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85 indéric,indéraic n i,f. payment,compensation: ar is olc
ind indéiricc is maid in dílgud`for evil is the retaliation,
good is the forgiveness,' Wb. 25c22 .fuillem in gill ┐ indéraic
a gníma interest on the pledge and payment for his act, Críth
Gabl. 286.

in-dérig v deserts,abandons,goes forth;refuses,rejects: pass.
5 indic. pres. s. ilinnerghein[d]eragaro ecluis bunuidh fre-
quent desertion takes place
, Laws iii 64.20 . inderagar.i.
tíagaid a manaich uaidi ar ni fiu leo manchidi, 64 n. 2 .
Laterindéirgid i:subj. pres. s. 3 diamindeirgedartaig
la het .i. ma dia n-indeirghe in dartaigh bec reminet (=-tét)
10rem in ailbin, O'C. 1903 (< 23 P 3,fo. 23 (21)d ).pass.
indic. pres. s. truaghindeirigther(?leg. indéirgither) fa
dheoidh | gnim in ailitrigh o Roim is rejected , BB 31b6 .

indermill n(?ind-air-mill) `Versäumnis,' `Unterlassung' ?,
? :nach airm indra (?,. Ed.)indermill
15do gnimu co agae`wo immer ein Versäumnis(?eine
Pflicht) deine Tätigkeiten bis zum (Schluss-) Termin betreffen
,' Bürgschaft 23 § 65e (indermillhere seems to denote
what thesurety has to payon therefusalof thedebtor ,
Thurn. ib. 24 n. 1 on 65e ).as-renae ceni (?leg.cene, Ed.)
20 indermill techtae dagraithe`dass du ohne weiteres (?) den
gebuhrenden Pflichtteil (?) einer gutenrāthzahlst
,' ib. 28 § 76a .

indes n ā,f. n s. inis, Stowe Gl. 439. innes, O'Mulc. 735. Inis
Eillte, BNnÉ 151.20 .g s. indise, BDD² 602. d s. icond
inis , Thes. ii 332.36 . ?n p. indesai, Hib. Min. 69 n. 13 .
25 a p. innisi, Anecd. iii 21.10 .g p. indes, ZCP viii 310.1 .
abyre, amilking enclosure: inis .i. buaile, Stowe Gl. 439.
indes .i. as n-inde, O'Mulc. 742. innes .i. in nūis. nūs .i.
nue-ass, 735 .ag fireand cacha indise`a male calf from
every byre
,' BDD² 602. slán n-aurslicthe indise, O'C. 64
30(< H 3. 18,p. 23a ).`cinnas atathar icond inis ?' ... `at
remra na loeg,' Thes. ii 332.36 ( Hy. v Comm. ).dobērsa
cech mboin ina hindis dīb ┐ cach mben ┐ cech mac dia tig,
TBC² 3007. dechar duind in mael sa riabach ... ┐ in find
robo sciamach, ria n-indisi amarach (re hinnise ambarach,
35 v.l., which read,at milking time....), Anecd. i 47 § 7. bui
dano cōice indes la hOlc nAiche ... ┐ cach indes dīb dia
bīathad-som īar mblegon cēt bō, ZCP viii 310.1 - 3 .inna
cétbó cetnaconrainic ind inis cuicne maiten moch indé
`that first came to the milking-place of the kitchen yard,'
40 Hib. Min. 66.y .bo glé-gheal ... ní fes cia búaile no inis asa
ttainicc, BNnÉ 126.17 .Inis Eillte(name of a place where
a hind used to be milked), 151.20 .saigid cumni ... ┐ husci
┐ innisi (innisiu,v.l.) ┐ bidh di aigedaib it refers to... (of
theCáin Domnaig), Anecd. iii 21.10 .

45 indesc n a milch-cow? : indesc .i. bleghnach,ut estlan n-éne
oil de tri[b] indescaib .i. bleaghnachaib, O'Dav. 1123.

ind-feith v pays heed to,is intent on: ipv. pl. 2 Apronián
indḟethid `Apronianus bear ye in mind,' Gorm. Feb. 2.
Verbal of necess. báinfeiti gl.esset intenta, Ml. 20c17 .Vn.
50 indithem.

indḟine n iā,f. (?end-family) thefourth subdivisionof the
`fine.'See MacNeill, Celtic Irelandpp. 160 ff. , 171 f. cis
lir fini tuaithe ... ? ite fine cacha tuaithe, geilfine, deirbfine,
iarfine, indfine, deirgfine ..., Laws iv 282.17 ff. innfine asi
55is sine dibh` `innfine'is the remotest of them,' 292.2 Comm.
arindhi it cétheora fine ata nesom conbeirat cinaid cacha
bunadaig: gelfine ocus derbfine, iarfine ocus i. ¤ , i 260.3 .
ite fine cacha tuaithe, geilfine, deirbfine, iarfine, i. ¤ , deirgfine
`these are the family divisions of each territory,' iv 282.x-y .
60Butcf.:fodeiligt[h]ir in dibad itir na teora fine .i. deirbfine
┐ iarfine ┐ i. ¤ , Stud. in E. Ir. Law 143.y Comm. indfine co
uii. firu dec ... Duthaig duine otha sen, iss ann scarait
finnthea`the`innfine'extends to seventeen men ... From
this forth it is a case of a community of people, it is then family
65relations cease
,' Laws iv 284.7 - 9 .isi in deirbfine amail ro
gabh bruinne an duine, ... ┐ isí in iarfine amail ro gabsat
an dá righ, ┐ isí in innfine amail ro gabsat na da dornn,
O'C. 2294 (< Eg. 88,fo. 22a ).innfine asi is sine dibh. Innua
innfine, athuir iarfine; innua iarfine, athuir derbfine; inua
70derbfine, athuir gelfine, Laws iv 292.2 Comm. Cf. íarfine,

indḟoda adj(1 ind+foda)io, iā havingalong point: 'na luing
indḟota`in seinem langgespitzten Schiff,' Bruchst. § 162.
dobertor nōi mberu indfodai findcuild, Aisl. MC 117.23 .
75 lorg indfada ḟindcuill isindara láim dó, Acall. 3488 n. claideb
... innḟota, TTr. 1546. caelsnaithi óir ic cengal an fuilt
indfada fororda, Acall. 382.

? indgas: ind inngas .i. inde an gai na chuais, O'Mulc. 769.

indgás n weakness,debility: cen nach ngalar cen indgás
80(: bás) (inngas, ingas,v.ll.), Im. Brain § 10. i lobrai ┐ i
n-íngás, LU 3304. indgās .i. iarna guin do gáib,
O'Mulc. 743.

indgither ?: v lulaicce indruicce taréisiinngither , O'D.
2232 (< Nero A vii,fo. 155a ).i. ¤ foluid, O'D. 2227 (<ib.,
85fo. 153a).

indgnam n u, [m.]vn.of *ind-gní. (a) produce: ingnum .i.
inní donither dh' ḟinnḟoghnum ann, in t-arbar no in cainnenn
`what is produced by ... service there...,' O'Dav. 1138.
indngnam .i. in t-arbar ┐ in ru, Laws v 362.12 Comm.
do-aisbena a ngaibes o flaith met laiget bis etir fot
5ocus indngnam`...whether of land or of crops,' 360.21 .
ass ningnama`the growth of the crops,' Mon. Tall.
156.9 .
(b)somethingcapable of producing, acause? : ba hingnam
comperta di, ┐ darala A. di don toirrches sin`it was an act
10sufficient for her conception
,' TTebe 2688 .