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imm-fo(i)lng(a)i v indic. pres. s. 3 imfolngi, Wb. 4d32 .imme-
folngi, Ml. 81c14 .imfolngai, Ml. 42c4 .con-immolngai ,
Sg. 199a5 .pass. imfolngar, Ml. 31d10 .imfolangar, 122c5 .
dian-immolngaithær , Sg. 3a2 .pl. 3 immefolṅget, Wb.
65 12a19 .immefolngat, 5d1 . Thes. ii 33.23 , Sg. 3a11 . Ml.
47b7 .níimfolnget , Ml. 78d8 .Subj. pres. s. 1(perf.)arna
rimfolṅgar , Wb. 10c14 (or perhapssubj. pass. sg.(perf.),
see Ped. ii 569 ).s. 2 imfolngaesiugl.efficeris, Ml. 43a20 .
Withro:conimforlainge , 78a8 .s. 3 immefolnga, 27d20 .
70 Pass. sg. immefolngither, Ml. 23c5 .pl. 3 immafolṅget,
Wb. 25c10 .subj. past s. 3 immefolnged, Ml. 95a5 .arna-
himfoilnged, Mon. Tall. 145.1 .pass. arnaimfolangide ,
Ml. 88b15 .pl. 3 naimfolngitis , Ml. 38a7 .fut. s. 3 imfoln-
guba, 142b3 .perf. s. 2 imimforlaingisse, 38d18 .s. 3 imfor-
75laing, 61b4 .imforling, Wb. 5b21 .immoforling, 10a18 .
pass. s. imforlinged, Wb. 15b21 .dianimforlainged, Ml.
69d4 .pl. immeforlaingtheagl.quae ... effecta erant, 63b6 .
Pret.forms without -n-:s. 3 immedorliggl.exinaniuit
autem sé .i. humiliauit, ZCP vii 484.2 (Enchir. Aug.).roi-
80moilgestargl.aridralastar, Thes. ii 346.23 .conarimoilg ,
Aen. 2329. pass. immoroilged, Ériu ii 102 § 11.
As simplevb. i-stem.:indic. pres. s. 3 imfuilgnes, Fél.
146.17 .impf. s. 3 noimfuilnged , LB 128a3 .perf. s. 3 ro
imḟulaing , IT ii 468.93 .roimfuling , PH 3430. Vn.
85 imḟolang.
(a) causes,produces,makes,effects: imfolngi intristitiasin
salutem `worketh,' Wb. 16b10 .imfolngi corp dosom`he
makes to him a body
,' 9d8 .imfolngai són amlabar inní fris-
sarater`that makes dumb...,' Ml 42c4 .issed immeḟolṅ-
gai a ḟorbairt`'tis this that causes it to grow,' Sg. 128b3 .gniid
5side co n-immolṅgai side cesad fuiri sidi`it acts so as to
cause passion on it
,' 199a5 .imforling hícc a mbeicc rochreti
`it has wrought the salvation of the few,' Wb. 5b21 .is rad
dée immumforling conda apstal`it is God's grace which has
caused me to be an apostle
,' 13b6 .it he immefolngat a
10thristimchel deacc`it is they that constitute its thirteenth
,' Thes. ii 33.23 .ata dechor immefolṅgat tria
n-emnad`there is a difference which they produce by doubling
,' Sg. 3a11 .teistiu int síl immefolangar tri chomac-
cubur`the emission of the seed which is produced by con-
,' Ml. 71c6 .imimforlaingisse promthe trisna
fochaidi`thou hast made me proved through afflictions·',
38d18 .imfolngar gním di suidib`a deed is effected from
,' Ml. 31d10 .a folad dia n-immolṅgaithærvox `the
substance from which vox is produced
,' Sg. 3a2 .is amlaid
20tregdas rinn na fergai in anmain co n-imfolngai bās do
suidiu, ZCP iii 26.28 .cid imfuilnges sin a thrógnait what
is the cause of that, thou poor thing
?, Fél. 146.17 .ma folo
neach trog diaraile .i. ma dia nimfuilge neach in trog sin
dia cheile, O'C. 1879 (< 23 P 3,fo. 21 (23)b ).adhband
25trīrech imefuilnge gol, Corm. Y 721. arnahimfoilnged
imned dó ind roítu`lest excessive thirst should cause him
,' Mon. Tall. 145.1 .a nathraig ro-imfuling bás do
nathrachaib na ṅdruad, PH 3430. rimfhulaing imut in eisc
sadbrius mor dond lucht aca raba comus ind inbir, RC
30 xlvi 234.14 .roiarfaig Gerg do drui ... cid ro imḟulaiṅg in
gaéth sin, IT iii 468.93 .is do cruthugad in domain im-
moroilged la essergi Críst`of the formation of the world
which has been effected by Christ's Resurrection
,' Ériu ii
102 § 11.
35(b) supports,sustains: ni fuilgend nech cin araile .i.
noch nimfuilginn nech cina nech eile acht a cina foden,
Laws i 282.35 Comm. is e biad uais dligthec imfhuilnges
in taen bis don chined`food ... which sustains one who is
of the tribe
,' ii 234.11 Comm. infean cach bes siu ocus
40anall, infoilngead ime indric atarru samlaid`they sustain
a lawful fence between them
,' Laws iv 138.18 .co n-imfuil-
ngither in eric`that the eric may be sustained,' O'Dav. 153.
imfoilng[i] .i. imnertadut estimfuilngi guth i folachtaibh
toibh`thou supportest a voice,' 1094 .frisin tuirid cloiche
45no imfuilnged in tech, LB 128a3 .is e biad nosimfuilnged
.i. bleid mila muridhi, YBL 84a22 .long imfuilnghes seol
`a ship that carries a sail,' RC xxiv 377.5 .nī imfhuilngess
dronga móra do na Rōmānchaibh what supports, Fl. Earls
182.12 .

50 imm-foircnea v finishes,completes: indic. pres. pass. s. imfor-
cindtaraile dia dechmaide the fence is finished on the tenth
, Laws iv 70.19 . ?leg. im-foircnither.

imm-fóirea v(imm-fo-fera) brings to pass,effects: pret. pass. s.
with infix. 1: im[m]onrōiraid(leg. immonróirad)
55... toitim la hóga ainiūil`it was ordained for me(?)' Fianaig.
10 § 4.

imm-fópair v attacks: immusfopratormuimnecho, Rawl.
126b46 . See also underimma n-.

imm-forbair v inflicts on,brings upon,practises: pret. s. 3
60 imforbartfair forecin, SR 3212. comoforbart in Dond
Cuailnge ... dáir in tsescraid`when the Dond of C. ... pro-
ceeded to bull the dry cows
,' RC xvi 53.3 . See also under
imma n-.

? imm-forfen v perfects?: perf. s. 1(Strachan, VSR 26 )is
65maithamrorfusmo gus | conabtorlus a Phardus, SR 1871.

imm-forgénair v pret. s. 3from *imm-for-gain-.wasevolved,
wasbrought about: imforgenair(imorgenair,v.l.) comairli
la M.`then a plan was formed by M.', RC xxiv 178.6 .im-
forgenair comthinōl icna haithechaibh a n-ōenairm`da
70wurde eine Versammlung der Zinsbauern an einen Ort ins
Werk gesetzt
,' ZCP xi 60.23 .

imm-forgni v prepares,sets in motion: pret. pl. 3 cach imforran
imforgensad(forgeinsed,v.l.) etarro`every mutual des-
truction that was wrought between them
,' RC xxiv 186.12 .

75 ? imm-fortéit v helps mutually: indic. pres. pl. 3 rel. amail
ima-fortagat(imma-fortagad,v.l.) | memra in cuirp co
lēire | tucad gach ōen arde seirc | a pēin anmuin a cēle,
ZCP vii 312 § 28.

imm-freccair (in personal reciprocal const. with infixed
80pron. The 3 sg. inf. pron. seems to some extent to have
become generalised in thisvb.see exx. below Ml. 58a11 ,
TBC² 2963 and IT iii 7.20 ). (a) answers,corresponds,en-
counters: immefrecrat tra in da fersin those two verses then
, Ml. 58a11 .dobidc díbrucud ar ceann araile fri
85hAmargine commafrecraidis na clocha isinn aer, TBC² 2963.
combofrecraitis (commafrecraidis,v.l.) na bairendlecca
bodba i nnélaib, TBC 4661. musfríecartar na tri classa
the three choirs mutually responded, Trip.² 309. imusfrecrat
a fortach ocus a ndithech`their proof and denial correspond,'
Laws iv 354.19 Comm. conid inand imusfreccrat gradha
5ecna ocus eclasa fri gradha file ocus féne, 356.25 Comm.
(b)In metre of thecorrespondenceofrhyme,consonance,
etc.: immafrecrat a cuibdiusa, IT iii 7.20 .duan cenelach
immafrecrat a dá sadcubaid ┐ a dá láncubaid, 12.20 .ni
'mafrecrad a dá sadcubaid, 13.8 .snedchasbairdni dno ni
10mofregrad a tri tarmforcind, BB 297b27 .Vn. imḟrecrae.