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65 esáin n drivingout;expulsion: easain .i. innarbadh,
O'C. 509 = Laws iv 344 n. See KM, Wortk. 169 .issedh
log enech dia air, dia diguin, dia esain,etc. Laws iv 300.
2 .itir a mbiathad ┐ a n-esain, itir a nguin ┐ a ndiguin
ib. 344.10 .dia e. ¤ , 346.1 , 7 , 26 ; 348.4 , 9 .dia
5sarugud sceo aighthe esain 346.21 ; 348.11 .Cf. dia
sarughudh sceo ai esain 348.17 .dia ésain dia ainmed
346.9 .

es(s)air n f.(abstr. ofas-ser-n-) (1) (a) strewing,litter ;
applied to straworrushesused for floor-covering,bedding ,
10 etc.:easair` litterforcattle, also astrawpallet ' P. O'C. `the
bed of corn-sheaves laid on the barn floor to be threshed
is also
calledeasair' J. Fleming (RIA slips).aín nua dia essair
new straw for covering it(a wall) Laws iv 314.7 .dīrech
n-airidi, noes nua dia esair the stripping of a dais, new
(?)to cover it 314.3 (wrongly punctuated in edn.).ro
ésraít a tigi do bethi barrglas ┐ essair urárd úrluachra litter
of fresh rushes
TFerbe 66 .conaca dairthach fo
lán-essair glain LL 286a42 . The ex.:in tan do síned in
beist a bragit cosin n-esair FB 57 may belong to (2), but
20the meaning bedding would not be out of place. Of lining
for agrave(?): ro hadnacht cen esair, Met. Dinds. iii 114.
71 (see note p. 499 ib.). (b)ofthings strewn about in
disorder, anuntidy litter, amess: ro athchuiredar a n-airm
...┐ a cathberti...gurba hesair uathmar urscailti...cach laem-
25luirech ┐ láighnead ┐ lebar-sciath ro ḟá cert-lar
na cath-laithrech sin MR 314 y .re himad na n-easrach
n-uathmar n-urscailti 316.18 .Cf. o thictís a hesair áin,
Met. Dinds. ii 78.14 , where readingáig(with another
copy) we might render (slaughter-)heaps of battle.
30(2) food,meat (the origin of this sense is obscure; some
exx. suggest dismembered carcase which is on the whole the
most likely; the transl. dish would usually suit, but unless
the word is here a distinct one this cannot be an early
meaning, but may be a later development):esair bidh do
35roind do cách(one of the labours permitted on a Sunday),
O'D. 1950 .aighe do tuit don easair itir da tech a joint
which fell from the meat [the dismembered carcase
? orthe
?] (when being conveyed) from house to house Laws ii
234.7 Comm. (Unterlage ZCP xiv 346 x ).ro fiafraig in
40ba herrlamh in esair, Lism. L. 1060 (referring to a
carcase of beef; the sentence corresponds to:narb
ullamh cuid na meithli BCC § 212 ).Cf. Cu C. trén a
gach mbeirn a bhuille | baoi ar n-easoir aicce go cian | nior
chomhraic a lamh ria riamh, 24 P 5,79 =bai in esair aici
45co dian, Acall. 1118 (Cú C. doroinded biadh 1115 ). Here
also, gleic fán easair fhalaimh, Dán-
fhocail 158 = O'Gr. Cat. 617 , where dish makes better
sense than O'Gr.'s rendering `kennel;'eser,q.v., seems to
be a distinct word.
50COMPD. ¤ chosairt trampling,stamping: ro craith in
sliab...risin n-esarchosairt doroine in fer...dia chossaib ┐
dia lámaib, Mer. Uil. 77 .

esairg-: xseeesorc-.

es(s)airm adj unarmed: essairm .i. cen arm, O'Mulc. 449 .
55 ócbad n-essairm, gillanrad diairm CRR 38 .Cf. cianernn
immue nesairm IT iii 52.2 .

es(s)al n m. ass: bainne essail, Maund. 218 . Seeasal.

? es(s)am: n no lingtis suass frisind eassam, Sn. u.
MacR. § 11 (< YBL 12a23 =frísin coraid 12a16 ). Possibly
60 eas-sain,cf. 3 es(s).

es(s)amain adj(omun) fearless,bold,daring: am essamin
do thabirt testassa airibsi I am bold to give evidence Wb
16a26 . (with gen.)am essamin se precepte fearless in
23b7 .cia fiu esámain(gl.quam temerarium) Ml
65 27d8 .nibbát ecal ocal opond esamain be neither timid nor
violent, precipitate and rash IT i 213.19 .is esamain(the
question) is a bold one
(?) Anecd. ii 12.3 . (Adv.)tanic co
hesamain ┐ confergach i n-agaid Patraic, Trip. 456.1 .co
dána ┐ co hesamain PH 5137 .Compar.:it essamnu de
5 they are the more fearless Wb 23b12 .esamnu(gl.
audentior) Ml 29a12 .esamnu...du écnduch dǽ bolder to
blaspheme God
ib. 11 .Cf. esamain .i. lasamain,ut estoc
esamain airbert i cuairt, O'Dav. 772 (cf. 799 ).esomain
(essomuinv.l.) .i. obann no lasamain,ut estis esomain
10naillech .i. is lasamain fri tabairt luighi`he is a sudden
,i.e. he is on fire to take an oath' 781 .pnAs
sobriquet:mac Elcaib Essamain`son of E. the fearless'
Aisl. MC 75.8 ; 119.24 (Esomain).Cf. es(s)omon.