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imm-lúadi v indic. pres. s. 3 imluadigl.exagitat, Ml. 33d16 .
pass. pl. rel. immeluaitergl.qui iactamini, 135b9 .impf.
s. 3 imluadadgl.iactabat, 33b25 .pl. 3 imluatisgl.tracta-
70bant, 61b25 .subj. pres. pl. 1 imluadamnigl.iectemus,
93d13 . Mid. Ir.imlúaidid i.
sets in motion,moves (lit. and metaph.).
(a) tosses about,moves,impels(of literal motion) :
immeluaitergl. [uos, qui ... huc illucque] iactamini, Ml.
75 135b9 .co roimluaig in goeth inna cairpthiu tresna maigib,
Lat. Lives 7.10 .rosimluaidh anfad go riachtadur go trach-
taib na Traigia, Ériu viii 8.5 .frit[h] neach noimluaided a
lama re cach(of wielding weapons) `there was found one to
move his hands against everyone
,' CCath. 5590. tar cend
80Conaill ro imluaidhedh eochu, Laws v 348.15 Comm. Druim
nAirthir, imluaitis eich`Druim Airthir where coursed the
,' (?which horses caused to tremble), Met. Dinds. iv
46.43 .
(b) brings,directs,guides: "cidh ro imluaidh sib" ?
85ar Patraic what brought you?, Acall. 1004 .conid lán biathad
dliges iarom in n-aidchi sin acht corop deithbir nonimluade,
LL 187a47 .is iad na dée adhartha rotimluaid cuccam
`who directed thee to me,' D iv 2,42ra39 .gach conair rosn-
imluaidfed in toictiu`wherever Fortune would cast him,'
CCath. 1156. ca hecendal roimluaid ind ... i cend aroili,
5 TTebe 3175 . With reflexive pron. expressed or understood,
comes,goes,betakes oneself: notimlúaid fri tromm-dáil
`bestir thyself to the encounter,' Met. Dinds. iv 72.60 .coma
foacht scela uaidi cid do rala di ┐ can imusluaidi what had
happened her and from whence she came
, Todd Nenn.
10 210.3 .
(c) stirs up,excites,sets going(a person or thing): is do
saerad na cathrach ... roimluaidh in cogad`it was to free
the city ... that he stirred up the war
,' CCath. 1176. na han-
flatha imda imlūaidit in fingail, Arch. iii 241 § 11. ca droch-
15ciall imluaigis sib ?`what folly excites you?,' TTebe 1314 .
roimluaid Ipomedón lucht na cathrach ... dochum in chatha,
1449 .Used ofdemoniac possession: in tíí nosimluaided .i.
diabul, PH 1997. roslanaig Ísu aroli doine imluadit ó
démnaib, 2592 .na denaid irchoit do acht imluaidid i
20fhoendel he, 2210 . Folld. by vn. sets about: is an re shuthain
ico nimluaidid beich saithe do cur`when the bees set about
sending forth swarms
,' Laws iv 176.z Comm. roimluaidsed
imthecht, TTebe 1816 .
(d) gives out,spreads abroad(a report);discusses,
25 debates,mentions: conerchlói .ł. imluadigl.[eorum et tru-
culentiae cremen] exagitat, Ml. 33d16 .imluadadgl.[haec
atque alia ...] iactabat, 33b25 .imluatisgl.trachtabant(sic),
61b25 .imluadamnigl.[mendaciter ista] iectemus, 93d13 .
imluadfet(gl.lūaidfe molthu Maicc Maire`I shall publish
30the praises
'), Thes. ii 353.32 . psalmos que ... tractat.i. im-
luaidit salmuetymnu, Lib. Hymn. i 12.37 .cach mod on
imluaiter ┐ on imraiter ind ecna, Alex. 815. guro[s] imluaidh
in comairli sin i fiadhnuisi Cait`he discussed that counsel,'
CCath. 1106. forbart an nidh roimluaidh i fiadnaisi Cing
35Artuir which he had mentioned, D iv 2,70ra37 .clocha
no-imluaighdis eturru`which they were talking about,'
Auraic. 148. ni imluaidhis fiacha na caingne gus in fecht
n-aile, BB 267b1 .is iad cethrar ro himluighedh and, O'C.
986 ( H 3.18,p. 424a ). ? To this:foruilleth .i. ro foileathad
40for sin ceile no ra-himluaided(of debts), Laws ii 272.4

imm-luinethar v shines around?: indic. pres. s. 3 rel. léos
.i. soillsi ... agaid fir ima leosluinit[h]er(imme loisluinethar,
v.l.) .i. imatimchella soilsi, Corm. Y 827.

45 imm-marba v kills: subj. pres. s. 3 perf. dogénsa ... imcossaít
na ríg ... co'mmáromarbacách díb a chéli, LU 8085 (FB).
See also underimma n-.

imm-móra v exalts mutually: fírḟlaith...immus-mórat, immus-
nertat ... immus-cumtagat ┐ fírinne immalle`der wahre
50Fürst jedoch, der und die Gerechtigkeit machen sich gegen-
seitig gross
,' ZCP xi 87 § 47.

imm-múcha v suffocates: immusmúchat in doíni issin dún
`the people in the fort suffocate one another,' TBFr. 55.

imm-naisc v indic. pres. s 1 imnaiscim .i.nexo , Corm. Tr.
55 125.10 .s. 3 rel. imenaisc, O'Dav. 1299. immanaisce,
Ériu ii 110 § 30. ipv. s. 2 immonaiscgl.necte, Thes. ii 47.21 .
pret. s. 3 imnenaisc, Rawl. 148b16 .Part. arrumsaimmainse-se
gl.innexus, Ml. 62c9 .n p. immainsigl.conexa, 36d11 . In
Mid. Ir.imnaiscid i.
60 binds round,twists round,interconnects,unites,joins:
cael fathe imenaisc fidhu`a slender fibre that ties trees
,' O'Dav. 1299. gabais a thrommú ┐ non-imnaisc
'mo[a] chend feib imnaiscther lathranna staible`he seized
its liver and twists it round its head
...,' RC xiv 422 § 41.
65 imnaiscid Aicil ┐ a dalta a mbruttu imo a lama clee, BB
439b6 . In reflex. sense:teinnet pupu na fíne co tuitet for
talmain sís ┐ atacordat imacúairt imon torad sin (┐ imnaiscid
intib,v.l.) they twist themselves about in them?, Ériu ii 192 § 3
andn. criss ... immanaisce mila mara fo muirib`another
70zone which unites the beasts of the sea under seas
,' Ériu ii
110 § 30. imnenaisc .xx. catha fri fomaire, Rawl. 148b16 .
imnaiscis imma chossa`he tucked it around his legs' (of a
blanket), Aisl. MC 11.21 .imusling an tabold for araili dib
cor' imnaisced amail fet[h]lind im urslait, RC xiii 223.54 .
75 ba he dlus rohimnaiscid na hairsidi sin co comraictis a
troigthi ar n-ichtur(of a battlefield), TTebe 3068 .d'for-
dhibhad na saer-geimlech ... ro himnaisced oraib, MR
178.2 .gach airteccal dar hiomnaiscceadh air ina fhuas-
ccladh every article that was bound upon him for his libera-
, FM vi 2178.11 .

imm-nerta v encourages,strengthens mutually: fírflaith ...
imus-mórat, immus-nertat ... ┐ fírinne`stärken einander,'
ZCP xi 87 § 47. imosnertsat ... tri h-epislib they encouraged
one another by letters
BB 500a38 . See alsoimnertaid.

85 immócbál n(?imb-fo-uss-gabál)act ofbringing ?:d s. gell
di coimocbailiaram co crich techta`a pledge for it(sc.a
distress that has been wrongfully removed)till it is brought
to a lawful place
,' Laws ii 128.3 = O'C. 822 (< H 3.18,p.
378a ).