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ind-oirg v pass. pret. s. dían-innort , O'Dav. 1015 =-indart,
Hib. Min. 47.23 .
beats,crushes,breaks: forcán día n-innort cach dét`an
apple on which every tooth broke
' ( which every tooth
5was broken
), O'Dav. 1015. `dea n-innart gach ndet' .i.
adberat ind filid is de uball is comarta (=as-comarta) fiacla
i cend caich it is by an apple that the teeth ... have been
, Hib. Min. 47.4 .forcan dia n-indart(glossed:.i.
orgain) gach ndet, ib. 23 .Part. lín ... cen thuargain, ...
10madinnarta `flax ... without being scutched, ... if scutched,'
Laws ii 374.6 Comm. Vn. indarcan,q.v.

ind-oisci v(?ind-oss-scuch-) ` reaches,attains ' (Plummer MS.
notes) ; changes ( Ped. ii 618 ), distinguishes? : is ina cuic
is techta inoisce .i. cuic seoit ┐ cuic ceile, is e tochus febtaidh
15derscaidheas cach grádh di araile ota aire deise cu righ
(i.e. rank progresses in series of fives, Plummer MS. notes),
O'C. 1987 (< H 4. 22,p. 24 ).isi an coiced is techta inoisce
cach feib .i. cuig ceile ┐ cuig graid, cuig traighthi fithat a
tech, a se deg a ircha, O'C. 1849 (< 23 Q 6,p. 51a ).con-
20dirighther dno cricha fri sin manibet senchaide co n-indoiscet
for ní bes derb`so that they can arrive at something certain'
(Plummer MS. Notes), O'C. 33 (< H 3. 18,p. 14 ) =co
n-indoscid, Laws iv 142.22 Comm. inoisci .i. innscuchad
ut estar dlegar do cach airig otha sin inoisci feibe .i. inn-
25scuchad feibe tochusa`act ofchanging ,' O'Dav. 1107.
Stokes, Laws Crit. 22.4 , takesinoisceto be thevn.

indola xseein-lá.

indomain adj(4 in-+domain) not deep,superficial? : indomain
.i. bren eolus .i. as inndeimin ina eolus é geadha morda
30a mbri[a]thraib, O'C. 444 (< H 3. 18,p. 238b ). ? To this :
cil .i. cach der(?) n-i. ¤ , Corm. Y 317.

indorcun xseeindarcan.

indorsa (art. +2 ór+demonstr. particle)adv.Theo
is never marked long, perhaps due to confusion withindossa,
35 q.v.See RC xxxi 515.4 .
now ; in some early occurrencesindorsais accompanied
by an illustrative phrase and may somet. be transltd. for
instance,for example: indorsa .i. in uair so, O'Dav. 1117.
dobéer desemmrecht dúib i. ¤ `I will now give you an example,'
40 Wb. 12c35 .ammin éulig and tra i. ¤ adgenammar a séis
sechip hé nodapridcha`so we are acquainted with him now,
we know his meaning, whosoever he be that preaches it
' (of
Satan), 14d28 .fer i. ¤ fri bun cruche ind molad ocus ind
nemeli no ferfad frisind rig immo saorad take for example
45a man at the foot of the gallows
, Mon. Tall. 127.5 .feil sruith
docuiridar echdar corgus for sathurn amail Chaindech
indorsai`the feast of a saint that falls outside Lent on a
Saturday, as, for instance, Cainnech's
,' 135.3 .fer immurgu
i. ¤ na serre ┐ na susti ┐ na forchae ┐ ind claid there is indeed
50for example a man for the sickle
..., 133.13 .bithbés troiscta
dano ní forgein(read forgéni, Ed.)lasna naobu acht áon
troscut i. ¤ Ni forgeni la Comgald continual fasting was not
practised by the Saints, for example, it was not practised
by C.
, 161.2 .
55Later always means now in purely temporal sense :
demun 'cot áidmilliud ocus 'cot indrud fri ré trī lethbliadan
i. ¤ , Aisl. MC 61.7 .Linnmuine i mbu thipra, Loch nEchach
indorso at the present day, ZCP viii 307.23 .cia beithi ic
urail int sida i. ¤ is dib ro fas cach n-olc do ronadh sund, BB
60 441a32 .dianad ainmm Saraifir indorsai, Alex. 155. ro
badh eimilt do thabhairt for aird i. ¤ `which it would be tedious
to set forth now
,' Hugh Roe 276.x .

indosin (ind-ḟoiss-sin)adv. now,at this time: at senóir cetus
anoisin, BColm. 46.27 .cía ráott beres rígi Temrach ┐
65hĒrenn ó chlaind Colmāin i. ¤ , 76.4 .

indossa (ind-ḟoss-sa, forms with palatal -s- <ind-ḟoiss-se)
adv.Variously written :indassa,indosa, Ml. innosi, TBC²
1364. indnoisse, PH 6028. andossa, Laws v 54.25 Comm.
anois, PH 3782. anos, O'Gr. Cat. 384.13. Mod. Ir.anois.
70 now,just now(ref. to immediate past or fut.) : indassa
ł. cachlacéingl.nunc, Ml. 108d11 .indosagl.modo, 58c15 .
amal rongab indosa in drong briatharde persine tanise in
as `as for example now the verbal group of the second person
,' Sg. 159b5 (? here readindorsa).indosagl.nuncubi,
75 14b2 .nis rainnfe i. ¤ , Sc.MMD § 12.2 .nī fo cīan iarsin gnīm
adchūaid Fergus indosa co ndernasom béit n-aile, TBC²
486. appraind ... nach hé Cu Chulaind fil it richt i. ¤ , LU
3354. cia fot atúsa isin chotlud sa innossi ?, 6359 .mani
creiti-siu i. ¤ `nisi nunc credideris,' Lat. Lives 12.4 .rot-
80marbu[s]-sa innossa oen dot muintir, 96.15 .imthúsa
Chonruí meic Dáire sund innossa, TBC 4644. ma ro badar
sen innti fri re in erluma ... ocus ni uiled andossa, Laws
v 54.25 Comm. toduiscfet-sae duitsi corp mairb eiccin it
fiadhnaise innossae fen, CCath. 4080. ro-fhetabar-si
85uli ... conid iar ndédenus innoissi bias in cháisc, PH 5066.
cia as eolcha anāid anoisi ? (: Coisi), Ériu ix 176 § 1. ar
n-éigsi as neimhní annosa (: Eódhusa), Studies 1923, 421
§ 2 .rofagbus-[s]a Brea i n-eslainti ina leabaidh annossa
`but now,' Aen. 1170. fogeba-su co luath annosa inni sin,
588 .anois gu tiugh ┐ anis co tana ┐ anis gu hard, 23 P 10³,
5 35b2 .
Frequently used without any temporal sense (cf.Eng.
now) :cid dogní-siu andsain innossa a ingen, TBC 216.
ga tulach and in tulach sa thúas innossa ? Sliabh Moduirn
sin innossa, 1201 - 2 .