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H, eighth letter of the Irish alphabet and first letter of the
second orhgroup in the Ogam alphabet, Auraic. 1138,4229 ,
IGT Introd. § 4 , consonant with masc. gender but not a letter
(gion gur litear é), § 17 ( Auraic. 3559 . See Lewis and Short,
5A Latin dictionary s.v. h ).Cf. Graim. 2899 - 02 . Ogam 3 úath
white-thorn . See Meroney, Speculum xxiv 28 (thorn-like
shape of corresponding Ogam letter, infl. of h-like abbrev.
for Latinautem). Not in earlier ogam inscriptions in Irish,
Macalister,Corpus Inscriptionum Insularum Celticarum i , v ,
10 Thurn. Gramm. 10 .Cf. Menueh, Thes. ii 288.35 and note.
Indicates length in prec. vowel inTernohc(=Ternóc),
289.18 .
In O. Ir. initial (and rarely medial)his without phonetic
value, Thurn. Gramm. 19 . In some wds.h- perh. from *yor
15*p, Ped. i 410 (see Thurn. Gramm. 140 ). Inhumaldoit, Wb.
6d5,8d26 (besideumaldóit, 13a17 ) (Lat.humilitat-U 81.68)
h- may be treated as mute, Thurn. Gramm. 20 ; in arch.
menmnihi, Wb. 18a21 (a prima manu), represents -ch-,ib.
On intervocalic -h- in Mid. Ir. (ahé, LU 7008 ) see BDD²
20 595 n. ; inahel(A 87.31) perh. a mark of hiatus. Inahæ(A 87.28)
interj. gl.hem, Ml. 131c3 , -h- not merely graphic.Cf. ahé
above and articlebelow.
Somet. forth.NoteClohnai=Clothnai, Ann. Inisf. 1176.2
(seeFacsimile,Introd. 16 ).
25In later spelling prefixed to initial stressed vowels after
(i)g s f.,n a p. f.andn.of def. article, seeI 184.79-81,185.19,
20,21,24,37. Aftercacha,cecha( Thurn. Gramm. 151 ),g s f.
ofcach,cech, later also aftercacha,cechawith masc.,C 2.65,
75,3.4. In later Ir. before initial vowel of a noun with pl.
30form difft. from the sg. aftertrí,sé,cheithre,cheathra
(cethair), IGT Decl. Introd. 8 § 18.See Thurn. Gramm.
151,153 . Afterdía,déas gen. of time india haoine dídine
and other exx. See3 díaand1 díden, Thurn. Gramm. 151 .
(ii) After (proclitic)na n a s. n.of1 nach, Thurn. Gramm.
35 151,309 :ní epur na haill, Thes. ii , xxii.14 ( Sg. 217 marg. inf. ).
(iii) After nom. of io-stems as proclitics, Thurn. Gramm.
151 .S. ua hImair, AU i 440.7 . Afterin dara(earlierindala),
Thurn. Gramm. 151 . SeeI 214.65,69. After1 cía Thurn.
Gramm. 292 .
40(iv) After a poss. adj.3 s f.See Ériu xxiii 101 on retention
ofhfollowinga her: a hétach, Fraech 210 . See2 a.
(v) After forms of the copula, Thurn. Gramm. 152 , TD
Introd. lxxvii f. , Stories fr. Keating xxiii :pret. 3 s. ba,fa,
I 318.21, (exx.)273.36,262.15;pres. indic.neg.3 s. ní,
45 I 305.69,72-3,81-2(exx.)85,ni hinann, O'C. 78 ( H. 3.18,
61a );fut. 3 s.(abs.)budh hiomdha, DDána 29.29 .
(vi) After prepp., Thurn. Gramm. 152 , seeA 6.45,C 271.78,
273.43,F 413.62,L 4.79,5.1,20,6.84,7.76.
(vii) Before verbal forms, Thurn. Gramm. 152 . After
50particlesro(do), neg.ní, shown before passive forms in mid.
and mod. Ir.:ro hathchummad(pret. pass.), LU 7995 .ro
hainced, TBC 4510 ,do hairmhedh, Caithr. CC § 60 (36.13) .
ra hachnít, TBC 76 .ní hantoir(pres. indic. pass.), Sitzb.
v (1919) 93 § 29 .ni hairemthar(fut.(?)pass.), RC xviii
55173.12 (Tig.).ní himmertha(condit. pass. sg.?), TBC 2874
Aftermani:muna hairgithur, Laws ii 2.23 Comm. Exx. cited
N 42.59of writtenh- prefixed to active verbs after neg.
partic.níin SR are not decisive. Note-hinneosfam(fut. 1 p.)
Keat. ii 6370 .
60After2 ná, neg. particle inrel.clause:in tí na haittrebann
(pres. indic. 3 s.), PH 2074 .na rig . . . herlathrighit, 4226 .
After3 ná(ar ná etc.) (subord. conj. introd. neg. clause),
Thurn. Gramm 152 .in tan na hantai(indic. pres. 2 s.),
LU 9003 .conna hanat(subj. pres. 3 p.), LL 13359 .arnā
65hēilnet, Corm. Y 1082 . After1 ná(adv. of negation) followed
by impv. (and subj.);na hadair, PH 7310 .na himighed i
sdaighri, Rosa Ang. 242.17 .
(viii) After4 ná, Thurn. Gramm. 153 , perh. phonetic in
grāin nā hirḟūath, Arch. iii 5.8 .na haimbil, Laws ii 46.1 .
70(ix) After particleabefore some numerals with vocalic
initial where no noun follows, see3 a, Sc. G. Stud. v 42 f. ,
Thurn. Gramm. 153 .
No doubt also afterassawithcompar., see Thurn. Gramm.
153 , but no exx. available.

75 h' =th'form of poss.adj. 2 s.before vowels andḟbefore a
vowel. See1 t,2 do:ní h'opair chóir dombiurt-sa fort-su
`it was not a labour befitting you,etc. ', Táin 1236 (=ní
hopair, LL 8783 ).nip sí th'opar comadas, LU 5261 =ní hí
h'obair, TBC St. 1274 (see O'Rahilly, Hermathena xx 192
80 etc.on change of th- to phonetic h-).ar h'ionchaibh, ZCP xii
379.24 .aiseag h'anma(=animam tuam), TSh. 539 . See
hámwithh- forth-.