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intóla n io,[n.] (5 in-+tóla)anoverflowing, aflood: d s. ónd
intólu gl.exundantia, Thes. ii 27.33 (Bcr.).

intonnaigid v(tonn) Perh. an invention of the glossator.
intonnaigimgl.inundo, Sg. 144a2 .

5 intorad n(?5 in-+torad) great fruitfulness,season of plenty? :
?ar na rossnuaidter a tir occu in cech i. ¤ is airi fegar cor
(?=cró, O'C.)im etorad, O'C. 889 (< H 3. 18,p. 397a ),
gloss onfobith snaid=fobith snuad, Laws iv 168.2 .

intorbaigidir ? : v is é sinintorbaighthirfri rob`is considered
10profitable as compared with a beast
?' (Plummer MS. notes),
O'C. 913 (< H 3. 18,p. 403 ).

intorthach adj o, ā(5 in-+torthach) fruitful,productive: go
beith 'na húir ionthorthaigh dhi`until it should become
fruitful soil
,' Keat. i 190.8 .

15 in-toscaig v begins,initiates: indic. pres. s. pass. intosgaigther
.i. intinscantar(gl.initiatur), Tur. 47.

in(n)tráil n f. inntráill, IGT Decl. § 13.8 .clanda finn Táil
a ḟlaith Leamhna | maith in ḟinntráil (inntráil,v.l.) ḟedhma
íad, ex. 611 .iontráil,-ála`act ofentering,entry ,' Dinneen.

20 intráthach xseeantráthach.

intreb n o,n. n s. intrebn-ecalsa, Laws i 122.12 .g s. intreib, ii
358.4 .d s. intreb, 356.x .intrub, LU 8072.
furniture,utensils,household requisites: i. ¤ gl.supellex,
Sg. 16a12 .nad rabi ní bad esbaid úad eter de intrub(sic
25leg., Thurn. Studies in E. Ir. Law 22.2 )┐ comadbar na
flede, LU 8072. i. ¤ tige caich di lestrai`the household furniture
of everybody in vessels
,' Laws v 390.x .i. ¤ tige .i. tulchuba
┐ eana ┐ dromlacha, 392.11 Comm. lanad treb intreib`the
collecting of house furniture
' (glossed :comtinol in neich
30bis i ninde a treibe do brecanaib ocus do cercaillib), ii 358.4
and 29 .lanamnus comtincuir, ma co tir ocus cetra ocus i. ¤
`if with (equal) land and cattle and household stuff,' 356.x .
esbuid fledi, i. ¤ n-ecalsa altar vessels, i 122.12 , glossed :
.i. i ndentar oiffrenn cach dia, 126.29 .i. ¤ .i. ocus in ni bis a
35nind a treibe do mairbdile accud fo cutruma, .i. do lestraib
ocus tincur chena, ii 358.9 Comm. Cf. co rabatar lestra ┐
fóintreb in tige for snám, Trip.² 114. fointreb, Sg. 113a3 .
inntribh .i. easbhaidh, O'Cl. This prob. arises from a
misinterpretation ofesbuid fledi intreb n-ecalsa(see above).
40?cen intreib (indtreb, intreabh, indtr-,v.ll.) is cen uráil
`without need and without compulsion,' Met. Dinds. iii 60.89 .

in(n)trib xsee underintreb.

in(n)trit n a measureofland containing thirty-six`traighthi' :
se traigthi i ndeisceim; se deisceimeanda a ninntrit; se
45inntrit a lait, Laws iv 276.x Comm.

intriuchta ? ind relat triari. ¤ (?) ráid, | áes ind intliuchta áin
ém, SR 7829.

intróethaid v(cf. tráethaid) subdues,reduces: pass. indic.
pres. pl. introethatarfo mamu morflatha, O'C. 825 (<
50 H 3. 18,p. 379a ).

introit n(Lat.introitus)theIntroitof theMass: a canar
dind offriund forsen iter i. ¤ ┐ orthana ..., Thes. ii 252.14
(Stowe M.).a n-i. ¤ an aifrinn .i. ana thosach, ZCP xiii
184.6 .

55 intṡamail xseeintamail.

in(n)tṡecd ? : n mar búdh inntsecd é o eón | se le ceol ag
imdhcht (leg.imdhecht) uaidhtransltd. `as he had come
from shooting birds
,' Rel. Celt. ii 224.y .

intṡechinnad n `entering upon,interfering with' ? : ar egla
60intsechinnad na neithe so-thathaire, ITS xxix 114.6 .

in-túaisi v indic. pres. s. 3 intúaisi, RC xxii 398.3 (BDD).
ipv. pl. 3 éitset, Wb. 13a11 .subj. pres. s. 3 rel. in-da-tuaise,
Laws iii 32.x .Pass. subj. pres. s. -étsider, Thurn. Zu Ir.
Hdschr. 18 § 8.6 .Part. étside.Vn. étsecht. The later form
listens(to) (trans. and intrans.) : éitset frisin precept
`let them listen to the teaching,' Wb. 13a11 .bat tó fri tó[i],
i n-étsider aisnēis, Thurn. Zu Ir. Hdschr. 18 § 8.6 .co
naisneis breithre de do cach inda tuaise`to all who listen
70to it
,' Laws iii 32.x .intúaisi lucht in tige huili a condelg,
RC xxii 398.3 (BDD) =contúaset, 289 § 114 .

intúd xseeintód.

in-tuigethar v indic. pres. s. 3 intugadar, O'Mulc. 462.
fut. pl. 3 intuigfet, Ml. 121c9 .Pass. indic. pres. s. indtuigther,
75 Sg. 143b3 .intuigther, Thes. ii 228.26 (Pcr.) (both glossing
induitur).subj. pres. s. intoichther, Wb. 13d20 .Vn. étach,
covers,clothes: is uisse intoichther a ndruailnitheso hon
nebdruailnithiu`that this corruptible should be clothed with
80the incorruptible
,' Wb. 13d20 .intuigfetgl.(arbusta ...
campos) uestient, Ml. 121c9 .etach arindi intugadar, O'Mulc.

intuile n io,n.(5 in-+tuile)abursting forth, aflood: g s. ind
intuli gl.eruptionis, Ml. 129d10 (see p. 724 n. ).

85 ? intuiste adj io, iāgl.procreatus, ZCP vii 485.11 (Enchir.
Aug.). Seetuiste.