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in(d)scuchud n u,m. vn.of *in(d)-scuich.n s. int-innscuch-
adh , O'C. 1836 (< 23 Q 6,p. 49a ).n p. sechtn-indsguithe
(?leg. indsguichthe), Laws v 296.13 . Butneut.:n s.
indsguchadn-othrusa, Laws v 296.15 .
80 act of changing(rank,position) ;departure,movement:
ionnscuchad graidh .i. ardughadh gráidh no céime, O'Don.
Suppl. (Mac Firb. Gl.).ase an indscuchad so in fer leginn
do dul a n-espucoidecht ocus in t-espuc do dul in aibil-
teoiracht no i ndeoruighecht De, Laws i 58.y Comm. uair
85is indscucad ceme dun epscop dul a ndeoraidecht De, v
22.28 Comm. bedg a n-ailithre .i. indscuchad re re. Dul
a mbas .i. indscuchad dogres`departure for a time ... per-
petual departure
,' 296.28 - 29 Comm. īar n-i. ¤ do Colmān
after the death of C.?, ZCP x 52 § 19. indsguchad ngalair,
indsguchad n-othrusa`a departure due to disease, a departure
5due to illness
,' Laws v 296.15 .atait secht n-indsguithe
... a cain lanamna seven partings from the law of wedlock
(glossed :scuiche a hinde), ib. 13 .inscuchad criche change
of territory
?, iii 318.8 Comm. a gebait beo-dile indscuchad
criche, v 338.5 Comm. inscuiche[t] breath[a] ... fo indscu-
10chad rig judgments vary ... on account of a change of kings,
470.2 Comm. asedh fo dera eineclunn doib iar pennuit
┐ eiricc ┐ innscuchad aísi uair nar comuiscc a n-esinnrucus
for a tochus, O'D. 24 (< H 3. 17,cols. 23 , 24 ).ní dlighidh
in flaith acht fo thri roimhi aurergi is in aen láithi, acht
15indsguchadh suighi no glúine ┐ muna dernatur in t-inn-
sguchadh, sét isin cétna nem-indsguchadh ...(of penalties
imposed for not rising in the presence of the flaith), O'D.
514 (< H 3. 17,col. 418 ).ail gan innscuchudh, BB 280a22 .
ro eirgetar Meadai ... indscuchad (?leg.i n-indscuchud)
20do na slogaib ... náimdémlaib`erhoben sich und rückten
gegen die Feindesschaaren
,' Alex. 241.

*in(d)-scuich xseeinscuchaid.

inscuirim ind(seescuir—, Ped. § 809Anm.) ? :iptic .i. on ní
as untico inscuirim, O'C. 1981 (< H 4. 22,p. 19 ).

25 insered n m.Collect. (see Thurn. Gramm. § 263 ) ofinis.
islands: in t-innserad iartharach don bith, Folklore iv
477.11 ( Edin. Dinds. § 57 ).

in-sern v spreads abroad? spreads ? : indic. pres. s. 3 insernd
crū cridi, TBC² 3469 (transltd. `Blut von Herzen breitet sich
?,' TBC p. 839 n. 5 ).

? insétaigid v g(sét path) journeys,travels: impf. pl. 3 donaib
híinseitaigtis gl.uiantibus, Ml. 124b9 (leg. nuséitaigtis?,

inshorchugud n u,m. illumination,enlightenment, act of
35 illuminating: confodlaibidsi ar n-insorchugud ni`ye shall
participate in our illumination
,' Ml. 53b18 .fuar[atar] soillsi
móir día tanic a n-in[ṡ]orchugad lux orta est eis, Trip.² 39.
i ndelbaib primcainnel oc soilsigud ┐ oc inorchugud inna
catrach, LU 2056. ic in ordugud (insorcugud,v.l.) láe ┐
40aidhchi, CCath. p. 20 n. 13 .roimthig P. reime ... la hinsor-
chugad ind escca by the light of the moon, D iv 2,p. 73rb26 .
ionsorchughadh .i. soillsiughadh, O'Cl.

insich ? indglossed :.i. insich fola in rig asren do cach, O'C.
476 (< H 3. 18,p. 248 ).

45 insin xseesin.

insiud ? ind immuairícul fid fithi i. ¤ sueg docomotertair cēni,
IT iii 53.1 .

in-snádi v indic. pres. s. 2 adsnadi, Ml. 93a12 .s. 3 atsnadi,
64b1 .impf. pl. 3 -essnatis, 98b3 .Pass. subj. pres. s.
50 insnáter, 56c20 .Vn. esnádud,q.v., RIA Dict. Fasc. II.
defers,postpones(the infliction of punishment, the satis-
faction of a desire
,etc.) : adsnadigl.deferentem (te ultionem),
Ml. 93a12 .annadnessnatis`when they did not put off' (the
satisfaction of their appetite
), 98b3 .insnátergl.(ultio)
55 deferatur, 56c20 .tri aesnadud inna diglae do thabairt
foraib, 24c1 .flaith congbāla co slōgaib dianechtair, in-soet
a slōig sidi, in-snádat (insnadait,v.l.) a adilce(i.e.they
do not immediately fulfil his wishes), ZCP xi 97 § 61.

in-snaid v indic. pres. pl. 3 insnadat, Sg. 14b10 . Ml. 118d20 .
60 subj. past pl. 3 insnastis, 26c17 .Pass. subj. pres. s. atom-
snassar, Wb. 5b30 .Part. esnaissegl.inserta, Ml. 33c6 .
esnaise, Thes. ii 10.19 (Bcr.).Vn. esnaid,q.v., RIA Dict.
Fasc. II.
(a) inserts,ingrafts: co atomsnassargl.ut ego inserer,
65 Wb. 5b30 .a síl ... is ed as esnaise in omnia elimenta`this
is inserted
,' Thes. ii 10.19 (Bcr.).insnadatgl.iggerunt
(recte ingerunt), Sg. 14b10 .in fid do thóbuetfid aile do
esnid and`to insert another tree therein,' Wb. 5b42 .
(b) puts forth,thrusts out?: insnastisgl.(consuerunt
70gladium ultionis) exserere, Ml. 26c17 .
(c)Fig. in-snaid do brings home to,impresses upon: it he
inna gnusi insnadat dunni int sonartae inna múr`which
put in our mind the strength of the walls
,' Ml. 118d20 .

insníthech adj o, ā(sníthech) intertwined,interwoven? : in-
75snitheach` infilleted ' (epithet of a kind of ogam), Auraic.

inso xseeso.

in-sorchaigedar v Pass. subj. pres. s. coatabsorchaigther
gl.inluminamini, Ml. 53b15 . Later replaced byinṡorch-
Trans.illumines,makes bright,illuminates,enlightens;
intrans.shines: co atabsorchaigther sechis co do-b-emthar
si ón ho dia that ye may be illuminated, Ml. 53b15 .tuarcaib
P. a láim suas, roin[ṡ]orchaigset a chúicc mer in mag n-uile
85amal bitis chóic ṡutralla, Lat. Lives 17.15 .in spirat ro
in[ṡ]orchaig in eclais ... ō rath ecnae ┐ fātsine, BColm. 2.3 .
in scriptuir diada on inorchaigther cech n-aineolus, LB
251b10 .in spirut noem bethaiges na huile anmand ┐ inor-
chaides iat, PH 238. isin chaindelbra shechtdelbach ro-s-
insorchaig tabernacul Móysi, 5528 .amal inorchaither
5in corp sechtair ho shollsi grene ... is amal-sin inorchaither
in animm ar medón ho shollsi spirutalda na timna diada,
6806 - 7 .tresin spirut noem inshorchaidius ┐ fhoillsigius
dána ┐ derritus inna ngním ndiada, 8082 . Intrans.soilsi
an laoi lanṡolais ro ionorchaidh ann do ghrés, FM i 158.10 .