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imm-toing v indic. pres. s. 3 imtoing, Críth Gabl. 24. rel.
im[m]athuing, 23 .im[m]athoing, 38 .pass. imtongar,
O'C. 2498 (< Eg. 88,fo. 40 (41)c ).p. 3 imtongat, O'C. 2025
(< H 4. 22,p. 52 ).pres. subj. s. pass. imtosar, O'C. 508
80(< H 3. 18,p. 258 ).
`swears about,around' (refers to thecompurgatory
oathinlitigation taken by a specified number of `oath-
helpers' in support of one or other of the parties to the
suit,' Críth Gabl. p. 99 ) :imtoin[g] colpdaig`he swears up
85to the value of a yearling calf
,' Críth Gabl. 42. fer midboth
im[m]athuing smachtu, imtoing ó (t)ṡnáthait co dairt, 23 .
lóg a enech, is ed im[m]atuing ┐ téit fora naidm, 128 .im-
tongad uill tlachta, glossed :is eim-toingit na uasail for in
lucht ditnit .i. a cele, Laws v 440.22 , 442.7 Comm. = O'Dav.
1512 where translated `nobles swear by defences.'acht
5imtongar .i. ... iar tabairt in luigi do, O'C. 737 (< H 3.18,
p. 353a ).imtongar andsin ó gradaib ecalsa for gradaib
tuaithe .i. imdénam a sét for a memru, O'D. 1640 (< H 5.15,
p. 18b ).imtosar .i. maine thosar is dire gaite fair, O'C. 508
(< H 3.18,p. 258 ).subj. pres. s. 3(or ofimm-toich(?),q.v.)
10 is ann sin ata forreth arra anarra acht imtó cach a dinn-
limhe, Laws iii 152.24 Comm. (The passages refer to cases
where a certain article has been pledged or promised and
when the time of payment comes the promiser cannot
hand over that article, and Plummer MS. notes translates
15`?let everyone plead his fraud(i.e.that he has been defrauded,
i.e.anyone may bring an action for fraud').Vn. imthach.

imm-toirg v(imm-to-ro-saig) reaches mutually;meets together:
pret. p. 3 co'mustorachtadarhi sléib lecca they met in
Sliab L.
, RC xv 330.22 .

20 imm-tomail v consumes(wholly),uses up: pret. s. 3(metaph.
usage) immá-tormailtcách díb a chomrama a n-agaid
araile(lit. each used up his combats (by relating them)
against the other)i.e.they related their own exploits one
against another, Sc.MMD² § 8 R . See also underimma n-.

25 imm-tórmaig v increases,adds: acht ni imatormaig cubus
except what conscience adds, Laws i 208.4 , glossed :acht
ani tormaigit na cristaidi do reir a cubais, ib. 15 Comm.
gach dialt ... imatormaig fria araile co cumaong cech aon
focail`every syllable that adds to another,' Auraic. 4549.

30 imm-trénaigedar v enjoins;assures: indic. pres. s 1 im-
trénigimgl.mando, Sg. 146b4 .s. 3 rel. ind fortachtim-
metrenaigedar┐ dumbeir`the help which He assures and
,' Ml. 62c5 .cisne a triimmatrenaighedharcach ath-
gabáil`whichconfirm,make valid ,' Laws i 288.4 (transltd.
35Plummer MS. notes).perf. pass. sg. cidimruthrenaiged
gl.quid mandatum sit, Ml. 102d15 .Part. anasn-imthrén-
aigthe , 42c21 .Vn. imthrénugud.

1 imm-túairc v smites mutually: indic. pres. p. 3 iarsin'mus-
tuaircet , RC viii 60 n. 3 (=rothúairc cach a chéile, text).
40 immostuaircet co clos fon indse n-uile gair na sciath ocon
n-imtuargain, Ir. MS. Ser. 182.19 .immostuarcat a ndib
coícdaib, LL 276a26 .

2 imm-túairc v threshes: indic. pres. s. pass. rel. diles ní
bronntar indi acht adraimm[a]thuarggarfor lár, Críth
45Gabl. 243 andn. See also underimma n-.

imm-túarascaib v describes: indic. pres. p. 3 imostúaruscbat
cumni`memory describes it,' Fianaig. 16.1 .

imm-tuigethar v covers round,clothes: indic. pres. s. 3 im-
datuigetharcelt clithargarb finna`a roughly-sheltering
50cover of hair covers them
,' BDD § 130. As simplevb.,im-
thuigid i: condaimtuigdistlachta āilde ildath, Ériu iv
163.14 .

imm-tuilli v gains,earns: tuillem meinistri .i. log ar comairce
do'n minn .i. imtuillit na minna bitt for aister, Laws v
55266.10 Comm.

imm-tuinsea v(imm-to-ness-) contends: fut. s. 3 rel. in tuairc-
nidimmetuinnsibaifri domon who will contend against,
ZCP ix 450.22 n. (=imme tuindsiumai, text).

imm-tuit v falls together?: fuaim immairic eich dubderga
60comrethi clár clé clithi remituit arae ar mothuittet eich
i fochluib(rhetoric), LL 120a29 . See also underimma n-.

1 immúaimm n(1 imm+úaimm) the act of sewingall round,
aseam; aborder? : tri srepandlenti sioda co n-iomuaim
órdha i custul iompa, TBC 5535. Curoi ro hir dam ... .x.
65n-étgudu imuame`Curoi has given me ... ten fringed gar-
,' Ériu ii 3.11 .Fig. cid dáib ná hiarfaig nech úaib |
diambad áil eólas d'immuaim`if he seeks to weave the web
of knowledge
,' Met. Dinds. iv 134.6 .

2 imm-úaimm n(2 imm+úaimm)the act ofjoiningorwelding
70 closely: colbhadha ... cloicsneachta ... acc iomuaim a nionar
nuiréttrom ... fria ccnesaibh`making their light tunics
adhere closely to ...
,' FM vi 1918.10 .Fig. le hiomuaim
nairdrighe le táthucchadh tuath`to closely consolidate the
,' iii 368.1 .

75 3 imm-úaimm n(3 imm+úaimm) (a) mutual alliteration: co
nimuaim fidraig ann(of the connecting of different stanzas
by means of alliteration), IT iii 29.12 . (b) mutual corres-
pondence (úaimmin senseharmony) :ellacht imhuaim (im-
muaim,v.l.) n-eisci im rith [ṅgréne] (.i. comhúaim retha
80esci im rith ṅgréne)`he connected the mutual course of the
moon around the course (of the sun
)', RC xx 256.19 .
(c) ` reciprocal responsibility ' (Hessen) :imuaim rere
bretheman, Laws i 266.16 , (glossed :a n-em uaim sin
amhuil us riar do brethemain, 298.1 Comm. ).ar ní dlegar
85imuaim folad do coimteach fri ní bes lia ochtur`for re-
ciprocity of goods is not enforced by law in the case of neigh-

bours exceeding eight persons,' iv 126.z Comm.