and
', Met. Dinds. iii 358.35 .in cath rolád, l. ¤ for l. ¤ , iv
250.65 .ro tuit . . . in cath l. ¤ ar leith, CCath. 2217 .M.
. . . ┐ F. / fríoth a n-árach leath ar leath, DDána 64.25 .
táinig a ré leath ar leath / sgol Uladh, éigse Laighneach,
70 115.2 .forna cathaibh leath ar leath, CF² 1195 .go rangattar
. . . da nionaduibh féin l. ¤ ar l. ¤ respectively, BNnÉ 201.33 .
a gcoingheall leath ar leath(aequa utriusque conditio), TSh.
3871. More generally:an tuile dhámh, leath ar leath the
throng of companies, side by side
, Ériu v 56.67 .an cúiger
75druadh, leath ar leth`the five wizards, side by side', iv 222
§ 38 . In follg. ratherinturn, oneaftertheother :fuaradh
na mball leath ar leath, DDána 27.6 .ughdair Ghaoidheal
leath ar leath, O'R. Poems 1473 .fágbhuim-si fós, leath
ar leath / beannacht uaim ag gach aoinneach, Celtica iv
80119 § 30 . Note also:as mar sin an cethramadh cric as
mesarda ┐ is ferr acu l. ¤ ar l. ¤ `all things considered', Ir. Astr. Tr.
140.x . Other constructions:di leith for l. ¤ , TBC 1685 .do
leith for leith, MR 222.z .do leith fo leith, 240.24 .leath
um leith, PBocht 18.17 .do leith dar l. ¤ , TTebe 3122 .
85(h) WithIin such a wide and subtle variety of meanings
as hardly to be amenable to classification. That given here
must be regarded as arbitrary, and the ascription of an
example to one category or another is in many cases very
In physical sensein thedirectionof,towards :co cualatar
5guth mbec ina hingini hi leith in tigi, Ir. Texts i 2.18 .
rothicfa it' lethe-su will come to thee, Im. Brain 49 (`to thy
'; `to your country', Murphy Lyrics).Laighnigh i leith
do dhroma behind you, DDána 101.53 .i leith leaptha red
lennán, Buile S. 46.4 . With follg.DO:a leith don chaislēn,
10 Cín Lae Ó Meall. 26.24 .a leith da druim from behind, TTebe
1016 .Cf. forsin marcsluag do bi l. ¤ da ndruim behind them,
Ann. Conn. 1247.7 . =a leith a ndroma, ALC i 376.18 .
Ofkinship,family connection: hua-som Codiáir moir . . .
i ll. ¤ o mathair on the mother's side, LU 1136 ( ACC § 121
15Comm. ).dáermacne . . . a lleth o mathrechaib, TBC 1739.
ar ni boi astig nech bad glica a l. ¤ o mnaib`weil im Hause
auf Seiten der Frauen keine Klügere war
', ZCP xiii 270.6 .
comdais meic do Mac-Con na trī Fothaid gē beit i leith Sīl
Fergusa, Corp. Gen. 263 .sil a leith ciníl do chríadh, Ir.
20Texts ii 35 § 31 .leanfa D. . . . i leith athar rian na Róisteach,
Ó Bruad. i 110.3 . ?enmac do fhácuib do chloinn / ina leith
do Tuathaib Temra, Ir. Texts ii 23 § 12.
téit i l. ¤ joins forceswith: resortsto,places one's trustin,
seeks refugein: ós éigin dóibh dola id leith`they will surely
25join thee
', Aithd. D. 24.18 .a luas . . . / do-chuas i leith
láimhe libh`the speed with which men flocked to thee', 77.22 .
dol na l. ¤ dí ní digha, Ir. Texts ii 57 § 4. Cf. dochóidh . . . /
Muire i leith mh'oige d'fhighe`Mary . . . has set about weaving
my nature
', PBocht 12.28 .leabhair Chaisil is chláir Macha /
30nír mheiste dhóibh dol 'na leith, L. Cl. A. Buidhe 237.10 .
dola a leith na leabhar linn, KMMisc. 174 § 29 .cách i
leith a deisi ag dul resorting to force(?), L. Cl. A. Buidhe
193.92 .mar thug láimh fá chreich na Cásg / a leith a grásd
do-cháidh Crísd, IGT Decl. ex. 1001 ( DDána 38.6 ).ní a
35leith a chémend do-chúaidh / an Múaid ag breith lémend
lúidh was not content to proceed at its normal pace(?), IGT ex.
1256 .
fo-ceird (cuirid) i leith assignsto,ascribesto:curther a
n-ugturas hi lleith Duid a oenur, Hib. Min. 128 (of Psalms).
40 is e Ferceirtni cuires in irad so i ll. ¤ na n-ugdar ┐ ite na hugdar
(sic) i cuirter l. ¤ , BB 299b36 - 7 .ferta . . . meic Dé do chur i
lleth Belzebúb to give B. the credit for, PH 6436 .is e fath ara
cuirther primhdhacht i lleith na tri mberla sin`superiority
is claimed on behalf of
', Auraic. 162. Cf. ilmuine mic Dé
45nacha cuiridhsi i far leth feisin`which claim not ye for your-
', Laws i 22.22 Comm . Also chargeswith,laysto the
accountof,attributesto:is lib-si fessin . . . in chair doralais
inar leth-ni, Alex. 946 .Críoch Chonnacht a ndúthchas féin/
na leith ní cuirthe mar chéim`is not to be brought as a charge
50against them
', Content. vi 91 .ar n-éara 'n-a leith na léigidh
`let not my rejection ever be brought (as a proof of carelessness)
against Thy work', Aithd. D. 77.17 .cuir 'n-a leith do chosg
do chean / an rosg do bheith ag briseadh, DDána 27.4 .dá
gcuirthear uabhar i leith fir aca, TSh. 9368. Cf. ar an máthair
55atá id leith`thy supposed mother', Keat. ii 6353.
In phrases with other trans. verbs in sense of committing,
entrustingto:nít erpi i lled nach áili`with any one else',
Wb. 1d10 .lecam ar ráma úan isa muir ┐ foncerddam i ll. ¤
ar Tigernai`let us cast ourselves upon our Lord', Ériu xi
60137.8 .cuir hobair a leith an Tighearna`commit thy works
', Prov. xvi 3 .lecsiu immurgo i ldeth nDe mess for a
menmain-som`leave it . . . to God', Mon. Tall. 148.11 .do
ré[i]r is ad l. ¤ legmuid, Ériu iv 224 § 48 .caingne in tsenaidh
. . . do lecon i lleith na ndea`to trust to the gods', CCath. 4549.
65 ar ndíon 'n-a leith ná leigeadh(of Christ's wounds), DDána
48.8 .cipe leces a furtacht ┐ a cobhair i lleith in Coimdedh,
ZCP iv 390.13 .
With be expressed or understoodrelyingon,engaged
in etc.: arn-iumramh a leith Dé under God's protection,
70 KMMisc. 322 § 5 .bím i leith guidhe do ghrás`I trust in
imploring Thy grace
', A. Ó Dálaigh xxxvii 1 .bíom 'na leith
i ló an bhrátha / dom dhíon ar eagla an ursgátha, DDána
12.14 .i leith fhaghla ós eadh atá bent on(?), 106.4 .láeich
a leith a farchadh`handling their mauls', Studies 1920,
75417.20 . Here also perh.gé tú inníu i lleith eiseine (?leg.
eisléine), Anecd. ii 22 § 9. Cf. i lleith leinne, LL 18172.
On thesideof,alongwith, insupportof:hóre attá innar
leid cia conicc ní dú nobis, Wb. 4b11 .robu ferr
leu buith hi leith Duaid on David's side(in battle), Ml.
80 87c4 .robbet inna lobrān leith / ria ndul i ṅgnūis spirta
nóib`may they be on the side of her weaklings', Thes. ii 348.5
( Hy. v 90 ).bīd 'na leith used to be with him, Arch. iii 307
§ 27 . ?uair is ina leath itá(`since it concerns them(?)'),
BR² 260 .ar tí airm do chur ar a chois arís a leith an rí
85 in support of, Rel. Celt. ii 202.29 .sé 'n-a leath acht go
léigdís had they allowed Him to help them(the two thieves),
Dán Dé xx 25 . Perh. also:fágthar misi a leath a bhfuil
sa bhfaithedh let me be left to take charge of all [the foes] who
are on the field
, 23 I 1,66.18 .an banntigerna bís orra . . . a
l. ¤ a lámh bítt na mná so [do]gres`are always obedient to her',
5 Maund. 135.
Withrespectto,concerning, in thecaseof:dogniat . . .
guchoibsenae do thuildiud indaldeth fadesin do tormuch
pende foraib`make false confessions about themselves', Mon.
Tall. 153.1 .a cion i leith an leanaibh her crime as regards
10the child
, A. Ó Dálaigh li 21 .cenn Muman i lleith o clercibh
`as regards its clerics', CS 1008. Perh. also:mar dhaingean
i leith a láimhe`to strengthen his hand', PBocht 1.41 .tlás a l. ¤
lamh, Ir. Texts ii 31 § 3 .a leth laithe`according to the day',
Leb. Gab. 240.y .
15Various:in mil . . . do rinne in foguil; is a dul ina leth
`it (the beast on which the lot falls) goes for its crime', Laws ii
6.30 Comm .in gell do tuitim i lleth in ti tucustur he`the
hostage surety falls upon the person
', 136.21 Comm .i leith
fheirge is eadh a-tá / nach deirge an cneadh an chéad-lá
20`owing to his wrath', Dán Dé xxviii 7 .a dtéid duid do na
deich genoibh / tuig soin san leith ina libh`think of thy share
in the ten nuts only in the aspect in which it is thine
', PBocht
7.27 .
(i) In phr.i le(i)th fri, in O. Ir. glossesa ll. ¤ fri,whereais
25 a s. neut.of article,cf.laterl. ¤ rewithout prep. (below).
In thedirectionof,towards :a nem hitat aingil i n-uachtar
┐ firmimint a ll. ¤ frinnai ille`on the side towards us', Ml. 42b10 .
i lleth friusom opposite them, LU 1987 ( FA 5 ).i leith risin
muir moir, CCath. 1942 .ni dechaid A. isna crichaib boré-
30taib i ll. ¤ fri téchtmuir, Alex. 437 .i nilar comperta i lleith
re mnaibh ilarda with, BCrólige 57 gl. 7 .Cf. cidh il-leth
in tigi fris even in the other side of the house, Lism. L. 1483.
Similarlyl. ¤ fri:isin rann tuaidh do na Deisibh l. ¤ le hEoghan-
act, ITS xvi 56.4 .leath re Hierusalem towards J., Is. vii 1 .
35Of time:hi l. ¤ fri aidchi towards nightfall, RC xxii 394.8 .
More freq.asregards, withrespectto, in thematterof,
touching :a lled fri Abracham`as regards A.', Wb. 2c3 .a
lled friss fadesin, 6c18 .a lled fri spirutgl.spiritaliter
examinatur, 8b16 .a llethe rissan ingraimgl.quantum ad
40praesentem causam pertinet, Ml. 30b2 .cidh is fis, ┐ cidh is
anfis . . . a leith reisin comairce? Laws iv 228.15 .i ll. ¤ fri
do[i]nib . . . i ll. ¤ fri Dia, Rawl. 75a47 .i leith re claidem
when it comes to a sword, SG 248.17 .ro taiselbad he i leith
risin fer`it was ascribed to', Laws i 34.10 Comm .is uasal
45i lleith re tabuirt`when considered as a gift', v 214.17 Comm .
cinntech i l. ¤ fri Dia, PH 6218 .i lleith ra hiris Críst, Anecd.
iii 64.22 .ní measa fian Chaisil Chuirc / i leith re déanamh
gach uilc, Content. ii 3 .ar gheallsad sliocht Éibhir Ḟinn / do
chomhaillsead i leith rinn`in our regard,' vi 101 .a leith re
50hóglách m'aosú for a youth of my age, Buile S. 44.8 .ba
mór an techt (écht) hisin i l. ¤ re mac taoísigh, FM iii 648.14 .
In BCC and Beatha S.F. oftenl. ¤ rewithout prec. prep.:
leith riu as regards them, BCC 18.13 (§ 33) .l. ¤ re Día, 90.4
(§ 94) .leith re haibíd, Beatha S.F. 1397 .leith re sbioraid,
55 683 . In some contexts with more specific meaning of
becauseof, byreasonof, by,through :is ed fodera in comrorcu
sin dam i ll. ¤ frit-sa`owing to thee', Aisl. MC 57.7 .a leith ré
huathbhás with awe, O'Hussey TC 66.z .l. ¤ re do glicus fein
`according to', Celtica ii 62.22 .do leag Dia a lámh air leith
60re heasláinte righinn do chur ar a chorp. Beatha S.F. 154 .
In follg. perh. against :i dteach nDé do ria an ríoghan / Dia
lé i leath ris an saoghal, DDána 99.38 (`against the world',
Ir. Monthly 1919, 227 ).guais a lonn-ḟuighle i leith ribh,
Content. vii 8. But:tiucfaid Laighin a leith ribh / beith at
65aighidh ni heidir on your side, Ir. Texts ii 98 § 15 . Other
exx. with follg.FRI:leath re Fodla fuil Uidhir / Fodla
ni fuil 'na aghaidh`auf Fodlas Seite ist Odars Blut', ZCP ii
331.29 .gan neach d'Eirinn 'na aghuidh / is l. ¤ re Heirind
Ulaigh`sind auf Erins Seite die Ulaten', 332.1 .si-se leath
70re Lámhach, DDána 98.38 .ní bhiadh . . . / leath ag Dia ris
na daoinibh`God would not have come among men', Aithd. D.
98.5 . For Mod. Ir.maidir le, mar le (mad i l. ¤ fri)see
O'Rahilly, Ériu ix 14.
(j) In phrases replacing earlierille,immalle:o sin i leith,
75 Anecd. ii 3.8 (=i lle, Airne F. 77 ).ón ló sin i lleath, Dhá
Sgéal Art. 1180 .o shin a leath, Smaointe B. Chr. 169.
a hAlbain a leith, FM iii 366.z .Cf. toit cuccum-sa i lletsa
`on this side', CCath. 2982 .`rosc' tuigsin gach neich ma le,
Met. Gl. 11 § 10 (maleith, LL).
80B In meaning half .
I (a)ahalf, thehalf(of): ni roisset á l. ¤ -adigl.mediam
aetatem, Ml. 74a11 .ni arindí bed l. ¤ ṅgotho no bed indib
(ref. tosemiuocales), Sg. 5a4 .a ll. ¤ o laim deissgl.dexteram . . .
partem, 17b2 .dephtoros dodichsed inna leith chomsuidigthi
85`would enter as half of the compound', 18a4 .l. ¤ ind orpi-so
`half of this heritage', Thes. ii 239.16 ( Ardm. 17b ).a lleith
n-aill, AU 747 .a leath na cille, 836 .isindara l. ¤ in lestair
┐ in l. ¤ n-aill dō-sum, Corm. Y 1059 (p. 92.6) .o leuth lathi,
SR 8041 .l. ¤ fer nAlban, Anecd. i 1.2 ( SCano 3 ).l. ¤ nó
trían do chruth, TBFr. 224 .l. ¤ na haidche, Fing. R. 791.
5 i leith laoi at midday, DDána 42.3 .l. ¤ ruith ┐ l. ¤ gabra`riders
in chariots and riders on horses
' (notes), BDD² 460 .ní rabi
la Ultu láth gaile rosassad l. ¤ méite fair, LU 9184 ( FB 91 ).
co n-acca ara chind in fer ┐ l. ¤ a chind fair ┐ l. ¤ fir aile fora
muin, LU 4933 ( TBC² 448 ).dagénsa dá leth de(a warrior),
10 LU 5306 ( TBC² 829 ).leca lógmara . . . ┐ a llethe úachtarcha
ina lócharnaib, LU 2055 ( FA 13 ).trían nó l. ¤ a ḟeraind, Im. Brain
46.13 .mo trín is luga lethi, LL 11031 ( TBC 4198 ).mo trian
is luga lethe, TBC St. 3501 .secib ni foghailther a ndiph
randaip raiter in dara rand co rab l. ¤ cin cob cudruma,
15 Auraic. 2925 .comortus andso se fer 'na leit[h] secha so
híos`in the half below' (scribal note), TTebe xvii 26 .ro-scoilt
bend-chapur in tempuil in ṅdíb lethib, PH 2896 .i ngach
leith don ló`every hour of the day' ( Ir. Monthly 1927, 551 ),
DDána 106.4 .gé atá a leath do Cinedh Conuill although
20half of it belongs to
, Ir. Texts ii 42 § 16 .do gheibhinn-si
. . . / . . . / t'uille ┐ leath do leabtha, TD 14.17 .ní as lía iná l. ¤
na nguth(of votes), RSClára 98a .gur thuit in cath-milid C.
ina lethib leadairthi, MR 270.16 .do gerr conuige a l. ¤ é
`clave him to his middle', Fier. 225 .úachtarán leithe
25Ierusalem, Neh. iii 9. ?am luidset co leth lenna, feimidset
imram nach leth`when they had got half way across', Dinds. 5.
(b) In legal contexts:lóg leith ungæ di muccib`half an
ounce in pigs
', Thes. ii 239.19 (Ardm.).trichait l. ¤ n-unga
n-argait, SR 3152 .na coic leithe unga, RC x 94.2 .l. ¤ .uii.
30cumal a smacht cana, Ir. Recht 37.16 .coraigecht aenmna
re bliadain dam . . . ┐ l. ¤ feissi dogrés`half-conjugal society',
Acall. 4955 (SG).trian n-urgnama, a l. ¤ do mnai do gni
half of it (milk) to the woman who does the work, Laws ii
364.23 .l. ¤ do fir fodngaib, l. ¤ n-aill do faithchi hi fogabar, iv 184.18
35(of swarming bees).l. ¤ méich tharai a half measure
of kiln-dried wheat
, Críth Gabl. 111 .l. ¤ n-arathair a half share
in a plough
, 158 .díre a béla colpda(i)ch; a l. ¤ dia ḟidbu,
etc., 247 .secht fuile cena dia mbeir liaig l. ¤ half-fee, Laws v
362.15 .let leithi in trin one-half of one-half, ii 366.2 Comm .
40(c) Of territorial divisions:cu ru raind Hérinn dar dó
┐ co tuc in l. ¤ ro boí sís d'Hérind do Thúaith Dé Danannet
in l. ¤ aile do Maccaib Míled, MU² 5 , 6 .leath / indsi móiri
Mac Mílead, BR² 263 .rannfa meise . . . / i ndíbh leithibh
críoch fhuar Éireann, DDána 111.8 .Domnall mac dā
45leithi (.i. al-l. ¤ tes ┐ tūaid dind Érinn), ZCP xii 236 § 56 ,cf.
in fíal Fer dá lethe, Fél. Dec. 4 . On the traditional division
of Ireland into L. Cuinn and L. Moga see O'Rahilly, Early
Ir. Hist. and Myth. 191 - 2 .Lex aui Suanaich for Leith
Cuinn, AU 748 .ruc leth na muici cona druim ó Leith Cuinn,
50 Sc. M² 18 R .Mug Nuadata quoleth Moga N., Rawl. 147b19 .
tairct[h]er leth Érenn uait-si do C[h]onn, ML² 904. Note
further:roiniudh for Gallu Locha Cuan re Leith Cathail,
AU 943 .leath Branuigh`O' Byrne's half', LBranach 67 .
G. . . . ri lethi iarthuraigi Ceneoil Aeda, Ann. Conn. 1224.6 .
55 dala immorro na lethe thess do Chonnachtaib, 1225.14 .
(d) In phr.l. ¤ catha, l. ¤ gliad (fitting)opponentinbattle,
adversary: l. ¤ catha, TBC² 3289 (of Celtchar) = TBC 5394.
bud leór l. ¤ catha do ḟeraib hÉrend siat ac cosnam a tigerna,
5708 .l. ¤ gliad, TBC² 3252 (Rochaid) = TBC 5315. Hence
60without accompanyinggen:is suaill nach leath doib Domnall
all but a match for them, Prolegomena 44 § 18 .do budh
leath dáibh uile í`she would equal them all', PBocht 9.17 .
cath do thabhairt dóibh, gion go bhfuilmíd leath nó trian
riú, CRR² 26.
65(e) Attrib.g s.:eisinnraic leithi`half unworthy', Laws i
116.3 Comm .a gilla glomhuir amuil a amhus lethe(some
kind of a servant), ii 26.5 Comm .roinn leithe ar anbhuain
Eirenn a bisection, O'Gr. Cat. 464.12 .do gheall tú roinn
leatha dhamh ann do thír, Dhá Sgéal Art. 800.
70(f) In vaguer sense part,division :cechtar in da leithe sin
`each of those two parts', duas partes diuidere(of the
worduires), Sg. 25b6 .is Persa bar leath share(?), Alex. 191.
in leath budh mō da rīge, Ériu iv 178 § 32.
In phrases.
75 II (a) In le(i)th and ahalf :noichtiche co lleuth
29½ days, BCr. 3c ( Thes. ii 10.5 ).sith mbliadhna co l. ¤ , AU
1128 (ii 120.12) .fri ré bliadna co lleith, LU 1279 (H).dí ungi
co leith, RC x 62.1 .tri huairi dec co ll. ¤ , Mac Carthy 46.3 .
bliadhain go leith, TD 32.40 .míle go leith, Keat. Poems
80 1345. Meaning doubtful in:dia tí íasc i n-inbera rot bía
hé[u] co lleith araile. Dia tí iall a mmag rot bía caúth co
lleith araile, LU 5646 ( TBC² 1168 ) =co leth arale . . .
colleith arailiu, ZCP ix 148 - 9 =dia foígela énflaith . . .co
lleith alailiu . . . Día tomna . . . iasc . . . co leith arailiu,
85 LU 5526 =co leith allaile . . . co lleth arailiu, TBC² 1043 =
colleith alailiu . . . colleth alailiu, ZCP ix 145.38 . See TBC
1830 ff ., where Windisch's literal translation (see n. )with
the other half (which makes up the pair
) does not seem possible;
araile, -iu,etc.may have belonged originally to the beginning
of the next sentence (see Fasc. A 119.11 ff ),and hé[u] co l. ¤
5may be a hyperbole.
(b) In phr.for (ar) le(i)th:fer for l. ¤ Connacht`more
than half the Connaughtmen
', Cóir Anm. 251 .gur cosain
. . . treab ar l. ¤ Alpan dó, IT,ii2123.32 .ceall ar l. ¤ ceall
`one more than half of the churches', RC xiv 30 § 8 .duine ar
10leith fer nErenn, SG 20.36 .triar for leith a sluag foracbaiset
half their army plus three, RC vi 188.13 .
In meaning A.
(a) Perh. in sense of -sidedin:lethchil .i. lethchlāen,
15 Corm. Y 318 .gruaidh leathchorcra ar lí na subh, L. Cl. A.
Buidhe 193.90 .drech lethderg lethgabur(description of
Conall Cernach), LU 8636 ( FB 47 ).do Meidbh Lethdeirg,
ZCP xi 42 § 28 .do thaeb lethḟas bare, Mart. Tall. 112.1 .
druim na leirge leathfholamh, Aithd. D. 20.26 .it é leth-
20gabra amal Conall Cernach, BDD² 1150 , taken in BDD and
by Vendryes, Études Celt. iv 397 assubst.` centaur ',cf.
lethghabar .i. lethech, H. 3.18,532.14 ; butcf. gabar .i.
solus, Lec. Gl. 536 and see2 aigi-siomh fil in
drec[h] lethgabar(ofGenonn Gruadṡolus), TBC St. 4500.
25 ag goradh a ghruaidh leithghil, L. Cl. A. Buidhe 90.78 .
Luoch Lethglass . . . lethglass e o talmain go mullach a cinn
green-sided(?), RC xii 100 § 136. ?Dun da Lethglas, IT
iii 40 § 34 (see Hog. Onom.).senchas lethmáel`pointless',
Met. Dinds. iv 24.24 .sluagh lethodar, BR 4.16 . ?bloscad
30inna gréne frisinna margánu lethrati, ZCP viii 175.24 .cuing
leth-remor 'na leth-leirg`broad-flanked', Met. Dinds. ii 46.10 .
(b) More partic. ¤ ard etc.lit.(high) atone side, hence
uneven,unequal: measam laidi (leg.lige) lethard lopsided,
ZCP xvii 69 § 9 = Arch. iii 230.155 . Usually in more
35abstr. sense unequal,unfair , etc.:claen cach lethard, O'C.
351 ( H. 3.18,193b ).dire l., BCrólige 5 .tacra la leath-ard
n-ae`to plead in support of an unequal cause', Laws v
252.11 . In Laws Comm. freq.lethairde:fo comairdi no fo
leithairde`equally or unequally', iii 270.7 .comhroinnter
40eturru fein fo lethairde unequally, iv 254.11 Comm .ba
lethard cundartha / ba tomus lettromm`an unequal contract,
uneven measure
', Aisl. MC 73.29 - 30 .cid lethard a ngrād,
BColm. 34.1 .im lethard rainne unfair division(?), ZCP
xii 365.2 .ba lethfota a lám one of his arms was longer than
45the other
, iii 218 § 24 .adhaigh is lá go leathfhada`of unequal
', Aithd. D. 61.20 .nī bu leithísel in mám down at
one side
, Hy. v 56. Hence with certain adjj. of defective
rhymes:coic fodhla arē ccuibdes oll: / leathfoda, leathtend,
leathtrom, / bruilingicht, nī bec in col, / let[h]garbh gin a
50lesugud, ZCP xii 295 § 6. Seelettrom etc.
(c) Hence with nouns meaning judgement,opinion,
contractetc.onesided,partial,prejudiced: ar n-aonbhrath
breithimh-ne san Luan ní bu leathaighne partial advocate,
Aithd. D. 55.7 .leathbháidh fil agat re hÓ F., Maguires
55of F. 18 .can lethbreath iter saidbir ┐ daidbir impartial,
YBL 167b39 .ar in lethbreth ruc A. imon ubull orda, Aen.
211 .leith-bhreath le báidh ní bhéara Ó Fearadhaigh,
DDána 109.20 .leithbr[ia]thar accusation(?), Acall. 7995.
masa lethbrostu . . . no masa combrostu setting-on on one
(of dogs fighting), Laws iii 196.1 Comm .cia leth-
coimpert i n-airbert breithe(improper behaviour in a judge),
O'D. 536 ( H. 3.17,432 ) = O'C. 2271 ( Eg. 88,20 ), see ZCP
xv 355 .arin lethcumaid dorōine sé ara brōgaib fēin sech
brōgaib na manach the partial treatment he gave to his own
, ZCP iii 33.6 .lethchuma ar Ghilla Dé / ní cuibe do'n
té dogní`an injustice to G.D.', SG 284.5 .do leath-chumaidh
ar an gcuid oile don mheithil unfairly, TSh. 10134 .leth-
edargaire, MR 262.23 .is fer lethetrana do chuaid etarru
biassed mediator, Laws iii 196.11 Comm .in t-ochtmad
70aithne:— na dena leth-fhiadnaise false witness, PH 7619.
leath-ghrádh oide idir dhaltaibh favouritism, Content. xiv
13 .Cf.(adj.)dá gcor i sochar leith-leasach dhóibh féin
to their own advantage, TSh. 7103. ?freagra do lethluith,
O'Dav. 1510 .bíd in éudach coitchenn gan lethpháirt ar
75bioth`partiality' (i.e.particularity), RSClára 73b .Cf.
leathrannach partial, unfair, Eochairsg. 11.31 .ro gníd
lethinacht (= lethṡmacht) mór fair injustice, LL 217a33
( TTr. 22 ).Cf. doghnid Ioip lethsmacht aturu, D iv 2,
26rb48 = BB 4a21 = 411b26 .ni dhearnaidh leathtrom
80na leathsmacht, 23 E 26,289.11 . Hence:mad fleteg led-
magtach dogneid dind æclis, Wb. 11d16 (`factions', Gwynn,
Hermathena xx 63 ).aighi (aigne ?) lethsmachtach partial
(?), ZCP xii 364.27 .brethem beris breith for leth
tagra cin imaidbi without hearing both sides(?), Laws v
85354.1 . Seeleithscél,etc.With similar shade of meaning
in adjj.:ro bátar leithriata uile fri Poimp ar tus [cein] co
táinic Césair`on the side of P.', CCath. 1244 (leitreta,v.l.)is
mor is lethreta in cined doenna frisiṅ dualaig-sin in ecnaig
inclined to, PH 6876.
(d) Pleonastically with words meaning side,edge,border
5(if not in sense B):dar let[h]bord in longpuirt`edge', CCath.
5431 .lámh le leathbhord along the frontier, DDána 96.13 .
i leithimeal Mhuidhe Dermuidhe, Flower Cat. 471.32 .fa
leithimel Conmaicne, FM vi 1882.4 .medhōn idir dhā
leithimell do chonngbhāil between two extremes, Celtica i
10194.1078 .Cf. frém lethimeallach an láidaigáin`the exterior
radix of the little finger
', O'Gr. Cat. 287.31 .nirbo fota ro
bai an cath can dul do lethleth`inclining to one of the two
', CCath. 5742 .do leith-leith na sligedh`on each side of
the road
', Fl. Earls 162.4 .leithreadh .i. leithleith. robdar
15leithreadha .i. dochuadar do leithleith, no dén táobh, O'Cl.
`leath-luighe leaning', Eg. Gl. 421. Seelettáeb,etc.
In meaning B.
(a) In a variety of compds. in meaning half: fer lethbali,
MU² 195 (`half-township', Gloss.).bith for lethbargin`a
20half-ration of bread
', Ériu vii 162.z . ?midben .i. lethben
nó lethuagh fobīth in toraind bis iter indalæ ben de, O'Mulc.
823 .samaisc i llethbeirt half a bundle, Críth Gabl. 213.
ailid cach ben . . . lethbiathad a ceile di`half the refection',
BCrólige 56 . ?for lethblai baíth, LL 211a7 (see Met. Dinds.
25 ii 20.48 ).leth-chanóin`demi-cannon', FM v 1732.13 .leth-
coir n-urnadma`das halbe Ordnungsmässige der Antrauung',
Ir. Recht 37.20 .mad lechur (= leth-chur) .i. forgiallnai,
O'C. 829 ( H. 3.18,380 ).fosuididter in ben lethdam in fir
half the husband's retinue, Laws ii 386.6 .lethdei=semidei,
30 Auraic. 2920 .lethdrécht . . . i ngort`a half-day's labour', Críth Gabl. 84 (see note).a ndo[ro]chair . . . de lethdoinib
. . . dineoch nad roacht cridiu cathae shirkers(?), RC xii
104 § 148 .Cf. co torchair fer ┐ lethfer fer nÉrenn leis,
Comp. Con C. 109.18 , perh. a mere turn of phrase,cf. ech
35┐ letheach fer nÉrenn, 11 .lethfeidm laech`half effort',
Arch. Hib. ii 54 § 7 .aire forgill in lethḟira`des Halb Schwurs',
Cóic Con. Fug. 38 § 52 .do leith fitt`half-ration', Mon.
Tall. 156.20 .lethflaithem .i. fer da cleithe, Laws iv 350.12 .
Christo tantum seruit.i. cen ledfognamcoiugio without partial
, Wb. 10a24 . ?dlighidh saerbiathad deisi,
┐ boin lethgabala`a cow of the second quality', Laws iv 350.y .
geni gaba acht lethgabail de, 212.z .aithgin cona leth-
gabail diabulta`with double half-seizure', v 168.4 Comm .
a lethgabol (-ál ?) étaig do brutt`half of clothes for mantle',
45 Ériu i 220 § 14 . ¤ gáe half-length spear, short spear(?)
(possiblyone of a pair of spears) :i suainem in let[h]ga
letartaigh, CCath. 5598 .lethgai londrecha lasamna, TTebe
1400 .do lethgāethib lethna lict[h]i`half-spears for throwing',
Fianaig. 90.1 .an tres fross do lethghaibh, TFrag. 182.6 .
50 abbas Leithglinne, AU 639 .in Leth-innsi, 1412 (iii 64.2) .
leathloghadh(opp. tolánloghadh) `partial indulgence', Mac
Aingil² 6421 . ?fri tōeb in lāir leithlessi (-lisse,v.l.)`half-
ruined fort
', Ériu vii 2.17 .nocht-aile isin lethmachaire
`half (cleared) plain', O'Dav. 963 ,cf. Laws iv 72.18 Comm .
55 leathnomen=lesainm, ZCP iii 226.13 ,cf. leth-ainm fir
annatha, Anecd. ii 52.6 .lethol n-ais ó cach airig, Ir. Texts
i 19 § 5 .fuillem cacha leth-oile, Laws v 414.1 .cét lóeg ┐
di lethorc half-grown pigs(?), LU 6930 ( BDD 54 ).for hErainn
cen lethrainn undivided, SR 2351 (cf. Wortk. vi 949 ).Bicair
60Leth-ratha, AU 1490 (iii 346.4) .tri gnuidh do lea[th]scoilteach
`half-cleavings', IT iii 196.6 .ic leithṡeolad ┐ ic lánṡeolad ri leth-
gaethaib with shortened sail(?), LL 236a33 - 4 ( TTr. 1431 ).leith
slighidh half way, Cín Lae Ó Meall. 30.24 .emisperium .i.
letspeir, Ir. Astr. Tr. 88.12 .ni tairgend a hathair lethtinol
65le, Ir. Recht 37.22 .cutrumu leth-tochusa in fir gusa teit
`half the property,' Laws v 290.6 Comm .ní fhuaras . . . /
leath-tail óm chéill chorpardha`I have not found even
grudging obedience
', A. Ó Dálaigh xxxix 11 .letorud . . . asin
chulid half-produce, Lism. L. 321.16 . ?tech . . . amal bid
70lethuaim aicenta, ZCP xvii 232.4 .
(b)With names ofmeasures,numbers,periodsoftime,
etc.: leathbhannlá, Párl. na mB. 558 .hi cciunn lethbliadna,
RC xxvi 366.18 .tri lethcheat do feraibh Airghiall 150 men,
ZCP xiv 234.12 .fiche bairghen . . . san leithcheathramhain,
75L. Cl. A. Buidhe 46.15 .adopart teora lethindli trea thír
Patricio, Thes. ii 239.6 ( Ardm. 17b ).cetra lá ┐ leith-
seachtmuin, Acall. 775 .tigerna na Le[th]-Trian, AU 1538
(iii 620.10) .dond lethtomus, Bcr. 31b3 ( Thes. ii 14 ).fri
re leth-uaire, PH 2475.
80(c) With names of units of value:ledhcethramuine mir
a cuidach do chuit S., Trans. RIA xv 19.23 .secht leth-
cumala, O'Dav. 746 .leth-cumal i mmuin in tanaise, Laws
v 400.x .leithdhéighe ar dhuine ealadhan dá ngealltar eich
┐ ba dhó, L. Cl. A. Buidhe 45.9 .bo ag leth-loige, Laws v
85402.z .ledhmharg, Trans. RIA xv 29.4 .lethmiach, O'C.
1557 ( BB 185bb ).lethpinginn ar lacht caerach, O'C. 345 ( H.
3.18,191 ).fere obillo dignus .i. ní ferr lethscripul, Sg. 49b10 .
screpall cach eledna, no leth-screpall cach nem-eledna, Laws v
334.24 Comm .is let[h]sét inna lóg-side, Ériu xvii 70 § 10.
na .v. lethuinge, BCrólige 20 gl. 5 .dorat side .xxx. leth-
5unga n-argaid da cind, BB 237b22 .
(d) With names of fines, penalties, fees etc.:lethaithgein
moíne móges, Críth Gabl. 273 .leth-fir testa leth-arra`half
the proof of witness or half-security
', Laws ii 92.8 Comm .
dligid Ū Gusān cáin a deorad ┐ lethc[h]āin urrad ó ríg
10Midhi, BColm. 64.25 .a lethdilsi ar .iii. biaduibh co leth
mbidh`half forfeiture', Laws ii 264.21 - 22 Comm .lethdire
cro otrusa, BCrólige 6 .leithdíri da blāi-neimthib, Cáin
Ad. 36 .letheiric otrusa cro gac fir di[a] mnai`half the
', BCrólige 6 gl. 4 .laneneclann don mac ina athair,
15letheneclann do ina senathair, Ir. Recht 40.22 .mād étged
nō anfes, lethfīach ind, Cáin Ad. 35 .ioctar lethfiach anfocail
ria, O'C. 2157 ( Eg. 88,4a ).im aradain ┐ im lethfrichnam
na trebaire`half the service of the husbandry', Laws ii 392.12
Comm .leth-fuillem gill cauich (= cuaich) cach rig do
20chuuch cach airech, v 412.11 .lan gille ┐ lethgille, i 260.19 .
na dlegat lethiarra doib`are not entitled to half fosterage-fee',
198.2 .bedidh leth lan (lethlán ?) ngell do tuit for cach, ii
136.17 .lethlóg [n-]enech cach gráid túaithe, Críth Gabl.
217 .direanur lethriaruib beusuib cétgiallna, O'D. 510 ( H.
253.17,415 ).do-beir lethsmacht ina sarugud, Ir. Recht
37.21 .
(e) With names of phonetic and metrical features:leath-
aimser for taebomnaib half-length, Auraic. 1211 .áram f
la lethguthaigthi`semivowels', Sg. 6a10 .in[n]a lethguta
30cetus .i. f, l, m, n, r, s, x, Auraic. 2904 .leathgutta ┐ mudi,
344 .it cosmaili a ndī lethc[h]omarc half-quatrains, Corm. Y
574 ,cf. O'Mulc. 391 .cati a lethc[h]omarc ? Corm. Y
1059 (93.9) .lethcuibdius`an internal half-rhyme', Auraic.
3839 .dechnad mór ┐ lethdechnad(a metre), IT iii 6 § 5.
35 lethmíbasc name of a metre, 49 § 89 .ni chuille luthbas
lethnath(kind of poem ?), Ériu xiii 18.18 ( O'Dav. 1164 ).
in lethrand hīsiu dano .i. imommloiscet mo dā n-ō prūll—
caiti a lethrann ? what is its corresponding couplet?, Corm.
Y 1059 (93.20) .ina lethrann tuíseach, IT iii 7 n.3 , see p. 128 .
40 gēb-sa lethrand dús in ba cubaid frissa ṅgēba-som, Fing. R.
119. Withrannaigechtof metres with shortened line:leth-
randaigecht mor corranach, IT iii 82 § 63 .cumasc leth-
randaigechta moiri ┐ rindairde, § 64.
(f) With names of things existing or thought of in pairs.
45Of parts of the body:lethail (óil)gl.mala, Ir. Gl. 90 .i
lleithóil a meic`one of her son's cheeks', Cáin Ad. 12 .flesc
. . . . do erissem dia lethlaim furi ┐ lorc isind laim aili`so
that their one hand may rest on it
', Ml. 45c9 .a lethchoss
geidh you one-legged goose( leg of a goose), IT iii 102
50§ 190 .for lethcois ┐ letsuil standing on one foot and with one
eye closed
, RC xii 98 § 129 .co tard a leathgúalainn fria
hursaind in tigi, BDD² 542 .fó a leth-oscail deis, ZCP v
526.24 .tuc buille ina lethchíg shoiscéla, SG 41.4 .mó ná
both leptha a lethchlúas, Met. Dinds. iv 138.74 .ma ro
55benad a lethchos, no a lethlam . . . do duine no lethbel,
Laws iii 348.11 - 12 Comm .dlighid dno ri A. . . . leathlaimh
rig Erend ig ol ┐ ac aenach to be beside, BB 274a4 .┐ se
baccach, leth-roisc, PH 620 .lethsciath`one of thy wings',
RC xx 48.6 .ro-s-bensat a leth-shuil ṅdeiss asa chind, PH
60 553 .gallgha dan lán do leathdorn, DDána 84.45 .a
leathára ┐ íth muice, L. Cl. A. Buidhe 45.11 .leathuille
dheas Í Dhomhnoill, TD 27.20 .ócc-laech leth-ruisc clí,
BNnÉ 94.8 .stuadhus a lethghlún . . . ar bhéaluibh Ḟinn,
CF 253 (Eg.) =a glun deas, text. In B. na f.:lethrend .i.
65lethchos: dā lú is lethrend dībh co losc, ZCP v 484 § 6. Of
weapons:'na leathgrúaidh, Duan. Finn ii 224 § 7 .im
chechtar a da lethdorn in chlaidib, LL 237b38 ( TTr. 1548 ).
Fig. leathlámh, a Dhé, im dhál distress my portion, Aithd. D.
52.1 . ?tríocha laoch gan leathlámha, DDána 86.32 . In
70deriv. adjj.:misi . . . co leath-lámach, MR 308.7 .tri
náimhde . . . lethṡúilecha one-eyed, Acall. 6248. Less exactly
with names of other parts of the body:baluid dia lethagid
in luirg, TBC 651 .imspelip dano .i. bīd folt cechtar na dā
lethc[h]end on each side of the head, Corm. Y 1091 .bit
75lir . . . renda nime far leithchind ┐ far lethchloigind, BDD²
861 - 2 .lamha leoiti ┐ leithcind letarda, CCath. 3179 .dar
leit[h]cenn Sleibi Ois, 4770 .tecmait da sleig inna dib leth-
foltaib two tresses(?), LU 4359 .gidh a leathfolt gidh a
lanfolt gatar du duine, O'D. 2334 ( Rawl. 506,36 ).gur
80leadair in leath-ucht ┐ in leath-bhruinne, MR 300.1 .ro
ber[r]tha a lethu[l]chi, SR 6720 (=rasit . . . dimidiam
partem barbae, 2 Reg. x 4 ).conda tarla fora lethbeólu
lopsided, LU 8382 ( FB 25 ). Note also the adj.lethcholpthach
of a defective cow injuredin aleg,limping(?): mat leth-
85colpthach, O'C. 250 ( H. 3.18,145a ).intan . . . ropo lethcolb
in set, O'C. 345 ( H. 3.18,191b ) = O'D. 662 ( H. 3.17,492a ).
cid caoch cíd lethcolptach iat, O'D. 855 ( H. 3.17,609 ).cid lecholb,
O'D. 1629 ( H. 5.15,16b ).cid lethcolpach iat, O'D. 1646 ( H. 5.15,20a ).
Cf. intan roba chaech no crín no bacach in sét, O'D. 1629 ( H.
5.15,16 ).
5With a large variety of other nouns in sense of oneoftwo,
oneof apair :ní thuc acht lethassa imme`one shoe', Fél.
12.28 .doníter long . . . do lethblaeisc na huidhi (leg.huighe)
sin one half-shell, RC xxiv 377.5 .iall lethbraigi (= bróice),
IT iii 81 § 59 .gabaid leithchenn na cloiche, Acall. 2176.
10 dobered-sum lethcluiche forra he would win his game from
, RC v 199.27 .lethcnaim a rig, Laws v 354.5 .led-
chollbe flatho`one of the two pillars of the kingdom', Wb.
23d31 .lethcholbe flatho .i. Brigit, Thes. ii 326.3 ( Hy. iv 9 ).
leathchonchlonn eile an Íobhail`the Jew's companion',
15 Aithd. D. 94.3 .lethchosmailius lesom inso trisa cotarsnae
one member of a comparison, Ml. 30d19 . 37d10 .ro gab a
leth-chuarán de, Lib. Hymn. i 187.32 .dom leathchuing
fhir ealadhna to my fellow-poet, DDána 76.21 ,cf. Aithd. D.
13.22 .nochar leathchumthach leanna / A.`no solitary
20drinker of his feast
', Aithd. D. 42.11 .dá leath-dhlaoi an
dréimire the two uprights, TSh. 10832 .tainic ar inchaibh a
lethemain`his twin brother', CCath. 2068 .lethén in eóin
allmaraig the foreign bird's mate, GJ iv 42b22 .claideb
lethḟáebair one-edged, TBC 1718 .aos lethḟaobhoir, ZCP x
25285.6 .Cf. cletine .i. lethfaobrach, O'Dav. 568 .is leth-
gabail flatha fri hEoganacht they are entitled to kingship in
, Ir. Texts i 21 § 13 .leithgenelach D. pedigree on the
other side
, ZCP xiv 70.6 .is do leithgenelaig fer nGréc dóib,
Dinds. 128 =do Greccaib a llethcinel, Bodl. Dinds. 14.
30 fria lethéill a bróci do bein de, Aisl. MC 47.9 .smacht
lethime one side of a boundary-fence(?), Laws v 270.21
Comm .; y Comm .leathlámhann(sic leg.)one glove, Eochairsg.
64.29 .leathmharcach`fellow-horseman', Misc. Celt. Soc.
406.8 .lethmuincille, RC xxvi 362.6 .a braithre . . . da
35mharbadh tre leathol fleghi having shared a feast, Caithr.
CC 2 (leg. ḟleadhól? Butcf. lethdeog fri caindli sorcha,
Anecd. i 14.16 = SCano 480 ).Cf.(adj.)iairmeirgi ḟuar
leathrannach`nocturns that equally divide (the night)', Acall.
2963 v.l.( SG ii 178 ) = ZCP vi 271.10 .Indrechtach . . .
40lethríg Ulad`one of the two kings of U.', Ann. Inisf. 835 .drem
na llethríg, Arch. Hib. ii 50 § 32 .leithrí-sede na Mirmidonda
`one of the two kings', LL 240a35 ( TTr. 1741 ).i n-aghaidh
an fhir do ríoghais / . . . / leithrí má do-ní do námha a rival
, Aithd. D. 31.18 .C. lethrí Ciarraighe do marbadh . . .
45do ríg na leithe aile do Ciarraigi, RC xvii 397.7 (Tig.).i
leithríge in tsída fri Fiachna sharing the kingdom, SG 57.25 .
G. . . . leaththuiseach don cluichi`one of the two leaders',
Ériu xii 142.26 .lethorsa gacha tigi oil door-post, Fen. 166.1 .
(g) With various adjj.:fōcra lethamnas, Arch. iii 295 § 24.
50 lethbaiti`half-drowned', Aen. 268 .co torchair sís lethbéo,
Trip.² 1505 .na daoine leithbheó dying, TSh. 5698 .doroich
. . . in ri cusind epscop ┐ se leth-brec half-speckled with fire,
RC xxvi 366.18 .lethchaechgl.monoculosus, Ir. Gl. 624 .cailleach
lethchāech, ZCP v 22 § 8 .da mbeth fír occa . . . dam[b]adh
55gó . . . dam[b]ad lethchintach, IT iii 191 § 20 .cith
lethchomnart a n-ude half as strong, ZCP xiii 374.13
(= xx 221 ).lethchosgarthaigl.semirutas, Ml. 128b5 .
With-chuind(g s.ofcond sense) legal of personsnon compos
mentis:athgabail fir lethcuind, Laws i 200.29 .ainm do
60amadan . . . in fer lethcuinn, O'Dav. 485 .o murcuirthi
leth-cuind, Laws v 82.12 Comm .Cf. co nderna lethincinn
di ar mbrisiudh a leithchinn, TBC p. 315 n.2 .in cetraime
lethdedenach second last, IT iii 74 § 34. leithdeimhin`almost
', Mac Aingil² 2424 .re h-anaicentacht leis na lend-
65brat . . . leth-fada half-long, MR 180.13 .Treithne Leth-
[g]leór, LL 4917 .Eithne lethgleoir, Rawl. 134b12 .is hé
lethgleóir leithinchind lamfota, TBC 5400 = TBC St. 4408.
leithghléoir .i. leathshúil ghlóire. laoch leithghleoir, O'Cl.
a siriti lethguill, LU 8879 ( FB 67 ).Sothṅge lethgot(n. pr. f.),
70 Rawl. 134b19 .Leath-lobar mac Find, RC xvii 340.x (Tig.).
ledmarbgl.emortuum, Wb. 2c26 .a brathair ledarthi
leathmarb, TTebe 1013 .coin brena lethoma, LU 2200
( FA 28 ).lethshathachgl.semisatur, Ir. Gl. 403 .fear
uirísiol bean uasal . . . clann leathuasal tig uatha, Párl.
75na mB. 577 .anní do tindsgnadh atá sé leathullamh,
Carsw. 16.12 . This prob. also the sense inlethtenn,lethtrom
andlethḟotaof consonants in the poem in ZCP xii 295
(daur, gort, bethe . . . / do leith for leith is leathtroum, § 2 ).
With adv.:lesdruim .i. leas uait [┐ fris] cucut, no leatarsna
80darin druim bis aicmi muine, Auraic. 988 (i.e.the Ogam
notches of the m-group transverse the ridge).
In legal contexts:a mic ro gialla, ni cuirthe curu leathfas,
O'C. 1751 ( 23 Q 6,33b ).ni cuirther curu lethfasa, O'C. 1064 ( H.
3.18,440a ).medon-lax .i. leth-lax, O'C. 114 ( H. 3.18,72 ).cia
85leth coimperta indarbthar breithemnas no airbert ae leth-
balbh teanga ┐rl. .i. comaircim cia in lucht comairbert-
naigther don dara leth um an ae um an caingin, O'C. 1608
( 23 Q 6,5a ) `halb Stummzungige', ZCP xv 355. Similarly:
cia leth coimpert inarbtha brethe no airbert ae .i. comaircim
cia an lucht comairbertnaigter don dara leth uman ae uman
5caingin ┐ inarbtar o airbert fethamhnais ┐ brethemnais iad
.i. lethbhalb tengaid ┐ lethloisc n-eoluis ┐ lethanbal n-ae,
O'C. 2271 ( Eg. 88,20a ), O'D. 536 ( H. 3.17,432 ), O'D. 1657
( H. 5.15,22 ), O'D. 1658 (ibid.).fer medongaite leth-indlidhach
in ceile`half-unlawful', Laws v 218.17 Comm . O'C. 2154 - 5
10( Eg. 88,4a ), O'C. 2156 ( Eg. 88,4a ).
(h) Rarely with verbs (mainly for alliteration):cor ben a
heochair dar suil Cormaic co ro lethchaech hé, Laws iii 84.1
(Introd. to Lebar Aicle).Ulaidh leis mar leathghabhaid when
the Ulaidh take his side
, Aithd. D. 20.20 .rí dá lógh do
15leathtolladh whose side was pierced, 60.2 .ro leithbrisedh ┐ ro
lángabhadh an baile, FM v 1658.20 .
In many nn. loc., both assubst.and as first element of
compds. See Hog. Onom.